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6 Reasons to Pursue An MBA Degree Online - Big Easy Magazine 6 Reasons to Pursue An MBA Degree Online - Big Easy Magazine Posted: 27 Nov 2020 09:28 AM PST The year 2020 has taken the world by storm with its constant influx of negative and life-changing news. Everything that was considered normal has been replaced with a new sense of reality where nothing is the same as it once was. From going out for errands to meeting your loved ones, everything is tainted with the fear of contracting a deadly virus. To counter these conditions, many business sectors have made adjustments and shifted online, including education. Universities worldwide have introduced online programs and courses that have made e-learning extremely easy and efficient. This even includes the veer so popular MBA.  To Be honest, an online MBA isn't a new concept. The program was available even before the pandemic. Nonetheless, there are more options available now, and he

10 Best Online HR Degree Programs In 2020 • Benzinga - Benzinga

10 Best Online HR Degree Programs In 2020 • Benzinga - Benzinga

10 Best Online HR Degree Programs In 2020 • Benzinga - Benzinga

Posted: 23 Apr 2020 12:32 PM PDT

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Human resources is a broad field, which equates to endless opportunities for you. An online HR degree under your belt means you can earn a comfortable salary as you keep tabs on everyone in an organization. 

An online HR degree allows you to meet your educational and career goals without completely altering your life. Programs offered through many reputable colleges and universities can lend the support you need to reach the finish line.

Benzinga's stepping in to help you choose an online HR degree that's a good fit.

Why Choose an Online HR Degree?

Beyond flexibility, an online HR degree is an excellent option for nontraditional students for many reasons. You can also prepare for a graduate degree program or a rewarding role in the field. 

Don't have any HR experience? An online degree program will show you the ropes. Take on a role that requires you to recruit and hire talent, oversee training and handle compensation and benefits. You will also be well-versed in labor laws and effective methods for conflict resolution. HR professionals can also apply communication strategies acquired in the online HR degree program to every aspect of your life. 

An online HR degree can also prepare you for a higher-level position that requires you to collaborate with management to overcome organizational challenges. Or you could play an instrumental role in developing policies and procedures that are implemented company-wide. 

You will also have the flexibility to pursue a variety of roles after graduating:

  • Human resources consultant, specialist or manager
  • International human resources professionals
  • Labor relations manager
  • Training and development manager
  • Executive recruiter
  • Payroll manager
  • Risk manager 

There's a demand for HR professionals in several industries so you shouldn't have trouble securing a role that pays well. 

Find an Online University

How to Choose an Online HR Degree Program

It can be overwhelming to choose an online HR degree. As you evaluate your options, consider programs that meet the following criteria. 

Courses are Led by Experienced HR Professionals

It's not enough to be a human resources subject-matter expert. Challenges often arise that require the implementation of your knowledge. The textbook way of resolving issues isn't always practical. However, a knowledgeable faculty member can share nuggets of wisdom to help you think outside the box.  

Offer Certification Exam Prep

If you want to become a certified human resources professional, you want an online HR degree program with courses that offer foundational knowledge. Confirm that classes meet the educational requirements to sit for the Professional in Human Resource certification exam. 


An online HR degree is a wise investment of your time and money. Before you select a program, compare the tuition and fees for your top picks. Eliminate options from your list with steep rates so you don't overspend on a degree that will yield the same results as a comparable option that's far cheaper. Also, review the average cost of attendance for the past 5 years and avoid institutions that implement drastic price hikes each year. 

Jobs Waiting for You with an HR Degree

Here are some of the top careers waiting on HR degree holders: 

Human Resources Manager 

As a human resource manager, you'll oversee the administrative functions of an organization. These include recruiting, interviewing and hiring new staff. You will also coordinate with management during the strategic planning process. 

Other core responsibilities include advising leadership on human resources issues and managing employee benefits. You may be tasked with mediating disputes, handling disciplinary issues and identifying ways to leverage employee talent. 

On average, human resources managers earn $113,300 per year. This equates to $54.47 per hour

Human Resources Specialist 

Not quite ready for a management role? You can still enjoy a meaningful career as a human resource specialist. Instead of overseeing critical operations, you'll be directly involved in the screening, recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. 

In 2018, the median pay for human resource specialists was $66,220 annually. 

Compensation and Benefits Manager 

If you enjoy the numbers side of human resources, this role may be a good fit. It focuses solely on the compensation and benefits side of human resources. You will work to ensure that wages are dispersed on time and evaluate requests for pay increases. Compensation and benefits managers also serve as a key liaison between employees and management and they address questions and concerns relating to benefits. 

On average, compensation and benefits managers earn $130,010 per year. 

Best Online Colleges for an HR Degree

We've scoured the web to find the best online colleges for an HR degree. Here are our top picks and a review for each program so you can find the perfect fit and enroll with confidence. 

1. Temple University 

Temple University

Temple University offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. This program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to support employees in your organization.

The curriculum delves into compensation and benefits, labor relations, performance appraisals, recruitment and retention, training and development. You'll sharpen your communication, interpersonal and presentation skills to work more effectively as a human resources professional. 

You need 124 credit hours to graduate, and will complete the following core courses: 

  • Compensation Management 
  • Human Resource Management and Public Policy 
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management 
  • Organizational Staffing and Career Management 

Two elective courses are also required. Choose from the following options: 

  • Communicating in Organizations
  • HR Metrics: Using Data, Scorecards and Dashboards to Drive Business Performance
  • HR on the Ground or Co-op Experience in Human Resource Management 
  • International Human Resource Management 
  • Labor Relations: Strategy and Practice 
  • Leadership in the 21st Century 
  • Leading People at Work 
  • Power, Influence and Negotiation
  • Special Topics – Human Resource Management 
  • Sustainable Organizational Leadership

Graduates of this program also have the foundational knowledge to pass the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) exam and earn a certified professional designation. 

Enroll now

2. Bellevue University 

Seeking a career as a human resource specialist or manager? The online Bachelor of Science in management of human resources from Bellevue University may be a good fit. 

The coursework equips you to work in many industries with companies of all sizes. Core classes include: 

  • American Vision and Values (Kirkpatrick Signature Series) 
  • Benefits Administration 
  • Business Operations and HR Strategy 
  • Compensation Administration 
  • Employee and Labor Relations 
  • Foundation of Business Communication 
  • Foundations for Professional Success
  • Freedom and Responsibility (Kirkpatrick Signature Series) 
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement of Human Resources
  • Tradition and Change (Kirkpatrick Signature Series) 
  • Training and Development of Human Resources 
  • Human Resource Management Capstone Project 

You'll acquire advanced knowledge of compensation and benefits, employment law and equal employment opportunity (EEO) compliance, human resource planning, labor-management relations and training and development. Coursework also prepares you for the Professional in Human Resource (PHR) certification exam. 

Enroll now

3. Florida International University 


The online Bachelor of Business Administration in human resource management degree provides an overview of organizational management and positions you for several valuable opportunities. You'll learn the fundamentals of employee-matching, compensation and benefits, collective bargaining, employment law, human resource management information systems and training and development. 

Human resource management majors complete a series of foundational business courses. These core courses are also required: 

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resource Information Systems 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Recruitment and Staffing 
  • Training and Development 
  • Union-Management Relations

The program also mandates that you complete one of the following: 

  • Employment Law 
  • Happiness at Work 
  • International Human Resources Management 
  • Managing Diversity 

You need 120 credit hours to earn your degree. 

Enroll now

4. Indiana University

Want an online HR degree program that's reputable and an online platform that's easy to navigate? Consider Indiana University to meet your continuing education needs. 

As a distance learning student, you'll have access to a variety of resources to help you succeed. You'll receive personalized support with the admission office, onboarding and financial aid process. Career services, math and writing support, success coaching and library resources are also available virtually. There's also a contact center open 24/7 if you need assistance. You can connect with a representative via phone, email or chat. 

The core and elective course requirements are as follows: 

  • Compensation Planning and Management (elective) 
  • Employee Benefits (elective)
  • Employment Law (core)
  • Employee Relations (elective) 
  • HR Analytics (elective) 
  • Human Resource Management (core) 
  • Labor Relations (elective) 
  • Occupational Safety and Health (elective) 
  • Staffing Organizations (core)
  • Training Methods (elective)

Alumni work as benefits administrators, compensation analysts, HR assistants, HR generalists, HR managers, HR recruiters and training managers.

Enroll now.

5. University of Maryland 

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland's Global Campus offers an online bachelor's degree in human resource management. This degree program opens the door to a world of opportunities in various fields. It's ideal for both aspiring and current HR professionals who want to take their career to the next level. 

The curriculum dives into an array of pertinent topics, including labor relations, the orientation of employees, performance appraisal and reward programs, placement, recruitment, resource planning and selection. You will also discover best practices for building policies and procedures for personnel and the impact human behavior, labor and laws have on company culture. 

While enrolled, you will complete the following core courses: 

  • Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management Practice 
  • Employment Law for Business
  • Employee Training and Development 
  • Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager
  • Global Human Resource Management  
  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management: Issues and Problems 
  • Information Systems in Organizations 
  • Labor Relations 
  • Management and Organization Theory 
  • Organizational Communication 
  • Organizational Culture and Change
  • The Total Rewards Approach to Compensation Management 

You need a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete the program

Enroll now

6. Hampton University 

Hampton University

Interested in learning more about the underlying theories, principles and foundations of management related to large companies? The Bachelor of Science in systems organization and management (human resources management) from Hampton University Online may be suitable for you. 

Throughout the program, you will acquire the advanced leadership skills needed in the field to solve organizational management challenges. The curriculum also prepares you to pass the human resources management certification exam. Core coursework for human resources management majors entails: 

  • Business Communication 
  • Business Ethics 
  • Business Finance 
  • Business Law 
  • Business Organization and Management
  • Compensation and Benefits Administration 
  • Employment Law or Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management or Employment Law
  • Labor Management Relations
  • Management of International Business
  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Personnel/Human Resources Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Training and Development in Organizations 
  • Human Resource Management Seminars (Capstone Course)

Hampton University Online requires 122 hours to earn your degree. Upon completion, you will be positioned to land an entry- or mid-level management position in human resources in a private or public organization. 

Enroll now

7. University of Arkansas 

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas offers an online bachelor's degree in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education. This 120-credit hour program is a great option if you want to become effective at developing talent within an organization and play a significant role in meeting goals. It's also a good fit if you're planning to continue your education in a graduate degree program. 

The program is divided into 3 pillars — career development, organizational development, training and development. Students will complete 4 core courses in each segment, including:

  • Career Development 
  • Communication in Human Resource and Workforce Development 
  • Designing and Developing Human Resource Development Programs 
  • Foundations of Human Resource Development
  • HRD Legal and Ethical Issues 
  • Human Resource Development Program and Product Evaluation 
  • International Human Resource Development and Cultural Differentiation 
  • Managing Human Resource Development Programs
  • Organization Development
  • Professional and Leadership Development 
  • Strategic Human Resource Development 
  • Training and Development 
  • Workplace Diversity and Human Resource Development 
  • Writing for Human Resource and Workforce Development Professionals 
  • Human Resource Development Capstone 

Upon completion, you will know how to implement career planning, counseling, integrated training and organizational skills when you design, manage or evaluate programs for your organization. 

Enroll now

8. Indiana State University 

Earn a Bachelor of Science in human resource development for higher education and industry from Indiana State Online. It caters to human resource professionals working in specialist roles who want to develop specialized expertise. 

Affiliated by the Society of Human Resource Management, the program focuses on business, education, psychology and related behavioral sciences. Required courses for the major include: 

  • Adult Learners in Higher Education and Training 
  • Career Development and Employee Appraisals
  • Characteristics of Human Resource Development 
  • Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Development
  • Continuous Performance Improvement 
  • Developing Occupational and Training Programs
  • Evaluating Learner Performance 
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology 
  • Labor Relations in Human Resource Development 
  • Methods and Strategies for Instructional Program 
  • Occupational Liability and Safety 
  • Organizational Development 
  • Work-Life Integration

You'll also complete 3 elective courses and a professional internship before you earn a degree. 

Alumni work in career development, organization development, personal management, training and development, union/labor relations and work-life initiative roles. 

Enroll now

9. Huntington University 

Huntington University

Don't let your demanding schedule get in the way of pursuing your educational goals. Enroll in the online HR degree program from Huntington University and take courses that conform to your demanding work schedule and personal life. 

You'll hone your leadership skills while working through a curriculum that focuses on business, career development, hiring and training. The rigorous coursework also provides the foundational knowledge needed to excel in a Master of Arts in organizational leadership or Master of Business Administration.

Each course only spans 5 weeks so you can get through the material and prepare yourself for career advancement in record time. You'll also receive the same degree as your peers who complete their courses on campus. 

Enroll now

10. Davenport University 

Davenport University features an online Bachelor of Business Administration in human resource management. You'll acquire advanced knowledge on compensation, dispute resolutions, leadership strategies, negotiation, organizational behavior, staffing and training. 

Students complete 120 credit hours and an internship. Core classes from human resource management majors include: 

  • Compensation Administration
  • Employment and Labor Law  
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Innovation and Managing Change
  • International Business 
  • Leadership Discovery 
  • Negotiation/Dispute Resolution 
  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Staffing Organizations 
  • Strategic Human Resources 
  • Training for Organizations 

The in-depth coursework will also prepare you for the Society for Human Resource Management's certification exam. If you acquire this credential, you will stand out among the competition as you pursue roles in the field.  

Enroll now

Get Started with an Online HR Degree Program Today

Consider our top options for online HR degrees. The programs are from reputable colleges and universities and will help you land a promotion or a better opportunity with another employer. It can also help you set the stage for a successful graduate school experience. 

An online HR degree requires a hefty investment of your time and money. However, the reward of earning an online HR degree greatly outweighs the cost — it'll pay dividends for years to come. 

Is It Possible to Get an Online Degree or Certificate and Actually Find a Career With It? - Pulse Headlines

Posted: 23 Apr 2020 07:48 AM PDT

There are so many online certificate programs these days, and they all make wild promises. How can you know that any of them will ever deliver to you what they say they will? After many hours (and dollars) it takes to achieve your certification, you want to know that your investment was worth it. Here is some practical advice on certificate programs you can actually find a career with.

Is It Possible to Get an Online Degree or Certificate and Actually Find a Career With It?

Avionics Software Design

Have you ever dreamed of working in the aerospace or avionics industry? Have you always had an interest in software design and using team dynamics to solve a problem? Then you might want to consider AFuzion's DO-178C Training. According to Rapita Systems, inc. "DO-178C is the primary document by which the certification authorities such as FAA, EASA and Transport Canada approve all commercial software-based aerospace systems. More recently, it has also become the de facto approach for the use of software in military avionics systems worldwide." So, training with AFuzion will give you a highly desirable certification in the aerospace industry.

AFuzion literally wrote the book on DO-178C and consistently update and refine their data into new DO-178C manuals. This means that all other certificate programs are using outdated manuals and data to teach their students. AFuzion's DO-178C training course offer for software developers provides practical avionics training in software design and the production of software for many airborne systems. They also offer training in DO-178b, 178c standard, and a host of other programs. AFuzion has trained 23,000+ engineers and managers worldwide – more than all their competitor's current trainers, combined.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Have you ever wanted to get paid to save lives? If so, then earning a certification to become one of the healthcare professionals that responds to pediatric emergencies(PALS) might be an ideal choice. According to the American Heart Association (AHA) "Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification is geared towards healthcare providers who respond to emergencies in infants and children and for personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care, and critical care units. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a course completion card, valid for two years."

But before you type "PALs certification near me", into your search bar, there is an easier way. You can complete an official AHA's PALS Course online with eMedCert. Their online PALS certification course adheres to current industry best practices and allows you to complete the PALS course in as little or as long as you need. Since the course is 100% online you can learn the PALS treatment algorithms, CPR, basic life support, and all the important concepts of a systematic approach whenever it is convenient for you. At the end of the course, all attendees will be well on their way to becoming the best paramedics they can be. Their quality assurance policy means that if you are not 100% satisfied, or if your PALS Card is not accepted, just let them know. They will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Web Design

Trade-Schools.net listed "web designer" as one of the highest paying online degrees you can earn. Starting a career as a web designer is not only fun but in high demand as well. Businesses both large and small need amazing webpages to guide their clients to, and if you have an artistic drive inside of you along with a basic understanding of code, then you just might have what it takes to be an amazing web designer.

Of all the online degrees and certificate programs out there, an associate's degree in web design might be the easiest one to earn. That's because as a web developer it would be your job to be online. You will also study an eclectic mix of subjects. To be an effective web developer you must understand concepts of design and art, computer programming, user experience design, and security fundamentals. If earning your degree completely online and working completely online appeals to you, then a degree in Web Design might be a great option for you.

Best Online Photography Degree Programs • Benzinga - Benzinga

Posted: 23 Apr 2020 01:29 PM PDT

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Do you dream of working as a professional photographer? Maybe you're already in the field and want to advance your skills.

Consider an online photography degree to help pursue your passion or capture more impressive images. There are several programs to choose from — you can perfect your craft without disrupting your everyday life. You'll also gain in-demand skills while you build or improve a professional portfolio that shines. 

Ready to get started? Benzinga is here to help you find the best online photography degree program for your busy lifestyle. 

Why Choose an Online Photography Degree?

It's possible to learn the art of photography by trial or error. You can make an investment in your future by choosing an online photography degree program to learn the history and essentials of the industry, get exposure to different types of photography and deliver exceptional images to those you serve. You'll receive valuable nuggets of wisdom from seasoned industry professionals and collaborate with peers who can give you feedback on your work. 

Many colleges and universities also offer career services to online students. You can take advantage of this opportunity to receive free assistance with resume building, interviewing skills and job placement while enrolled. This is a valuable benefit if you want to work for an employer before branching out on your own. 

Photography degree holders can also choose from several exciting career paths. You can pursue a role as a photographer in many industries — education, branding, entertainment, fashion, film, government relations, hospitality, public relations, publishing, production, real estate, special events and more. 

Find an Online University

How to Choose an Online Photography Degree Program?

Not all online photography degree programs are the same. How do you know which options are worthwhile investments of your time and money? Keep these factors in mind as you evaluate programs.


You want an online photography degree program taught by professors with real-world experiences. They should also be able to convey core knowledge and industry insights in a way that's easy to understand. 

Course Options 

How will the program help you meet your career goals? Do the course options cover topics you're interested in? The best online photography degrees touch on all components of the industry, including the evolution of photography, technical aspects and best practices when working in the field. 


Review the tuition and fee schedule for your top prospects. The figures should be comparable. If you find that some programs are far more expensive than others, consider removing them from your list. You don't want to spend more money than you have to on a program that yields the same results as a more affordable option. 

Jobs Waiting for You with a Photography Degree

An online photography degree opens the door to a host of job opportunities. Here are some of the top picks among recent graduates: 


This role is self-explanatory but encompasses many paths. As mentioned earlier, you can work in settings that require you to work locally, nationwide or around the globe. 

On average, photographers earn $36,280 per year or $17.44 per hour. However, you can boost your earning potential by working independently or taking on individual clients outside of your full-time role. 

Art Director 

Art directors play an integral role in developing the style and design for magazine images, movies, newspapers, products and television productions. They work closely with artists and designers to ensure visual standards are met and align with the overall branding strategy. 

In 2018, the median pay for art directors was $94,220 per year. 

Camera Operator 

Want to step outside your comfort zone as a photographer? If your degree program covered video editing, you might want to consider a role as a camera operator. You will capture digital footage for movies, television shows and other media and alter it to make the material more appealing to audiences.

The average annual salary for camera operators is $59,810. However, the amount you earn depends on if you work as a cinematographer, studio camera operator or videographer. 

Best Online Colleges for a Photography Degree

Here are Benzinga's top picks for online photography degrees. We've also included a description of each program to help you find the program that best suits your needs. 

1. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University Logo

Want to learn the essentials of the photography business? Consider an online Bachelor of Arts in digital photography Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). 

This program delves into the mechanics of digital camera operation, lighting, post-production image editing, visual literacy and so much more. It also covers the operational side of photography and what it takes to effectively market your services, garner the attention you deserve and attract top clients. 

Digital photography majors take the following core courses: 

  • Digital Narratives and Documentary 
  • Digital Photography 
  • Digital Photography Portfolio 
  • Innovations in Digital Imaging
  • Introduction to Digital Imaging  
  • Lighting for Photography 
  • Media Communications and Visual Literacy
  • Social Media 
  • Photographic Aesthetic Concepts 
  • Photographic Practice in the Digital Age
  • The Business of Photography 

When you reach the finish line, you will have the skills to work in aerial, commercial, industrial, news, portrait, scientific and university photography. You can pursue a role as an art director, camera operator, graphic designer or video editor. 

You need 120 credit hours to earn your degree. SNHU allows you to transfer up to 90 credit hours from an accredited college or university. 

Enroll now. 

2. Savannah College of Art and Design


Master the art of photography with an online Bachelor of Arts in visual communication from the Savannah College of Art and Design. This program teaches you to unleash your inner creativity and use it to drive you in your career as a professional photographer. Students are also encouraged to fuse their unique style with traditional techniques to create digital masterpieces. 

As a distance learning student, you'll receive the same learning experience as your peers who study on campus. The photography concentration is comprised of the following core classes: 

  • Advanced Digital Imaging 
  • Business Practices for Photography 
  • Camera Exploration and Technique
  • Digital Imaging and Compositing 
  • Inkjet Printing for Photography
  • Lighting Applications: From Products to Portraits
  • Photography Project Seminar

Students will also participate in an internship program or SCADpro collaboration. A total of 180 credit hours are required to complete the program. 

Enroll now. 

3. Academy of Art University 

Interested in learning how to build a professional portfolio that shines? Let the online Bachelor of Fine Arts program from the School of Photography at the Academy of Art University show you the ropes.

The curriculum helps you build the aesthetic and conceptual skills needed to develop a stunning professional portfolio. You will also complete a series of courses to enhance your foundational knowledge of photography, including:

  • Advanced Digital Retouching 
  • Advanced Photo Imagery 
  • Architectural Landscape Photography
  • Commercial Photography 
  • Digital Printing 
  • Documentary 
  • Environmental Portraiture 
  • Fine Art Photography 
  • Imaging for Photographers 
  • Imaging Workflow and Process
  • Location Lighting 
  • Motion for Photographers
  • People Photography
  • Photo Design and Concept 
  • Photography Principles and Techniques
  • Portfolio Development 
  • Quality of Light 
  • Self-Promotion and Marketing 
  • The Business of Photography
  • Visualization 

You must successfully complete 132 credit hours to earn your degree. 

Enroll now. 

4. Arizona State University 

asu logo

Arizona State University offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in digital photography. It caters to individuals who want to pursue a career in advertising or commercial photography, design, gallery direction, museum curation, photo and art direction. This program may also be a good fit if you want to pursue a graduate degree in art or photography. 

It aims to help students implement creative practices and hone their visual literacy skills by completing hands-on projects. As you work through the program and create digital works of art, you will also have the opportunity to receive candid feedback from your instructors. 

Students complete a series of in-depth photography courses, including: 

  • Digital Photography I and 2
  • Photography Now
  • Photo Editing: Narrative/Non-Narrative 
  • Advanced Digital Photography  
  • Advanced Techniques in Digital Photography 

Another significant benefit is the ability to create a portfolio and artist statement that has been peer reviewed and is ready for viewing by potential employers or clients. 

Enroll now. 

5. Cornell Online

A subsidiary of Cornell University, eCornell offers a digital photography certificate program. It's a good fit for current and aspiring professional photographers, artists, amateur photographers, hobbyists, marketers and small business owners. 

This program covers the essentials of camera operation and lighting to achieve optimal results. You'll also acquire the skills to capture meaningful images that are captivating and play on viewers' emotions. You'll take the following courses: 

  • Building a Photography Portfolio
  • Camera Selection and Mechanics
  • Digital Asset Management 
  • Lighting 
  • Photography Fundamentals
  • Professional Photography 
  • Style and Expression Through Photography 

Each course was developed by Barry Perlus, associate professor in the Cornell College of Architecture, Art and Planning. 

Expect to spend 4 months working through the courses. 

Enroll now.

Get Started with an Online Photography Degree Program 

Make your dreams of becoming a professional photographer a reality or level up your skills. Consider a degree program from our list of recommendations. They are offered by reputable institutions at a rate you can afford, and the instructors are seasoned professionals who can steer you in the right direction as you embark on your career. 

10 Best Online Math Degree Programs In 2020 • Benzinga - Benzinga

Posted: 15 Apr 2020 12:00 AM PDT

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You're a math whiz and want to advance your knowledge to land a career or continue your education. Either way, an online math degree from a reputable college or university is worth considering. 

It allows you to juggle your educational, career and personal commitments since coursework is completed online with continued support focused on your success.

Let Benzinga help you find the most ideal option for you. 

Best Online Colleges for a Math Degree:

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  •  Indiana University
  • Ottawa University
  • Mercy College
  • Maryville University
  • University of Illinois at Springfield
  • American Public University
  • Mayville State University
  • Bellevue University
  • Thomas Edison State University
Find an Online University

Why Choose an Online Math Degree?

If mathematics is something you love, an online math degree is a perfect way to master the subject. You can study when it's convenient for you and the online platforms foster an enjoyable learning experience. 

An online math degree also opens the door to an abundance of opportunities in many industries: 

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial sciences
  • Banking
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Research statistics
  • Teaching

If you want a role that requires a graduate degree, an online math degree is an effective way to gain the foundational knowledge you need and meet the education requirements for admission.

Another vital benefit of earning an online math degree is the analytical skills you'll develop. Your newfound skills can also help you think outside of the box when formulating arguments or resolving challenges.  

Math degree holders possess a valuable skillset that can be transferred to many industries and offers job security even in turbulent times. 

How to Choose an Online Math Degree Program

When evaluating programs, be mindful of the course's reputation, course offerings and course attendance. 


You want an online math degree from an accredited college or university. It's important that the program you select holds weight in the eyes of potential employers. 

Also, pay attention to how it's perceived by current and past students. Here are a few questions to ponder when evaluating the reputation of an online math degree: What are they saying? Do graduates go on to work in lucrative roles? What's the average job placement rate? Are the courses led by distinguished instructors? 

Course Offerings 

If you're able to specialize your degree, you could stand out even more as you apply for jobs. Doing so also helps align your studies with your career goals and equips you with in-depth knowledge of the subjects you're most interested in. 

You also want an online math degree program that requires you to take electives to expand your skillset. 

Cost of Attendance

You'll spend thousands pursuing an online math degree unless the tuition and fees are covered by a scholarship or grant. While it's an excellent investment that can pay dividends for years to come, there's no need to overpay to earn your degree.

Compare the tuition and fee schedules for your top selections. Eliminate options that are far more pricey. Also, take a look at the cost of attendance for the past 5 years. If you notice sharp increases, you may want to cut these colleges and universities from your list. 

Jobs Waiting for You with a Math Degree

Below are some of the most popular career options for math majors. 


In this role, you employ financial theory, mathematics and statistics to analyze potential risks associated with events. These include accidents, death, illnesses or natural disasters. You will also help clients determine the financial impact and devise strategies to minimize the costs. The organization you work for may also request written reports that include the results of findings from research and tests. 

Choose from a career as an enterprise risk, health insurance, life insurance, pension and retirement benefits or property and casualty insurance actuary. 

On average, actuaries earn $102,880 per year, or $49.46 per hour. 

Financial Analyst

Use your mathematical chops to work in the financial services industry. As a financial analyst, you'll educate businesses and individuals so they can make sound investment decisions. Other job duties include analyzing market performance, identifying trends, evaluating financial data and compiling reports on your findings for clients and management. 

Financial analysts work as fund managers, portfolio managers, ratings analysts and risk analysts. 

In 2018, the median pay for financial analysts was $85,660. This equates to $41.18 per hour. 

Mathematician or Statistician 

Apply the mathematical knowledge acquired in your degree program to find solutions to everyday issues. A career as a mathematician or statistician allows you to do just that while creating new experiments and surveys and collect data along with new models to interpret outcomes. The information provided by mathematicians and statisticians is also used by key members of management to facilitate decision-making.  

Mathematicians and statisticians work in colleges, universities and healthcare. They also take on government and research and development roles. 

The average annual salary for mathematicians and statisticians is $88,190. 

Best Online Colleges for a Math Degree

Here are Benzinga's top picks for online math degrees. We've also included a review of each program to help you find the best fit. 

1. Southern New Hampshire University 

Southern New Hampshire University Logo

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers an online Bachelor of Arts in mathematics. This program equips you with the skills needed to flourish in an analytical or quantitative role. 

You will learn Matlab, Python and R programming languages to solve complex math problems and a step-by-step process to devise logical mathematical proofs. The curriculum also teaches you how to apply mathematical reasoning to find solutions to real-world problems. 

Make your degree even more valuable by concentrating in applied mathematics. Coursework for this concentration covers mathematical modeling, software and statistical methods. You also have the opportunity to choose from these specializations: 

  • Dynamical modeling
  • Operations research
  • Statistical analysis 

You need 120 credit hours to complete the program. SNHU allows you to transfer up to 90 from qualifying institutions. 

Enroll now

2. Indiana University 

Earn a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Indiana University Online to accelerate your career. This 120-credit hour program covers calculus, linear algebra, mathematical modeling, modern algebra and real analysis. Once you've completed the core coursework, you can specialize in economics, finance or probability. 

Program graduates are equipped with the skills to effectively communicate scientific research, analyze data and apply logic when solving math problems. You'll be prepared for a rewarding career as an actuary, data analyst, statistician, mathematics teacher, software engineer, investment analyst or mathematical technician. 

Know that IU Online students have access to many valuable resources. You'll receive specialized attention from the admission department during the enrollment process and you can participate in an interactive orientation to help you get acclimated with the online learning portal. 

Math and writing support is available if you need assistance with your coursework. Success coaches will work with you to create a plan that ensures you meet your educational and personal goals. 

Student financial services is also there to help you navigate the financial aid maze and effectively manage your own money and career services can help prepare you for the perfect role. 

Enroll now

3. Ottawa University 

Ottawa University

Master algebra, calculus, computer programming, geometry and statistics from the comfort of your home. An online bachelor's degree in mathematics allows you to learn why mathematics is essential for practical problem-solving and technological advancement.

Mathematics majors complete the following courses: 

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Calculus I, II and III
  • Differential Equations 
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Inferential Statistics 
  • Integrative Seminar in Mathematics 
  • Introduction to Real Analysis 
  • Linear Algebra 
  • Probability 
  • Transition to Higher Mathematics

Students can also choose to specialize their degree with an actuarial science or mathematics – secondary education concentration. 

You can transfer up to 80 of the required 120 credit hours to complete your degree faster and save money. 

Enroll now

4. Mercy College 

Mercy College

The Division of Mathematics and Computer Information Science at Mercy College allows you to hone your skills and prepare for a career in the field. You will also advance your knowledge and master the mechanics that are needed to successfully complete a graduate program. 

When you enroll as a candidate for the Bachelor of Science in mathematics, you will complete foundation, major and elective classes. Major coursework includes:

  • Algebraic Structures 
  • Calculus III
  • Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Modeling 
  • Number Theory
  • Probability: Theory/Application
  • Statistics: Theory/Application 

Seeking a career as a teacher? The B.S./M.S. dual degree program will help you earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees in just 5 years. 

Enroll now

5. Maryville University

Maryville University

An online Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Maryville University can open the door to a lucrative career. You can work in an analyst, consultant, research or teaching role in both public and private companies and nonprofit organizations. 

This degree program teaches the foundations of mathematics and dives into advanced concepts. Mathematics core courses include: 

  • Applied Differential Equations
  • Applied Linear Algebra
  • Calculus III
  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Abstract Algebra 
  • Mathematical Statistics  
  • Number Theory with Applications 
  • Optimization 
  • Probability I and II

It also includes a minor in data science so you can hone your analytical skills. You will complete coursework on machine learning, math modeling, Python and R programming and SQL. 

Enroll now

6. University of Illinois at Springfield


The University of Illinois at Springfield offers an online bachelor's degree in math. It's designed to prepare students for careers in industry, insurance, management, research and teaching. The program is also a good fit for students who want to earn a graduate degree in mathematical sciences.

You can complete the following courses for your major: 

  • Advanced Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Statistics I
  • Operations Research Methods  
  • Abstract Algebra or Geometry
  • Mathematical Statistics II or Statistical Methods 

You need 120 credit hours to earn a Bachelor of Arts in mathematical sciences — 60 semester hours can be transferred from another college or university. 

Enroll now

7. American Public University 

The online Bachelor of Science in mathematics from American Public University lays a solid foundation for graduate education. You will also benefit from the program if you're pursuing a career that requires you to use mathematics. 

The university requires 120 credit hours to complete. Students are also required to select a concentration:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Data Science
  • Operations Research 
  • Statistics

You'll know how to leverage mathematical methods to solve real-world problems. You'll also be able to create mathematical models, use quantitative and qualitative methods and effectively communicate about mathematics to others. 

Enroll now

8. Mayville State University 

Mayville State University

Get an online Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mayville State University. This 120-credit hour program positions you for career advancement opportunities. It's also an excellent option for individuals interested in graduate studies in mathematics or a related field. 

Math majors are required to take the following courses: 

  • Algebraic Structures with Programming
  • Calculus II and III
  • Differential Equations 
  • History and Philosophy of Math
  • Modern Geometry
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Theory of Numbers
  • Trigonometry

You can also specialize your degree with a minor in business administration, general science or special needs. 

Enroll now

9. Bellevue University 

Bellevue University

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Bellevue University features an online mathematics bachelor's degree. This program will also prepare you for a master's degree program in analytics, business administration, computer information systems, industrial and organizational psychology or management information systems. 

The curriculum dives into applied statistics, basic computer programming, calculus, discrete mathematics, linear and abstract algebra. Students also choose an area of concentration from these options: 

  • Business Analytics
  • Computer Programming 
  • Predictive Modeling 
  • Secondary Education (Teaching) 

Students enjoy small class sizes and can access course material 24/7 while at home, work or on the go. There are also online forums to help you stay connected with your peers and academic resources to lend academic support. 

Enroll now

10. Thomas Edison State University 

Consider an online Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Thomas Edison State University if you seek a new career or more lucrative opportunity. It's also a good fit for individuals who want to prepare for a graduate degree program in mathematics or a related field. 

The program delves into the fundamentals of algebra, applied mathematics, analysis and mathematical proofs. Math majors complete the following courses:

  • Calculus I (Differential Calculus)
  • Calculus II (Integral Calculus)
  • Calculus III (Multivariate Calculus)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability/Statistics 

Five elective courses are also required and you need 120 credit hours to earn your degree.

Enroll now

Enroll in an Online Math Degree Program Today

Benzinga wants to help you find the best online math degree program. Check out our list of recommendations and evaluate options that interest you. Rank the programs by reputation, course offerings and the cost of attendance to make an educated decision. 

Best Online Fashion Degree Programs • Benzinga - Benzinga

Posted: 23 Apr 2020 01:29 PM PDT

Benzinga Money is a reader-supported publication. We may earn a commission when you click on links in this article. Learn more.

Unleash your inner creativity with a career in the fashion industry. If you don't know where to start or how to get your foot in the door, consider an online fashion degree program.

Many options allow you to work on your own schedule. You'll discover the many facets of the industry and prepare for a role after graduation. 

Benzinga is here to help you evaluate your options so you can identify an online fashion degree program that meets your needs and goals. 

Why Choose an Online Fashion Degree? 

The career opportunities for fashion degree holders are endless. You can pursue a role as a fashion buyer, designer, merchandiser, retail manager, textile designer and the list goes on. Plus, the salaries are competitive so you can live comfortably. Many jobs in the industry allow you to travel around the nation or go abroad while you do what you love. 

Want to work independently? That's also an option — many designers have launched their own boutique firms and earned a hefty income. 

Find an Online University

How to Choose an Online Fashion Degree

Keep the following in mind as you explore online fashion degree programs: 


How is the online fashion degree program perceived by industry leaders and top employers? What is the job placement rate for alumni? How do they feel about their educational experience? These are just a few questions to ponder as you evaluate the reputation of an online fashion degree program.

It may take some time to read reviews and locate job placement rates. However, doing so gives you valuable insight into the reputation of the school and online fashion degree program you are considering. 

Program Structure 

You want a program that's flexible and tailored toward nontraditional students with busy schedules. All lectures, coursework and supplemental resources should be available online 24/7 so you can access them on your own time. 

Also, be mindful of how instructors deliver the material. Online fashion degree programs that fuse video lectures with engaging assignments and hands-on projects allow you to get the most out of your learning experience. If there's a field experience or internship requirement, you can hone your skills even more in a practice setting and work out any kinks before you embark on your career. 

If the program offers specializations, that's another significant benefit. You have the option to enhance your degree and align it with your career goals. 

Cost of Attendance

It's rare to find many colleges and universities with the same rates for tuition and fees. However, all your preferred options should have a comparable annual cost of attendance. If you find that some online fashion degree programs are far more pricey than others, it may be best to eliminate them from your list. 

Jobs Waiting for You with a Fashion Degree

Here are some of the top career opportunities awaiting fashion degree graduates. 

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create unique designs for accessories, clothing, costumes and footwear. They handle the creative process from start to finish and collaborate with other designers to develop prototype designs. 

This role also entails monitoring fashion trends to identify designs that appeal to consumers, acquiring fabric samples and embellishments from trade shows, showcasing ideas to creative directors and marketing final designs to both retailers and consumers. 

On average, fashion designers earn $73,790 per year. This equates to $35.48 per hour. 

Retail Manager 

If you want to work in a retail setting, a retail manager role may be a good fit. You'll be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the activities of retail sales workers. Beyond basic oversight, retail managers are sometimes responsible for completing accounting, budgeting, personnel and purchasing related tasks. 

In 2018, the median pay for retail managers was $45,830.

Wholesale and Retail Buyer 

Wholesale and retail buyers acquire merchandise for a steeply discounted rate and sell to consumers for a profit. Other job duties include identifying purchasing trends and examining the sales records and historical price points for select garments to gauge potential profitability. You may also be tasked with executing purchasing per contractual agreements and communicating with sales personnel regarding new products. 

The average annual salary for wholesale and retail buyers is $60,040 per year. 

Best Online Colleges for a Fashion Degree

We know how challenging it can be to find the best online fashion degree programs. Benzinga has done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best options. You will also find a review of each program to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Southern New Hampshire University 

Southern New Hampshire University Logo

Southern New Hampshire University offers an online Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising management. You will cultivate business and merchandising skills and gain valuable insights on timeless styling strategies. 

Classes are led by industry experts who are well-versed in fashion and can provide you with invaluable nuggets of wisdom. Fashion merchandising management majors take the following core courses: 

  • Fashion Research and Forecasting 
  • History of Fashion and Costume 
  • Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
  • Merchandise Management Strategies 
  • Merchandise Planning 
  • Strategic Fashion Management 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Sustainability in Fashion 
  • Textiles and Color Theory 
  • Consumer Behavior, Retail Sales Promotion or Visual Merchandising 
  • Global Consumer Culture, Global Sourcing and Apparel or International Retailing 
  • Principles of Retailing, Retail Management or Technology in Fashion and Retailing 

Students also complete a fashion merchandising internship to get real-world experience in the field. 

You need 120 credit hours to earn your degree. SNHU allows you to transfer up to 90 credit hours from an accredited college or university. 

Enroll now

2. Johnson and Wales University 

Johnson and Wales University

Considering a management, marketing or merchandising role in the retail industry? A Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising and retailing from Johnson and Wales University may be a good fit. 

Acquire advanced skills from some of the best in the industry through interactive courses. You will also develop skills to help you excel in the field. Students complete the following core classes: 

  • Introduction to Retail and Fashion 
  • Forecasting 
  • Retail and Fashion Lab
  • Retail Math 
  • Strategic Planning in the Fashion Industry 
  • The Textiles Industry 

There's also an internship or directed experiential education requirement to successfully complete the 121-credit hour program. It'll prepare you for a career in fashion forecasting, merchandising, promotion and buying. You can also work in showroom management, retail marketing, visual merchandising and textiles. 

If you want to enhance your degree to align with your career goals, consider minoring in Human Resource Management. 

Enroll now.

3. Central Michigan University 


Earn a Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising and design from Central Michigan University's Global Campus. You can specialize your degree by selecting the product development or visual merchandising concentration.  

The program requires you to complete the following core courses:

  • Advanced CAD for Apparel 
  • Apparel Design Analysis
  • CAD for Apparel 
  • Dress and Culture 
  • Fashion Retail Management 
  • History of Western Dress
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry 
  • Introduction to Textiles 
  • Textile Analysis 

Product developers play an integral role in the development and sale of new fashion lines. If you choose the product development track, you will complete these classes:

  • Apparel Product Analysis
  • Apparel Product Development 
  • Experimental CAD 
  • Fashion Design: Illustration 
  • 3D Printing and Fashion 

Upon completion, you will fully understand the lifecycle of new products, which includes sourcing, production, marketing and sales. 

Visual merchandisers design stunning presentations to entice consumers to buy. The visual merchandising track requires you to take the following courses to master advertising, branding and display in both retail and virtual settings. 

  • Advanced Visual Merchandising 
  • Apparel Presentation Technology
  • Fashion Advertising and Promotion
  • Introduction to the Visual Arts 
  • Visual Business Communication and Digital Media 
  • Visual Merchandising 

You need 120 credit hours to reach the finish line and earn your degree. 

Enroll now

4. Lindenwood University 

LindenWood Univ

Lindenwood University features an online Bachelor of Science in fashion business and entrepreneurship. It covers the essentials of running a fashion-based business and bringing the up and coming trends and styles to the runway.

Students also learn the basics of business and fashion through a series of classes, like: 

  • Business Law I
  • Digital Apparel Production Management
  • Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship 
  • Fashion Business Capstone  
  • History of Costume to 1900
  • History of Costume from 1900
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry
  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Finance  
  • Fashion Design Practicum

You will also complete an internship so you can implement and sharpen your skills before entering the field as a fashion professional. 

Enroll now

5. Academy of Art University 

Want a university that offers a variety of online degree programs? Look no further than the Academy of Art University. Choose from these options:

  • Bachelor of Arts in fashion journalism 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion marketing 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion merchandising
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion product development 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion styling 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in costume design 

As a distance learning student, you can tailor your study schedule around your other obligations. You will have access to the same support that traditional students enjoy and use equipment and software that prepares you for the workforce. 

Courses are led by accomplished faculty who can connect you with industry influencers. Each program also mandates that you complete a final thesis project to showcase your expertise. 

Enroll now

6. Fashion Institute of Technology 


A component of the State University of New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) offers online degrees in fashion business management and international trade and marketing. 

You can earn an online Associate of Applied Science in fashion business management in just 1 year. This program is designed for individuals who already have 30 hours of college credit under their belt from a qualifying institution. It is designed to equip you with the skills needed for a merchandising role in buying, creative fashion presentation, marketing, retail management, sales and product development. The following courses are required: 

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Contemporary Retail Management  
  • Fashion Business Practices
  • Fashion Merchandising 
  • Fundamentals of Textiles 
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry
  • Introduction to Fashion Marketing
  • Merchandising Math Applications
  • Product Development   
  • Team Development Workshop

If you choose to earn a Bachelor of Science in international trade and marketing, you should have at least 60 hours of college credit. It's a 2-year program that prepares you for a management position in global fashion, global marketing or international trade and includes these core courses: 

  • Global Marketing 
  • Global Sourcing 
  • Import/Export Regulations 
  • International Business Transactions 
  • International Trade

This program also requires you to complete a senior internship in career planning, international trade practicum or elective courses. 

Enroll now

7. Old Dominion University 


Interested in learning the mechanics of retail manufacturing and wholesale? The Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising from ODU Online is worth considering. It's a component of the Darden College of Education and Professional Students and the Department of STEM Education and Professional Studies. 

The curriculum delves into marketing, planning, procurement, target market research and analysis. You will also learn how to interpret business results and create tailored solutions to effectively serve both consumers and retailers. 

You'll also complete an internship to implement your newfound skills and knowledge in the field. This preps you for a degree as a fashion designer or as a marketing, sales, purchase and supply chain manager. 

You need 120 credit hours to successfully complete the program. ODU Online allows you to transfer up to 90 hours from an accredited college or university. 

Enroll now

8. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design 

Get an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion design from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. It covers accessories, CAD design skills, couture construction, the history of fashion, product development and management, sustainable fashion and textile science. 

Instructors are some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry. They offer valuable knowledge to help unleash your inner creativity and help you flourish as a fashion designer. 

Past students have transitioned to rewarding careers. Many work as CAD artists, design assistants, graphic fashion designers, print coordinators, product designers, product development specialists, pre-production assistants, production managers, stylists, technical designers and textile designers. 

You need 123 credit hours to finish the program. 

Enroll now

9. LIM College

Position yourself for lucrative opportunities in the fashion industry with an online degree from LIM College. LIM College offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in the business of fashion or fashion merchandising. 

Students who choose to major in the business of fashion must complete the following core courses: 

  • Applied Concepts in Merchandising 
  • Digital Tools for Fashion Presentations 
  • Fabric for Fashion 
  • Product Development and Merchandising 
  • Product Lifecycle Management 
  • Retailing: Global and Omni
  • Sustainability and the Future of Fashion 
  • Business of Fashion Senior Capstone 

This track is most ideal for transfer students who have already earned 60 credit hours from a qualifying institution. 

Prefer a degree in fashion merchandising? You will complete the same courses as business or fashion majors but will also need to take: 

  • Visual Communication 
  • Fashion Merchandising Senior Capstone

You can also select a track as a retail buyer as you plan to enhance your degree.

Both programs require you to complete an internship and senior co-op to earn your degree. 

Enroll now

10. Penn Foster College

New to the world of fashion? Start off on the right track with an online associate degree in fashion merchandising from Penn Foster College. This self-paced program focuses on the development, marketing, merchandising and promotion of apparel. 

While working through the coursework, you will also sharpen your creative, business and fashion skills. The curriculum includes general education courses and the following core classes related to business fashion merchandising: 

  • Basic Accounting 
  • Business and Technical Writing 
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry 
  • Color Theory 
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Fashion Promotion 
  • History of Fashion 
  • Internet Marketing and E-Commerce
  • Introduction to Textiles
  • Marketing  
  • Merchandising Math 
  • Merchandising Planning and Buying 
  • Product Development 
  • Retail Management 

Consider this option if you want an online learning experience that's affordable and prepares you for an entry-level role in the fashion industry.

Enroll now

Find the Right Online Fashion Degree Program for You

Pursuing a career in the fashion industry is both challenging and exciting. You can land a job without continuing your education but earning an online fashion degree gives you an advantage over the competition. Employers will know that you have the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience, which makes you even more valuable. 

When you're ready to get started, check out our list of recommendations. These programs cater to individuals with varying backgrounds who need flexibility while continuing their education. You will also find that they are hands-on, affordable and teach the skills you need to thrive in the fashion industry.  


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