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Online Master of Computer Science | Computer Science | U of I - Illinois Computer Science NewsOnline Master of Computer Science | Computer Science | U of I - Illinois Computer Science NewsPosted: 23 Jun 2020 07:37 PM PDTComplete a Master's degree at your own pace, at your own place! Busy professionals can complete a degree online while they continue to meet their current life and career obligations. Illinois Computer Science has partnered with Coursera to use its massive open online course (MOOC) platform to offer the MCS to students in a more flexible and affordable way than is possible on campus. Students can earn the Online MCS in as little as one year, or in as many as five years.The Online MCS program is a non-thesis (coursework-only) degree that requires 32 credit hours of graduate coursework, completed through eight graduate-level courses each at the four credit hour level. The MCS requires that four of these eight courses are chosen from unique "core" areas of co…

Yale’s massively popular ‘happiness’ course is available free online - Q13 News Seattle

Yale’s massively popular ‘happiness’ course is available free online - Q13 News Seattle

Yale’s massively popular ‘happiness’ course is available free online - Q13 News Seattle

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 02:52 PM PDT

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As you're spending more time at home and working to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be able to find solace in Yale University's mega-popular "happiness" course, which is available for free online through Coursera.

"We're in a particularly challenging time not just for this health crisis, this physical health crisis, but also a potential mental health crisis as well," course creator Laurie Santos, a Yale psychology professor, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour this week.

The course went online for free about two years ago under the name "The Science of Well Being," according to the Yale Daily News. Anyone can audit the course for free, and $49 lets you complete assignments, submit them for a grade and earn a certificate of completion.

Although in-person social connections matter, Santos says the good news from science is that much of happiness stems from cultivating healthy practices and routines.

And the dramatic reorientation of your life might actually give you an opportunity in the coming weeks to rethink your daily rituals and therefore rewire your brain toward a happier life.

The course was a campus phenomenon

Santos hatched the idea for the course because she's the head of Yale's Silliman College and lives with students "in the trenches." (Think of it like Professor Minerva McGonagall heading Gryffindor House in the Harry Potter universe).

Eating daily with students, she said she was "shocked at the kind of mental health issues" she was seeing, and noted that it's "a national trend that's getting worse."

So she created a course called "Psychology and the Good Life," which starts by offering students insights from psychology and neuroscience about what drives happiness. In its second half, the course challenges students in behavior change exercises to help rewire the brain.

Almost 1,200 students enrolled in the class, or about one in four students on campus, and it became the most popular class in Yale's more than 300-year history.

Happiness comes from the simple things

"Our minds lie to us all the time. We miswant things. We think we need to change our life circumstances to become happier," Santos says.

On the other hand, she finds that "what plays a much bigger role are our simple practices, simple acts like making a social connection, or taking time for gratitude, or taking time to be in the present moment."

Many people mistakenly believe happiness is just around the corner if we land a better job, find a more attractive mate, or buy a bigger house. But the neuroscience literature doesn't back that up, she says.

Happiness and contentedness stem from repeatedly doing simple tasks, rather than herculean ones. "I take the science of happiness as giving us a lot of good news," Santos said.

You can audit the course for free

Catie Henderson, a 29-year-old living in Atlanta, Georgia, took the course online last year. She told CNN she had studied philosophy in college and as she has been progressing in her career, she's been looking for more ways to continue her "learning and development."

She was attracted to the happiness course and took the plunge after seeing "raving reviews from other students."

Her main takeaway was in deconstructing misconceptions many have around happiness, such as mistakenly seeking fulfillment through accomplishments.

"Getting your dream job or dream spouse won't create happiness. You have to build habits," Henderson said. "And connecting with others is important, but getting right with yourself is equally important."

She said she was in fact a little happier after taking the course, but more importantly had generally come to feel more "enlightened and like happiness was in our control."

As the world feels like it's spinning out of control, learning what we can control will be vital to finding the silver lining during the age of coronavirus.

Technology allows Walsh to transition spring semester and student services to 100% remote delivery - Iosco County News Herald

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 11:45 AM PDT

TROY, Mich., March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- While some universities and colleges are cancelling their next semester and others are feverishly working to bring courses and services online, Walsh has transitioned 100 percent of all courses and student services to remote delivery in a week's time.  On March 13, Walsh moved all exams, classes and student services to a remote delivery format. Final exams were converted and administered remotely the week of March 16. Spring semester, starting March 30, will be 100 percent remote delivery and all Walsh locations will remain closed until April 20.  

Every Walsh student receives a Zoom Pro account once enrolled in classes. This has allowed uninterrupted access to resources such as: admissions and advising counselors, career services, faculty consultations, financial aid, free tutoring, library resources, and records. Student organizations have been converting on-site events to virtual events. Students can purchase books and return them free of charge online and use the Navigate Student app to schedule advising appointments, form study groups and receive account updates and other reminders. Walsh is also offering special emergency funds for current students in need.

"Taking care of our students' safety is our number one priority," said Marsha Kelliher, President and CEO. "With the technology we had in place and 96 percent of Walsh students already attending partially or entirely online, our online learning and IT teams expediently and effectively transitioned the school to 100 percent remote delivery of courses and student services. Walsh students can safely and seamlessly continue their education during these challenging times."

Several of Walsh's online degree programs, such as the Master of Business Administration, have received international and national recognition for excellence.

"For students experiencing an interruption in their education due to closures, Walsh welcomes you," said Patti Swanson, Vice President and Chief Marketing and Enrollment Officer. "We hope to help you keep your academic momentum moving forward during downtime at your current school."

Current and prospective students can meet with an advisor by phone or virtually Monday through Thursday 9am to 7pm and Friday from 9am to 5 pm. Email or

Updates on Walsh's response to the coronavirus are available at 

Registration for spring semester is open through April 5. Classes begin March 30.


Walsh is an all-business, private, independent, not-for-profit, fully accredited college offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral business and technology degrees, as well as certificate programs. Founded in 1922, Walsh is one of Southeast Michigan's largest graduate business schools, offering classes in several locations and online. Our nationally-ranked programs integrate theory and application to prepare graduates for successful careers. Walsh degree programs include accounting, finance, information technology, human resources, management, marketing, taxation and other fields. For more information, please visit

Walsh is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (

Media Contact:

Patti Swanson
VP, Chief Marketing and Enrollment Officer
Mobile - 248-302-1360

20 cheap, expert-led online courses you can take while social distancing - Mashable

Posted: 22 Mar 2020 04:52 AM PDT

Bored out of your mind? You're not the only one. With mounting precautions regarding COVID-19, people across the world have been stuck at home in the name of social distancing

At first, you may have welcomed the idea of a quarantine with open arms. For starters, how bad can it be to stay home and watch Netflix in bed? After some time, however, you may find yourself going a bit stir crazy, unsure how to fill all this newfound free time.

If you are looking for a productive way to use your time in quarantine, then you should make the commitment to learning a brand new skill. Perhaps there is a language you have always sought to become fluent in but never had the time, or maybe there's a certification that you have wanted to earn in order to boost your resume. 

Right now, more and more experts are putting courses online for this exact reason, and we've gathered 20 options to get you started. Plus, if you enter the code SPRINGSAVE40 at checkout, you can save an additional 40% on any of the below. 

Learn to code

The Course: The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle

This certification bundle includes fifty hours of instruction designed to help you learn how to code from scratch.  You will learn from top instructors such as John Elder, a Web Developer who created one of the first Internet advertising networks back in 1997, and Rob Percival, a best-selling instructor who aims to make learning to code as easy as possible. While this would typically cost $38.99, you can enroll in all nine included courses for just $23.99 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Start a side gig

The Course: The 2020 Side-Hustle Bundle

The 2020 Side-Hustle bundle includes courses on everything from copywriting to running a freelance business to e-commerce to real estate, You will even learn how to create professional presentations, how to make a substantial profit, and how to turn a hobby into a full-time income in whatever path you choose. All eight courses would typically cost $34.66, but you can enroll here for just $20.80 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Study up on photography

The Course: The Complete Photography Side Business Bundle

If you have ever wanted to learn how to take incredible photos, then now is the time to do so. This bundle includes ten courses covering everything from taking pictures to editing them. You'll even get started in Adobe Lightroom so that you take your photos to a semi-pro or pro level. With code SPRINGSAVE40, you can snag this bundle for just $17.40.

Learn to use Adobe CC

The Course: The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle

Did you know that understanding how to use Adobe Creative Cloud can increase your earning potential? With this all-in-one bundle, you will become a pro in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD, After Effects, and Premiere. Users rave about these courses, in fact, with more than 330 reviews, this bundle currently has an average rating of 5-stars. Enter the aforementioned code to get all eight courses for just $20.40.

Become a copywriter

The Course: The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle

This master class in copywriting is taught by some of the best in the business. Alan Sharpe, a 30-year veteran copywriter, has been teaching since 1989. He's taught more than 20,000 students how to write persuasively — that's a lot of persuasive writers out there! You will learn how to create powerful content that will grab attention and generate leads over 11 courses for just $23.39 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Get tips on landing a new job

The Course: The 2020 Job Seekers Playbook Bundle

If you are currently looking for a new job, then this is the bundle for you. The 2020 Job Seekers Playbook has expert-taught courses on how to elevate your résumé and stand out from your competitors. You will learn how to craft an effective cover letter, become a LinkedIn wizard, as well as learn tips for giving a stellar interview. Access to all 10 courses will cost you a mere $17.99 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Brush up on business skills

The Course: The Complete Business Professional Bootcamp Bundle

No matter what industry you are in or are working towards, this six-course bundle will help you climb the career ladder with good old fashioned business skills. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the business world, you will benefit from courses on everything from Microsoft Excel to PowerPoint. Moreover, you will gain knowledge on how to be an effective leader who thinks critically. Typically $29.99, this bundle will cost you just $17.99 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Become an algorithmic trader

The Course: QuantInsti®: Quantitative Trading for Beginners Bundle

Over the past few weeks, the stock market has reached record levels of volatility. With this bundle, you will learn how to implement a powerful technique called algorithmic trading to better navigate the ups and downs of the market. You'll start with the basics, eventually moving on to utilizing tools and languages like Python, Machine Learning, Forex, IBridgePy, and Quant. There are seven courses included, but you will pay just $29.40 total with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Get Salesforce certified

The Course: Salesforce Certification Essentials Bundle

This 46-hour bundle includes three courses covering the key Salesforce techniques and tools you'll need to know to pass their rigorous certification exams. At your own pace, you learn to implement, configure, and manage Sales and Service Clouds, as well as implement automation, security, troubleshooting, user interfaces, and customized apps. After completion, you'll be ready to take Salesforce's certification exams and give your résumé a significant boost. It would typically cost you $39.99, but that price drops to just $23.99 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Study up on digital marketing

The Course: The 2020 Complete Digital Marketing for Beginners Bundle

If you want to become a digital marketing pro, then it's best you learn from both the conventional and unconventional masters. One of the instructors, Chris Haroun, is an award-winning business school professor, venture capitalist, MBA graduate from Columbia University and former Goldman Sachs employee. Another is Sacha Stevenson, a full-time YouTuber with over 100,000,000 YouTube views. With the bundle, you will tackle everything from Tiktok to SEO. Use code SPRINGSAVE40 to get the entire bundle for just $47.99.

Give your brain a workout and improve your memory

The Course: The Ultimate Memory Mastery Bundle

Your brain is more powerful than you realize. This 20-hour course teaches you how to improve your memory with proven psychology and neuroscience techniques. Not only will you learn to remember more information, but you will boost your brain and improve your focus. Dive in for just $11.99 when you use code SPRINGSAVE40.

Become an in-demand data scientist

The Course: The 2020 All-in-One Data Scientist Mega Bundle

Understanding, manipulating, and presenting data has become a vital tool in the world of business, whether you are a new entrepreneur or working for a large corporation. With this bundle, you will master different data processes such as visualization, computing, and analysis. Plus, you will also learn how to use data across various platforms and languages such as Python, Apache, Hadoop, R, and more! Enter code SPRINGSAVE40 to enroll and start studying up on data science for just $23.99.

Learn to speak Italian

The Course: The Complete 30-Day Italian Language Learning Bundle

Have you always wanted to learn a new language but just didn't have the time? In just 30-days, you could be speaking like an Italian local with this learning track. The coursework is broken into three-minute chunks of learning, so you can even study up between tasks around the house. Get on your way to speaking Italian or just $15.59 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Become an IT professional

Course: The Total CompTIA Core Certification Prep Bundle

If you want to become an IT professional, then you are going to want to ace the CompTIA Core Exams. Mike Meyers, aka "Alpha Geek", is the industry leader on CompTIA Certifications and heads up this five-course learning track. With his guidance, you will learn everything from basic IT skills and infrastructure to troubleshooting and managing networks. Enter code SPRINGSAVE40 to enroll in all five courses for just $23.97.

Specialize in Lean Six Sigma project management

The Course: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma Certification Bundle

Lean Six Sigma combines two popular project management methodologies that work to pave a clear path for operational effectiveness. The first course in this bundle will teach you what this method is, while the second course will take a deep dive into these powerful concepts. After completion, you will receive a PDF certificate that you can show off on your LinkedIn profile. Enter code SPRINGSAVE40 to enroll for just $29.99.

Become a cybersecurity expert

The Course: The A-Z Cybersecurity Developer Bundle

If you want to become an expert in cybersecurity, look no further than this course taught by ITU Online, a company known for creating the highest quality courses in IT training. After completing 170-hours of instruction, you will be ready to land an in-demand job in cybersecurity. Get access to all included coursework for just $23.99 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Study up on videography

The Course: The Complete Videography Bundle: Beginner to Expert

With over 44 hours of instruction over 10 courses, this bundle covers everything from production to editing in industry-standard tools. Most notably, you will become a master in Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Camtasia. Enroll now for 40% off with code SPRINGSAVE40, and pay just $17.99.

Take courses in electrical engineering

The Course: The Introductory Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle

Want to start a career in electrical engineering? This five-course bundle will teach you the foundational skills you need to thrive. And, with more than 500 reviews online and an average rating of 5-stars, you can rest assured that you are getting your money's worth. Normally $25, this bundle will cost you just $15 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Dive into the world of Blockchain

The Course: The Complete Blockchain & Ethereum Programmer Bundle

This 10-course bundle will teach you the fundamentals of blockchain with real-world examples across a variety of industries. You will learn how to create Blockchain applications using Hyperledger Composer, understand and work with cryptocurrency, and learn how to make initial coin offerings profitable. Normally $29, this bundle is on sale for just $17.40 with code SPRINGSAVE40.

Master Microsoft Excel

The Course: The Complete Microsoft Excel & VBA Bundle

Perhaps you've worked with Excel before. Perhaps it's even front and center on your résumé, but how well do you really know the incredibly efficient program? This bundle will teach you to save time through the automation of repetitive tasks. It packs nine courses covering everything from beginner to advanced levels, including how to create data models and pivot tables, dive deep into formulas and functions, and much more. Normally $29.99, the bundle is just $17.99 with code SPRINGSAVE40.


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