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US colleges mull new virus protocols for students’ return -

COLCHESTER, Vt. — St. Michael’s College managed to keep coronavirus cases at bay for almost two months this fall with students tested upon arrival and once every three weeks. But in mid-October, cases at the small Vermont school started to climb. The outbreak was linked to an ice rink more than 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. The liberal arts college shifted to all-remote learning and closed the campus to visitors. By November, a total of 76 of the roughly 1,400 students on campus had tested positive, the school said. “It was very concerning to experience the spike in cases that we did after so many weeks of surveillance tests with no positives,” President Lorraine Sterritt said by email. Students who violate COVID-19 rules face discipline at colleges nationwide When students come back for the spring semester, St. Michael’s will begin testing them weekly. The college may also require students to move to a separate residence hall when they are told to quarantine. The coronavirus pr

COVID-19 Cancels Columbia College Commencement Ceremony - CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s supposed to be the highlight of their time in college. But seniors at Columbia College are learning commencement is canceled. CBS 2’s Steven Graves talked to students who are fighting to change that. For first-generation Columbia College senior Hinda Akel, commencement meant more than just walking across a stage. “For me, it’s a moment of achievement and success. It’s well-deserved,” Akel said. It’s the same for Mahnoor Syed, who was expected to receive two degrees. “I’ve been going 18 to 23 credits per semester. So this was a moment me and my family were really looking closely into,” Syed said. The two now feeling blindsided and devastated after the college’s  president sent a letter saying commencement is canceled amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Where the problem comes in: there’s no postponement date. “We’re asking whether it’s a couple months or a year from now. All we want is for our ceremony to be postponed,” Syed said. Seniors and their families have


Orange County, CA, March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coastline College located just outside of Los Angeles in Orange County, California through innovation, technology, and education, has been a leader in online education and distance learning since it was founded in 1976.  Coastline College has four campuses, yet 80% of these courses have always been offered to students online or in a distance learning format.   Since the spread of the coronavirus became a pandemic, the dynamic has changed disrupting the U.S. education system .  Schools, colleges and universities completely closed across the country while trying to transition to online learning.   However, this contemporary wave of education to online learning is old school for Coastline College. Coastline began as a “College Beyond Walls” over forty years ago, providing flexible education to students ‘where they are’ which is why ‘Anywhere Anytime Learning’ is the College’s new mantra.  Coastline established a fully pioneering and i

LIVE UPDATES: Latest news on coronavirus and higher education - Inside Higher Ed

Spring Breakers From UT Austin Test Positive March 31, 5:35 p.m. University of Texas at Austin students have tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from a spring break trip to Mexico. About 70 young adults took a chartered plane to Cabo San Lucas, according to reports from NBC News. Once they returned, 28 tested positive for the virus, all of whom are students at UT Austin. The entire group is now under public health investigation. The university is closely monitoring others who were on the flight. Those with confirmed cases are self-isolating. -- Madeline St. Amour China Postpones Gaokao March 31, 3:40 p.m. China’s high-stakes national college entrance exam, the gaokao , is being postponed by one month, until July, due to the coronavirus, Sixth Tone reported. The Chinese Ministry of Education said it was postponing the nine-hour standardized test to give students whose educations were shifted online extra time to prepare. “Given the different online study conditions a