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The Best Online Master's Programs of 2020 - Investopedia

The Best Online Master's Programs of 2020 - InvestopediaThe Best Online Master's Programs of 2020 - InvestopediaUW Students Learn How to Operate Drones in New Online Course | News - University of Wyoming NewsBachelor's Degree Center Releases National Rankings of History Degree Programs - PRNewswireThe Best Online Master's Programs of 2020 - InvestopediaPosted: 26 Oct 2020 12:58 PM PDT What Is an Online Master's Degree Program?An online master's degree program, is, as the name suggests, a graduate-level degree that can be completed partially or fully online. Other than where students are located, as online master's programs have matured, there are essentially no differences between classes offered virtually and in-person. Among the programs listed here, the professors, curriculum, assignments, and testing are all the same. Some online master's programs require attending the live lecture virtually, while others allow asynchronous viewin…

How Haverford, Swarthmore, and other small college campuses hope to fend off the coronavirus - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Some smaller campuses, including Earlham College, a liberal arts school with Quaker roots like Haverford, are continuing, with few cases. Earlham started classes Aug. 10, with about 600 students living on its Richmond, Ind., campus and taking many classes in person. A couple hundred others are studying remotely.

Small businesses in college towns struggle without students - Prescott eNews

Perry Porikos sat in the street outside one of his five businesses, in a makeshift patio area that didn’t exist before the COVID-19 pandemic sent his best customers — University of Michigan students — back home in mid-March.The Greek immigrant arrived here more than four decades ago as a 20-year-old soccer player for the Wolverines and part-time dishwasher at The Brown Jug Restaurant, which he now owns. He nonchalantly dropped names of sports stars like Tom Brady and Michael Phelps, two of the many former Michigan students he counts as friends, and recalled hustling enough to own more than 10 businesses at one time.“Living the dream that people talk about, especially if you live in Europe and you come here,” Porikos said, “I am the dream.”Lately, though, it has been difficult for Porikos to rest easy. And he’s not alone.Both the stress and the stakes are high for all the small business owners near Michigan’s campus on and around South University Avenue, which winds through the city of…

Psychology major creates college consulting service for high school students - Penn State News

Scheyer Scholar Ethan Liebross, a psychology major from Frenchtown, NJ, always dreamed of starting an organization while being a college student but has been waiting for the right idea. As COVID-19 struck the United States this spring, he noticed the strains that the pandemic had on higher education. This strain prompted him to create Professor Owl, an organization that helps high school students with the college and scholarship application process.Professor Owl is composed of student mentors from different backgrounds and areas of study. These mentors are assigned to clients to give them tailored advice and resources pertaining to college applications, scholarships, and much more. According to Liebross, Professor Owl can even guide students through the athletic recruiting process as they now have a mentor who is a Princeton rower with firsthand experience.Liebross’ passion for Professor Owl largely stems from his own experience. “As a high school student, I felt overwhelmed, discoura…

Google Scholarships For Online Certifications: 100,000 And Counting - Dazeinfo

Google Scholarships For Online Certifications: 100,000 And Counting - DazeinfoGoogle Scholarships For Online Certifications: 100,000 And Counting - DazeinfoUniversities across the country offer online courses to non-students - GW HatchetAlternative Credentials, Scaled Degrees, and the New Higher Ed Matthew Effect | Learning Innovation - Inside Higher EdGoogle Scholarships For Online Certifications: 100,000 And Counting - DazeinfoPosted: 31 Aug 2020 05:11 AM PDTA few weeks ago, Google announced the introduction of 3 new online certificate programs as part of their Grow with Google initiative. These certifications, called the Google Career Certificates, will be delivered through the popular online learning platform Coursera, which was founded in 2012 by 2 Stanford professors.While the Google certification program is already turning heads, Google has announced Google Scholarship that will make these courses even more adorable and valuable especially or those who still find these comparat…

'Shame and blame': Are college COVID-19 cases the fault of campuses full of reckless partiers? Experts, students say no. - USA TODAY

CLOSE Communal living spaces and a younger population may be a contributing factor to new surges in COVID-19 cases on college campuses. USA TODAY Sweaty, drunken revelers spilled into the street below Addy Miller’s campus-adjacent apartment on the Saturday after North Carolina State University’s first week of classes.Miller, 20, viewed the late-night ruckus from her balcony, and others like it via news articles and viral videos. The locations vary, but the images are the same: throngs of college students partying like it’s 2019 — nary a mask in sight. Yet for Miller and her social circle, college in the time of coronavirus is an entirely different experience from the one playing out in news headlines. She and her friends wear masks outside their apartments — and sometimes inside — at small, socially distanced gatherings. Miller’s only face-to-face interactions are with friends she’s certain are taking COVID-19 safety precautions seriously, she said, though a stranger scanning her Snapch…

Young, educated and Black: Here’s how Minnesota’s politicians with African roots are reshaping the state’s politics. - Sahan Journal

Sahan Journal brings you reliable and authentic news about our newest Minnesotans. Get the week’s must-read storiesdelivered to your inbox everySunday. Black immigrants are changing the Minnesota political landscape at a pace never seen before. Sahan Journal tells the stories of Minnesota's immigrants and refugees that no one else is telling. To receive a weekly email with a roundup of our stories, sign up for our newsletter. Barely four years ago, the highest-ranking elected official in the community was Abdi Warsame, a Somali immigrant who was sworn into the Minneapolis City Council in January 2014. Now, the state can count at least 13 Black immigrant elected officials, including U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar; state Representatives Mohamud Noor and Hodan Hassan; and Mayor Mike Elliott of Brooklyn Center. In the DFL August primary, a few more Black immigrants emerged victorious. Among them are 30-year-old Omar Fateh, who will likely win a seat in the State Senate; and 35-year-old …

California colleges increase online mental health services to serve expected student need - EdSource

Cal Poly PomonaMaria Gisela Sanchez-Cobo, a therapist at Cal Poly Pomona, prepares to start a teletherapy session from her home with a student. Cal Poly PomonaMaria Gisela Sanchez-Cobo, a therapist at Cal Poly Pomona, prepares to start a teletherapy session from her home with a student. With surveys showing that the pandemic is worsening anxiety and depression among college students, campus counseling centers across California are bracing for an expected sharp rise in the numbers of students seeking mental health services. Like most college and university classes, psychological therapy sessions switched to online — or on telephone — in March. The campuses say they will try their best to advertise, expand and improve those virtual services and continue that way until it is safe to restore in-person meetings. Santa Monica College student Camille Horrigan-Slajus said she has had good experiences with online therapy but is worried about other students around the state possibly facing long w…