MUSIC: One-man band has gone surf-rockin' - Arkansas Online

MUSIC: One-man band has gone surf-rockin' - Arkansas Online MUSIC: One-man band has gone surf-rockin' - Arkansas Online Don't let the pandemic stop you from enjoying music - LancasterOnline Best Classical Music of 2020 - The New York Times MUSIC: One-man band has gone surf-rockin' - Arkansas Online Posted: 03 Dec 2020 12:08 AM PST Geoff Curran loves surf music and The Ventures. A lot. He is so besotted with this rock 'n' roll sub-genre that he formed The Supraphonics — "Pulaski County's No. 1 surf combo" — in which he is the only member. Three years ago Curran, the drummer for Little Rock alt-country champs Mulehead and a frequent collaborator with fellow Mulehead Kevin Kerby — released "Christmas with the Supraphonics," a Yuletide record of seasonal chestnuts like "Silver Bells," "Winter Wonderland" and others done up in full-on, ha

Baptist College of Florida extends online-only instruction date - Dothan Eagle

Baptist College of Florida President Thomas Kinchen notified students recently in a letter that the delivery of all academic instruction would take place online through at least Friday, May 1, extending that protocol from its original end-date of April 10.

In the new letter, Kinchen referenced that original timing and explained why the on-line-only method had been extended.

“At that time (when the on-line-only protocol was announced with its original end-date) it was our greatest hope and best estimate that the Coronavirus pandemic would have begun to subside by the April 10 date,” Kinchen wrote. “However, as we all know, that has not been the case. The pandemic has continued to grow. Original deadlines published by governmental and other agencies have been modified by moving the closing dates to points later on the calendar,” he continued.

“The latest information that I have received indicates that we will probably continue to see a rise in Coronavirus-related incidents in the near future with a peak possibly coming near the end of April. Based upon this information as well as the executive orders that have been issued by the governor’s office in Tallahassee and the extension of timelines published at the federal government level, I find that it is necessary that I amend the original date for reopening classes on campus. Based upon our primary concern for the health and safety of our faculty, staff and students, the Baptist College of Florida will continue its current delivery of academic instruction through our online delivery system through Friday, May 1. Please know that I am praying for the health and safety of you, your families and your churches at this time,” Kinchen concluded.


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