Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal

Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal Posted: 29 Jun 2021 04:00 AM PDT Education-technology company 2U Inc., which runs graduate programs for dozens of top universities, is buying web-based course provider edX, a nonprofit founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for $800 million. The deal combines two major players in online instruction as universities around the world push more aggressively into digital offerings. Many schools scrambled to shift courses online when the pandemic shut campuses last year, and they are now expected to build on—and polish—the programs. The sale proceeds will go to a nonprofit, to be run by Harvard and MIT, that the schools say will focus on reducing inequalities in access to education. It will maintain the open-acc

Fitness4Finals Goes Virtual This Year | News Center - UNLV NewsCenter

Fitness4Finals Goes Virtual This Year | News Center - UNLV NewsCenter

Fitness4Finals Goes Virtual This Year | News Center - UNLV NewsCenter

Posted: 04 May 2020 01:32 PM PDT

Editor's Note

: This story is by Terrel Emerson, a student worker in the School of Integrated Health Sciences. 

Students who need a break during study week will be able to participate in free virtual Fitness4Finals sessions this semester to get some physical activity and give their minds a breather. And in doing so, improve their ability to think.  

Backed by science showing how physical activities can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve cognition, the movement started six years ago at UNLV with up to 1,000 students participating each semester. 

This semester's offerings include a large variety of online classes including high-intensity interval training, strength and sculpt, REBELX classes, Yin Yoga, and guided meditation. 

According to Sharon Jalene, founder of UNLV's Fitness4Finals, its success is a reflection of like-minded partners, including Tru Fusion, Phase1 Sports, Lied Library, CSUN, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, as well as several departments in the School of Integrated Health Sciences, where she serves as assistant dean of undergraduate affairs. 

"All of our partners recognize the importance of physical activity and social engagement," she said. "TruFusion's continued support has been a critical component for the success of Fitness4Finals and Lied Library's Stress-free Finals promotions," added Jalene, who will lead guided meditation classes. 

New this semester are live-streamed and online classes by Phase1 Sports, an organization based in Las Vegas that combines training, recovery and physical therapy to maximize performance in athletes, both youth and elite. 

Former UNLV runningback, Michael Waters is the founder and co-owner of the organization. Waters says staying connected to the UNLV community is important to him. "For me, it's really a payback for what I feel like UNLV has done for me on a personal level." 

Staying active is especially important during this semester's finals, he noted, which has the added component of stress from coping with the COVID-19 quarantine. 

"Students are going to be studying, stress levels are going to be high," Waters said. "And this is a time where snacking is at an all-time high with the quarantine. So, it's important to get some blood flow into your body." 

Waters also practices what he preaches. "I call myself a 'corporate athlete,' and it means I'm running a business and I'm fully invested in that, but the athlete side is taking care of my body, eating healthy and working out at least four or five days a week," he says. 


Nicole Hudson, Lindsay Russell, and Yvonne Houy | News Center - UNLV NewsCenter

Posted: 04 May 2020 08:25 AM PDT

Nicole Hudson (Online Education) facilitated the discussion, "Best Practices to Start a Movement - New leader - New Initiatives," at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) virtual conference, OLC Ideate. This discussion highlighted the efforts of partnership at UNLV and specifically the office of online education, community of practice, which was assembled in August 2019. Lindsay Russell (Business) and Yvonne Houy (Fine Arts) joined the discussion, sharing specific college and universitywide best practices that contributed to successfully moving remotely, in part, due to a talented team of skilled and passionate online educators providing faculty support. These efforts included the hiring of an embedded instructional technologist, formation of a book club giving colleagues common language and aspirational goals, and leveraging partnerships across campus to include accessibility, office of information technology, Libraries, and the Faculty Center. UNLV is an institutional member of OLC.  


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