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6 Reasons to Pursue An MBA Degree Online - Big Easy Magazine 6 Reasons to Pursue An MBA Degree Online - Big Easy Magazine Posted: 27 Nov 2020 09:28 AM PST The year 2020 has taken the world by storm with its constant influx of negative and life-changing news. Everything that was considered normal has been replaced with a new sense of reality where nothing is the same as it once was. From going out for errands to meeting your loved ones, everything is tainted with the fear of contracting a deadly virus. To counter these conditions, many business sectors have made adjustments and shifted online, including education. Universities worldwide have introduced online programs and courses that have made e-learning extremely easy and efficient. This even includes the veer so popular MBA.  To Be honest, an online MBA isn't a new concept. The program was available even before the pandemic. Nonetheless, there are more options available now, and he

Jay Allen, Motivational Speaker - MC by Amanda Daniels

Jay Allen, Motivational Speaker - MC by Amanda Daniels


For the 4th year, I've been delighted to support the British Education Awards. A National Awards to recognise and celebrate the educational excellence of some of the brightest young minds in our country. Founded in 2015, predominantly by Amin Choudry (Editor of UK based Bangladesh Newspaper) these national awards invited students from GCSE, A Level, Degree and Non-vocational qualifications to apply and showcase their achievements. Every year, the awards have gone from strength to strength with more and more schools, colleges, academies and universities nominating their top students. And every year the standard of entry continues to rise. For the past 3 years I am most honoured to have been a Judge for the Non-Vocational Awards sector. The only Non-Academia Judge on the panel of 4, and a representative for Entrepreneurship and POST education application. In 2020, alongside Dr Basma, I was invited to share the role as Master of Ceremonies at this prestigious event. So, in front of a packaged auditorium of more than 300 students, parents, tutors, lecturers, Lords and Ladies, County Mayors and numerous Members of Parliament, I took to the stage to introduce and manage the running of the British Education Awards 2020. For further information of Jay, and what he can bring to YOUR event, visit: www.JayAllen.uk

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