Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal

Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal Posted: 29 Jun 2021 04:00 AM PDT Education-technology company 2U Inc., which runs graduate programs for dozens of top universities, is buying web-based course provider edX, a nonprofit founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for $800 million. The deal combines two major players in online instruction as universities around the world push more aggressively into digital offerings. Many schools scrambled to shift courses online when the pandemic shut campuses last year, and they are now expected to build on—and polish—the programs. The sale proceeds will go to a nonprofit, to be run by Harvard and MIT, that the schools say will focus on reducing inequalities in access to education. It will maintain the open-acc

For inbound college students — and universities — fall semester presents new choices and dilemmas - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For inbound college students — and universities — fall semester presents new choices and dilemmas - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For inbound college students — and universities — fall semester presents new choices and dilemmas - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Posted: 11 May 2020 03:30 AM PDT

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Growing number of students suing colleges that moved classes online amid pandemic - USA TODAY

Posted: 09 May 2020 12:31 PM PDT

An Indiana University student is suing the school, asking for a reimbursement of some tuition and fees paid for the spring semester that was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Like most colleges and universities around the country, IU moved to online instruction to address concerns about the potential for the virus to spread quickly through classrooms and campuses.

Now, many of those schools are being sued by students who say they paid for services, facilities and opportunities they were not able to take advantage of

Purdue University is facing similar legal action. 

A class action complaint filed last month claims Purdue "unjustly enriched" itself during the coronavirus epidemic and owes students money back for goods not delivered, not to mention a diminished online experience.

In Michigan, lawsuits have been filed against the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University.

Students at the University of Southern California, George Washington University, Boston University, Brown University and Vanderbilt University have done the same. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that students filed lawsuits in early April against Drexel University and the University of Miami over spring semester tuition, room and board and fees. Students at the University of Arizona did the same, according to Inside High Ed.

In the case of Indiana University, the school extended its spring break by one week and began delivering instruction online March 30. That extended through the end of the spring semester, which wrapped up this week.

Justin Spiegel, an undergraduate student studying informatics at IU's Bloomington campus, is asking for some of his tuition money back, as well as a reimbursement for certain fees.  

And he's not just asking for himself. The case has been filed as a class action suit, opening up the door for any other student enrolled in the spring 2020 semester to join. Spring enrollment at the Bloomington campus was 41,293.

Spiegel, an Illinois resident, filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Monroe County Circuit Court. The suit seeks to have two classes certified: those who paid tuition and then were denied in-person instruction and those who paid fees for on-campus services like transportation and health care that are no longer available to them.

The university is reimbursing students a prorated share of their housing fees for those who were forced to leave their dorms for the remainder of the semester.

Roy Willey, a class action attorney with the Anastopoulo Law Firm that is working with Spiegel, said the case is about "basic fairness."

"Students and their families have pre-paid tuition and fees for services, access to facilities and experiential education and the universities and colleges are not delivering those services, access or experiences," Willey said. "Now universities are not delivering those services that students and their families have paid for and it's not fair for the universities with multi-million dollar endowments to keep all of the money that students and their families have paid. 

"It is not fair to pass the full burden onto students and their families."

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When will schools reopen? Not soon, education leaders say, despite Trump's declarations

A university spokesperson issued a statement Friday and said the lawsuit is taking advantage of the crisis.

"In the midst of a global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on our entire way of life, Indiana University has acted responsibly to keep our students safe and progressing in their education," said Chuck Carney, spokesperson for the university. "We are deeply disappointed that this lawsuit fails to recognize the extraordinary efforts of our faculty, staff, and students under these conditions while it seeks to take advantage in this time of state and national emergency."

The lawsuit says that students were "deprived of the benefit of the in-person educational experience for which they had bargained; and the benefit of the facilities and services for which fees had been paid."

The lawsuit does not argue that the decision to close campus and move to remote instruction was wrong – just that online instruction is not worth what students paid when they enrolled for in-person, on-campus classes. 

"The true college experience encompasses much more than just the credit hours and degrees," the complaint states. 

Students, the suit argues, are also paying for face-to-face interaction with professors, mentors, and peers; for access to facilities like computer labs; and for the opportunity to participate in on-campus and extracurricular activities. 

The bachelor of science degree that Spiegel is seeking costs $10,948 per year for Indiana residents and $36,512 per year for nonresidents, according to the lawsuit.

Over the course of four years, that adds up to a total cost of $43,792 for residents and $146,048 for nonresidents. 

But IU also offers an online degree program, which charges substantially lower prices. That same degree can be earned online for the cost of $30,000 for residents and $42,000 for nonresidents.

Another IU student started a petition on Change.org, calling for the university to reimburse students for the loss of in-person instruction this spring. It has more than 21,000 signatures of support.

Contributing: Dave Bangert, Lafayette Journal & Courier; Chris Quintana, USA TODAY; and David Jesse, Detroit Free Press. 

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10 Best Online Leadership Degree Programs • Benzinga - Benzinga

Posted: 29 Apr 2020 02:07 PM PDT

Benzinga Money is a reader-supported publication. We may earn a commission when you click on links in this article. Learn more.

An online leadership degree is an ideal way to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be an exceptional leader. It also helps you stand out among others competing for entry-level leadership roles. If you're an experienced professional, it positions you for career advancement opportunities. 

Let Benzinga help you find an online leadership degree program that closely aligns with your needs and budget. 

Why Choose an Online Leadership Degree?

It's possible to land a management role without continuing your education. A degree may be required if you want to play a more integral role in the company's operations because organizational leadership goes beyond the general oversight roles of a manager. If you work in this capacity, you must not only ensure that your employees work effectively to get the job done but also focus on the company's objectives. 

This could mean reworking policies and procedures to more closely align them with the organization's goals. You will also be responsible for analyzing operations to identify weaknesses and improvement strategies. 

An online leadership degree also unlocks the door to career opportunities in many fields. You'll be in high demand if you're a leadership graduate because employers know you'll be knowledgeable on general business practices and have the know-how to be an effective leader who can impact change. 

Earning potential is another major perk. Your annual salary will depend on the job and industry, but leadership graduates earn a comfortable wage and you can work your way up the ranks to more lucrative opportunities.

Find an Online University

How to Choose an Online Leadership Degree

There are several online leadership degree programs to choose from, so how do you know which is best? Consider these factors as you narrow your list. 

Experienced Faculty

Who's teaching the courses? You want a program that features experienced faculty who can impart nuggets of wisdom that you won't find in a textbook. 

Course Format

Online leadership degree programs attract nontraditional students who need the flexibility to continue their education. If you fit into this category, consider options that offer online learning platforms accessible 24/7. You should have the ability to watch video lectures and complete assignments around your busy schedule. 


How do your top options stack up against the competition in terms of affordability? Are the rates for tuition and fees similar or much higher? Select a program that gives you the most value for your money but doesn't break the bank. 

Jobs Waiting for You with a Leadership Degree

Here are a few of the top job opportunities for leadership degree holders. 

Project Coordinator 

Project coordinators help plan, execute and complete important projects for organizations. They are responsible for mapping out a strategy to ensure the project is completed on time, setting benchmarks to assess progress and delegating tasks to team members. You will also communicate with stakeholders so they're aware of what's going on with the project at any given time. 

The average pay for project coordinators is $67,280 per year.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are involved in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring process and help oversee benefit programs. They also serve as a liaison between management and employees and work swiftly to resolve issues that arise.

You can work as a labor relations director, payroll manager or recruiting manager. Also, know that you will be responsible for managing human resources employees if you work in a larger organization.  

In 2018, the median pay for human resources managers was $116,720. 

Management Analyst

Management analysts are tasked with finding ways to make organizations more efficient. Job duties include conducting research to identify critical issues, interviewing and shadowing staff to observe how operations are conducted and examining financial data. You will also collaborate with management to implement and monitor changes to gauge their effectiveness. 

On average, management analysts earn an annual salary of $85,260. 

Best Online Colleges for a Leadership Degree

We've spent hours conducting research to compile our list of top options. Below, you'll find the best online colleges for a leadership degree. There's also a review of each program to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Southern New Hampshire University 

Southern New Hampshire University Logo

Southern New Hampshire University offers an online bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in organizational leadership. 

You'll discover the best practices when leading others and managing organizational change. Core courses include: 

  • Business Law II
  • Leadership 
  • Managing Organizational Change 
  • Principles of Management
  • Social Environment of Business or Managing Quality   

Upon completion, you will be prepared to serve as a leader in a corporate, nonprofit and governmental setting. Graduates also have advanced knowledge of business management approaches and understand which best align with organizational philosophies and foster team-building. 

This program requires 120 credit hours to reach the finish line. However, SNHU allows you to transfer up to 90 from an accredited college or university to help you save money and earn your degree faster. 

Enroll now

2. Penn State World Campus 

Develop essential skills needed to be an effective leader in today's business world. Earn an online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership from Penn State World Campus. 

Organizational leadership majors complete the following core courses: 

  • Collective Decision Making 
  • Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Elementary Statistics (Bachelor of Science only) 
  • Industrial Psychology (Bachelor of Science only) 
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Introductory Psychology (Bachelor of Science only)  
  • Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy (Bachelor of Science only) 
  • Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy (Bachelor of Science only) 
  • Leadership Development: A Life-Long Learning Perspective 
  • Research Methods in Sociology or Research Methods in Labor Studies and Employment Relations 
  • Organizational Communication (Bachelor of Science only) 
  • Work Attitudes and Motivation or Leadership and Motivation 
  • Workplace Dispute Resolution or Conflict Resolution and Negotiation 
  • Human Resources Ethics or Ethical Leadership 

The curriculum also includes exercises that allow you to brush up on your collaboration, conflict management, critical thinking, decision-making, listening and problem-solving skills. You will also be prepared to handle cultural, professional and social skills that emerge in the workplace amongst your team. 

Many graduates go to work in communications, fundraising government, manufacturing, multinational and nonprofit organizations. 

Both degree programs require 123 credits.

Enroll now

3. Arizona State University 

asu logo

Arizona State University offers 3 online undergraduate leadership degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in operations management 
  • Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership 
  • Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership – project management 

These programs are most suitable for students who hold an Associate of Applied Science from an accredited college.  

The Bachelor of Applied Science in operations management equips you with hiring, motivation, organization and resource management skills. 

The Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership features courses in Arts and Design, Humanities and Social-Behavioral Sciences. You will also be a part of research and small-group studies that provide real-world insight. Graduates of this program work in government, health care administration, nonprofits and service-related roles. 

The Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership – project management is exclusively for individuals who aspire to be project managers or project management leaders. 

These degree programs require 120 credit hours. 

Enroll now

4. Valdosta State University 

Valdosta State University

The online Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership program from Valdosta State University caters to nontraditional and transfer students. It's also ideal for working professionals and military personnel who seek flexible education options. 

Students choose from one of the following concentrations: 

  • Office Administration and Technology 
  • Public Service Administration
  • Spanish for Professionals or ESOL Instruction 

These core courses are also required: 

  • Applied Computer Technology 
  • Communications for the Workplace
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
  • Introduction to Public Administration 
  • Professional Writing or Writing for the Legal and Social Science Professions 
  • Project Management for Technical Leaders
  • Public Finance Administrations 
  • Public Personnel Administration 
  • Reflective Seminar I: Self as Learner
  • Reflective Seminar II: Self in Context
  • Reflective Seminar: Transforming Self, Self-Transformation 
  • Capstone Seminar in Organizational Leadership 

You need 120 credit hours to finish the program.  

Enroll now

5. Point Park University 

Learn the mechanics of modern management with an online Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership from Point Park University. This program will help you develop the management skills you need to succeed in leadership roles across many industries. 

You must take and successfully complete these core courses to earn your degree: 

  • Career Development and Succession Strategies for Leaders 
  • Computer Concepts and Applications in Business
  • Dynamics of Business and Strategic Planning 
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Personnel Management and Regulations in the Workplace
  • Leadership: Confluence of Emotional and Cultural Acumen 
  • Leading in the Metanational Environment 
  • Leading Organizational Change 
  • Organizational Behavior with Topics in Management 
  • Professional Communication Practices 
  • Systems Thinking for Emerging Leaders
  • Understanding Gender and Power: Gender Dynamics in Leadership 

The program spans 2 to 4 years, depending on how many credits you transfer from a qualifying college or university. Point Park University will accept up to 90 transfer credits, and you need 120 total to earn your degree.

Enroll now

6. University of Charleston 

6. University of Charleston

Want to learn how to lead teams and departments more effectively? The online bachelor's degree program in organizational leadership from the University of Charleston may be a good fit.

Students are required to complete a series of core classes, including: 

  • Action Leadership 
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Ethics 
  • Human Resource Development 
  • Leadership 
  • Leadership Communication 
  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Organizational Development and Change 
  • Principles and Issues of Human Resources 
  • Principles and Issues of Management 
  • The Adult Learner
  • The Learning Organization 

The program also has a practicum and capstone requirement. 

As you progress through the curriculum, you will learn how to apply leadership styles in an array of settings, analyze your performance for self-improvement and evaluate the qualities of a successful team. 

You can also enhance your degree to align more closely with your career goals. Choose from one of the following concentrations: 

  • Aviation Leadership
  • Criminal Justice Leadership/ First Responder
  • Healthcare Leadership 

Another key benefit of the program is the small class sizes, which allow you to receive individualized attention from your professors. 

Enroll now

7. Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific

Seeking a faith-based education in organizational leadership? Consider a Bachelor of Arts in business administration: organizational leadership from Fresno Pacific University. 

Through your studies, you will develop a more in-depth understanding of ethical and legal considerations related to employment. The curriculum also dives into appreciation, diversity and sensitivity in the workplace. 

The following core courses are required to earn your degree: 

  • Accounting for Management
  • Biblical Perspectives for Leaderships 
  • Business Policy and Strategy 
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Dynamics of Group Behavior
  • Ethics and Values in Organizations
  • Human Resources 
  • Individual in the Organization
  • Jesus and the Christian Community 
  • Leadership and Change 
  • Organization Behavior  
  • Principles of Management 
  • World of Marketing 

When you graduate, you will be ready for a position in executive management, community or nonprofit leadership, human resources, consulting or public administration.

Enroll now

8. Northern Kentucky University 

Northern Kentucky University

Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences at Northern Kentucky University, the online organizational leadership degree program is designed for nontraditional students. It delves into conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, ethical decision-making, human relations and team building.  

The curriculum entails the following core leadership courses: 

  • Foundations of Leadership 
  • Leading in Diverse and Global Contexts 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Ethics and Decision Making 
  • Organizational Theory and Change
  • Research Methods in Leadership 
  • Teamwork in Organizations 
  • Organizational Leadership Capstone 

You can participate in hands-on opportunities to gain invaluable experience and boost your résumé. You may also be eligible for nontraditional credit through co-op programs, workplace training, internships, military credit and more. 

Enroll now

9. Cleveland State University 


Get an online Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership from Cleveland State University. The program is most ideal for students who have earned at least 60 college credits.

The curriculum focuses on leadership theory and practice while equipping you with the skills needed to excel in a leadership role. You will be prepared to work in a private, public or nonprofit setting. 

Organizational leadership majors need a total of 47 credit hours in coursework to earn their degree. Classes include: 

  • Group Processes and Leadership 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Managing Organizational Teams 
  • Managing Urban Diversity 
  • Methods of Research and Evaluation 
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Urban Data Analysis 
  • Urban Policy 

There's also an internship requirement to help you acquire real-world experience. You can earn your degree in as little as 2 years. 

Enroll now

10. New York University


The New York School of Professional Studies features a Bachelor of Science in leadership and management studies. This 128-credit hour degree program offers the following concentrations: 

  • Advertising and Public Relations 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • International Business and Global Management 
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Management and Development 

Students also complete a senior thesis or project in a related field, along with an internship to gain industry experience and implement strategies learned in the classroom. 

Enroll now

Get Started with an Online Leadership Degree Program Today

Whether you want to land an entry-level leadership role or want more for your career, an online leadership degree can help you achieve your goal. If you're ready to move forward, check out our list of top recommendations. They're flexible, affordable and feature experienced instructors who can serve as mentors during your educational journey. 

10 of the best affordable online data science courses and programs - Business Insider - Business Insider

Posted: 16 Apr 2020 01:56 PM PDT

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

creative internet computer display 2004161

As companies amass more data than ever, the employees best able to interpret it and apply key insights to important decision-making processes become increasingly valuable. 

But while the skillset grows more desirable, the supply of workers with the correct skills isn't sufficient — making data science skills among the most in-demand hard skills in 2020, according to LinkedIn's research.

Thankfully, there are plenty of online learning opportunities to help you prepare for a career in data science, whether it's a course that helps you master a specific skill or an intensive year-long program that helps you jump up the ladder in your current role. Many classes are offered by top schools such as Harvard and MIT, and many programs were designed by major companies like IBM and Google specifically for educating a useful future workforce. Some of them offer students the opportunity to join their talent network after completing a specific course level.

Below are a few of the most popular data science options online, including MicroMasters, professional certificates, and individual courses.

Professional certificates are bundles of related courses that help you master a specific skill, and they tend to be most useful for breaking into a new industry or getting you to the next level of your career. They can take anywhere from a few months to more than a year to complete. At Coursera, professional certificate programs typically have a 7-day free trial and a monthly fee afterward. So, the faster you complete it, the more money you'll save. At edX, professional certificates typically have a flat one-time fee. 

MicroMasters are a bundle of graduate-level courses that are designed to help you advance your career. Students have the option of applying to the university that's offering credit for the MicroMasters program certificate and, if accepted, can pursue an accelerated and less expensive Master's Degree. You can learn more here

If you end up taking a Coursera course, and you think you'll realistically spend more than $399 in monthly fees or on individual classes throughout the year, you may want to consider Coursera Plus if all the courses and programs you plan to take are included in the annual membership (90% of the site is). And, if your employer offers to cover educational costs that include online-learning programs, you may even be able to get reimbursed for the following courses. 

Browse all data science classes on edX

Browse all data science classes on Coursera

10 of the most popular data science programs and courses online:


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