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Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal

Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal Harvard, MIT Part of $800 Million Deal to Push Access to Online Education - The Wall Street Journal Posted: 29 Jun 2021 04:00 AM PDT Education-technology company 2U Inc., which runs graduate programs for dozens of top universities, is buying web-based course provider edX, a nonprofit founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for $800 million. The deal combines two major players in online instruction as universities around the world push more aggressively into digital offerings. Many schools scrambled to shift courses online when the pandemic shut campuses last year, and they are now expected to build on—and polish—the programs. The sale proceeds will go to a nonprofit, to be run by Harvard and MIT, that the schools say will focus on reducing inequalities in access to education. It will maintain the open-acc

ASU launches wide range of new programs for fall 2020 semester - ASU Now

ASU launches wide range of new programs for fall 2020 semester - ASU Now

ASU launches wide range of new programs for fall 2020 semester - ASU Now

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 12:00 AM PDT

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August 19, 2020

From a trailblazing online planetary sciences undergraduate degree to a fast-track MBA, these programs are set for takeoff

Arizona State University offers more than 800 fully accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs — not to mention more than 270 minors and certificates — and that number is growing this fall.

From sports business to political philosophy to venture development, these new programs will equip students with the knowledge and hands-on learning to thrive in their future careers. Here are some of the new options for fall 2020.

Immersion (on campus)

American studies

The discussion and understanding of the United States in an interdisciplinary context is important, and in wake of current events, increasingly relevant. The American studies master's degree program — now offered through the School of Social Transformation — is designed to give students a look into what the field of American studies is, where it comes from, and where it's going.

Classical liberal education and leadership

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership has launched a new master's degree in classical liberal education and leadership. Focusing on philosophy, politics, literature, ethics, history, mathematics and science, the program combines theory and practice through the reading of classic texts with opportunities to strengthen pedagogical leadership skills.

Counseling — substance abuse and addictions

The substance abuse and addictions concentration of the BS program in counseling and applied psychological science in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts prepares students to care for and help individuals who struggle with substance abuse, addictions and related disorders. Students in this concentration program acquire the necessary skills in screening, assessing, diagnosing and planning treatment of patients afflicted with substance abuse, addictions and related disorders.

Creative writing

The Department of English offers an accelerated degree program in creative writing. The 4+1 BA English (creative writing) and MA English (creative writing track) program seeks to support the artistic growth of student-writers through access to writing workshops affiliated with the nationally ranked MFA program in creative writing while also providing clear, practical value.

Data science

Machine learning and data mining are invaluable technologies with applications as diverse as detecting fraudulent online credit-card transactions, understanding the dynamics of social movements, and personalizing medical treatments based on a tumor's unique genetic profile. The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences' new bachelor's degree in data science prepares students to be critical analysts and users of data in a variety of areas such as business, research and government. The program allows students to choose a focus area from six different tracks (scroll to the bottom of the major map for the tracks). 

Disability studies

The School of Social Transformation has established an undergraduate and a graduate certificate in disability studies that promotes a new understanding of contemporary culture, not only for the disabled, but for society as well.

Financial planning

The W. P. Carey School of Business has created a bachelor's degree in financial planning, which provides students with the tools and expertise to work as a personal financial planner. The program highlights ways to stand out in the industry and ensures students graduate with the ability to solve complex problems for their clients.


The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning has a new accelerated/4+1 degree for geography. The fast-track approach allows highly qualified students who are finishing their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in geography degree, or Bachelor of Science in geography (meteorology-climatology) to be enrolled simultaneously in the Master of Arts in geography degree program.

Humanities and global management

The School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies has partnered with Thunderbird School of Global Management to offer a new 4+1 program allowing students to receive an undergraduate degree in a humanities-related field and a graduate degree in global management.

Innovation and venture development

A unique new degree will teach students from any background how to launch a successful venture. The Master of Science in innovation and venture development is a transdisciplinary partnership among three schools at ASU: The Design School in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, the W. P. Carey School of Business and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Students in the one-year, on-campus program will choose an issue, research it, develop ideas, prototype and develop a business model.


To accommodate working professionals, the W. P. Carey School of Business is launching a new blended format for its highly ranked executive MBA through enhanced learning technology. EMBA students will get the same comprehensive business curriculum taught by W. P. Carey faculty with less time away from home and work. The school is also now offering a fast-track MBA that allows students to earn an MBA in as little as 12 months

Organizational leadership

The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts has added an accelerated 4+1 option for its master's degree in organizational leadership. With an emphasis on learning best practices, students explore areas such as institutional evolution, strategic change, leading diverse teams and conflict mediation, as well as learning advanced methodological and statistical skills.

Population health

Optimizing health requires a blending of both public health and health care delivery — a timely degree for a global public health crisis we never could have predicted. In the College of Health Solutions' new Bachelor of Science program in population health, students will learn how social determinants, access to care, decision-making, policy and infrastructure influence the health of defined groups, as well as the roles of various stakeholders and how to work across systems to improve health.

Popular music

The popular music concentration within the Bachelor of Arts degree in music in the School of Music is for those interested in becoming singers, songwriters, laptop performers or composers, producers, engineers, or entrepreneurs in the entertainment world.

Project management

Leadership and project management are vital skills in today's job market. The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts' BAS program in project management offers a skill-driven curriculum to prepare students to be excellent project managers and project management leaders. Students acquire the skills necessary to manage complex projects and learn to integrate leadership theory and practice in organizational leadership courses. (This degree is also available through ASU Online.)

Special education – visual impairment

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College's bachelor's degree in special education – visual impairment prepares graduates to work with blind and partially sighted students across educational settings. Candidates are taught to work collaboratively with parents, classroom teachers and related service personnel to meet the unique needs of students with visual impairments. The program leads to dual certification in visual impairment (birth–grade 12) and mild-moderate special education (K–12).


The graduate certificate in sustainability from the School of Sustainability is designed to be the first introduction to sustainability research for a nondegree graduate student or allow a currently enrolled student to add a sustainability dimension to their existing degree plan. The certificate requires 15 credit hours and is available on multiple campuses and through ASU Online. 

Technological leadership

ASU's Interplanetary Initiative has announced its first degree program, the Bachelor of Science in technological leadership, a scalable three-year program where students learn complex problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership through an interdisciplinary blend of classroom learning and research. (This degree is also available through ASU Online.)

Writing, rhetorics and literacies

The Department of English's new minor in writing, rhetorics and literacies teaches students strategies for inquiry. Students study the ways in which communication has, does and will create knowledge and action, and how communication is constructed, circulated, reacted to, and repurposed through time and place.

ASU Online

Aging and health

The Master of Science in aging and health teaches students about the multidimensional aging process and how to address the complex needs of older adults. Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation students learn to work with other professionals and obtain a certificate of completion in interprofessional collaboration. 

Astronomical and planetary sciences

Through ASU Online, the School of Earth and Space Exploration is offering a new bachelor's degree in astronomical and planetary sciences, 100% online. In this program, students can explore planets, solar systems and galaxies, preparing them for careers in science policy, journalism or K-12 teaching in STEM fields.


Students in the School of Molecular Sciences' online biochemistry degree programs take formal lecture-style courses online but also get critical hands-on skills through in-person laboratory courses. New to ASU Online are the Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry program and the Bachelor of Science in biochemistry with a focus on medicinal chemistry, which covers the fundamentals of organic chemistry in the context of drug discovery and development. 

Biological sciences

The School of Life Sciences has launched three new concentrations through ASU Online, as well as a minor.

  • The bachelor's degree in biological sciences – biomedical sciences will prepare students for careers in medicine and biomedical research. They will gain in-depth knowledge of human biology, including genetics, anatomy, physiology and behavior, while completing the coursework necessary for applying to medical school.
  • Learn to navigate the complexities of how biology and society intertwine. The bachelor's degree in biological sciences – biology and society explores how society shapes science and how science shapes human behavior and our place in the environment.
  • For students concerned about environmental challenges such as climate change and habitat destruction, the bachelor's degree in biological sciences – conservation biology and ecology will prepare them to understand and potentially find solutions to complex environmental threats.
  • The minor in biological sciences can open up the secrets of the living world in ways that satisfy students' desire to know more while complementing their major in surprising ways.

Early childhood studies

The bachelor's degree in applied science – early childhood studies through Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is intended for students working in early childhood settings, focusing on birth through age 5, who do not need initial teacher certification issued through a state department of education. The program prepares students with skills in child development, setting appropriate learning goals and more.

Education — various master's degree concentrations

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College has expanded its online offerings with the following:

  • The master's degree in education is designed for professionals interested in learning about education or whose work intersects with education. It prepares students to work with children, youth and adults in formal or informal learning environments in nonprofit settings, community institutions, civic organizations and businesses. This flexible graduate program can be completed in as few as 16 months.
  • Graduates from the master's degree in education – literacy education program are leaders in literacy in a broad array of educational contexts — wherever reading, writing, oral language and the visual arts are at play. Graduates learn how to support inclusive educational practices, critical-thinking skills and multiliteracies to face the challenges of a diverse and global society.
  • The master's degree in education – educating multilingual learners program prepares students to educate bilingual and multilingual learners in a variety of settings, including pre-K–12 schools, colleges and organizations serving linguistically diverse populations. Students of this program gain skills and knowledge in language and literacy development, pedagogy, culture and context, and in advocacy for multilingual learners.

Educational studies

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College's bachelor's degree in educational studies prepares students to work with children, youth and adults in several environments, such as nonprofits, community institutions, civic organizations and businesses. Students also complete a three-course internship series wherein they put their knowledge and skills to practice in the field. 

Energy production and sustainable use

As new energy technologies are introduced for commercial use, they will create new jobs for American workers who will need to be trained in a variety of areas from renewable energy generation and storage to sustainable transportation. Enter the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy's Master of Science in modern energy production and sustainable use, in which the school will utilize its transdisciplinary expertise to provide graduate student training in fundamental science and engineering principles.

English language learning/teaching

ASU's Global Launch — a platform that provides academic preparation services, training in multilingual communication and professional skills development for students, teachers and professionals — has launched several new offerings for fall 2020.

  • The self-paced Teach English Now: 120-Hour Online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification is for anyone with an interest in teaching English as a second or foreign language, with a focus on college-aged and adult learners. This course is especially beneficial for those with little background in TEFL.
  • The Full-Time Online Immersion English Language Program is developed for a wide range of learners at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. In each level, all students will learn and improve upon the four core competencies of reading, writing, listening and speaking while experiencing American culture. This program is accepted as proof of English proficiency for admission to ASU undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • The Academic Persuasion Self-paced Online English Course is for students who wish to improve upon their English language skills in the characteristics of persuasion in academic writing, speaking and instruction. Learners will understand all aspects of persuasion and how best to organize summary and response compositions for a future career in academia as a student, researcher or lecturer.

Graphic design

The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is expanding its bachelor's degree in graphic design to ASU Online. The program is focused on teaching how to visually communicate rather than teaching software. Students will learn visual literacy, critical thinking and storytelling skills that can be used in many design-related industries.

Homeland security

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions' graduate certificate program in homeland security is focused on the topic as a field applicable to all levels of government (federal, state and local) and to positions in private-sector organizations with functions related to organizational security. Students can study topics related to current international and domestic terrorism issues, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity issues and crime prevention.

Nursing and food safety

The Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation has expanded two of its master's degree programs to online: the Master of Science in nursing and the Master of Science in nursing (nursing education). Additionally, it has launched the all-new online Master of Science in regulatory science (food safety), which focuses on the regulations to ensure the safety of food products, including the production, manufacturing, processing and handling of food and food products and sale to consumers.

Political psychology

The Department of Psychology and the School of Politics and Global Studies have joined forces to better equip students for the modern political environment with the new online master's degree in political psychology. Political psychology focuses on decision-making and the psychological factors behind politics, such as group dynamics, conflict, leadership and understanding beliefs and motivation. 

Public interest technology

The School for the Future of Innovation in Society is launching the Master of Science in public interest technology. The online, cross-disciplinary program will help students develop the knowledge and skills that will allow them to understand the motivations for and challenges of public interest technology, assess new and emerging technologies for social impact, engage with users and deploy technologies responsibly.

Sports business

For the sports enthusiast, the online bachelor's degree in sports business prepares students for evolving careers in the domain of sports. The program resides in the top-ranked W. P. Carey School of Business and focuses on sports business with analytics, consumer behavior and design principles embedded into the curriculum.

Sustainable food systems

Students enrolled in the School of Sustainability's online Master of Science in sustainable food systems examine policies and practices related to sustainability, food trends, public policy and agricultural innovation in the United States. Graduates will be prepared to create policy initiatives that will drive the future of food policy and production. 

MORE: Browse the full list of recently launched ASU Online programs.

Top photo: A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover onboard launches from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on July 30, 2020. The Perseverance rover is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the Red Planet. Read about Mastcam-Z, the camera system on the new Mars Perseverance rover created by principal investigator and ASU scientist Jim Bell's team. Photo by Joel Kowsky/NASA

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August 19, 2020

Take a look at the ways the university is welcoming students back for the fall semester

Most school years kick off at Arizona State University with football games, monsoon storms and a jam-packed Sun Devil Welcome rally at the basketball arena.

But this is 2020.

Life on campus will look decidedly different as the ASU community adjusts to the realities of learning in the era of COVID-19. There are, however, plenty of traditions and social events happening as the university offers students a full slate of welcome activitiesSome of those events — such as the iconic Sun Devil Welcome — were shifted to a virtual format. But others are in-person activities in small-group settings, with face coverings and physical distancing. 

Here, we've captured photos and screenshots from a sampling of the scores of welcome events. Life is different, but Sun Devils still shine bright — even with face coverings on.

Check back as we add more photos.

Top photo: Aerospace engineering senior Pranjul Nagpal (right) gives a tour of the campus to engineering first-year students (from left) Trevor Johnson, Bayley Helfrich and Limary Rodriguez on Aug. 15. Nearly 1,300 out-of-town students joined more than 10,500 others in moving into the Tempe campus residence halls. Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU Now

Salisbury Singers launch weekly rehearsals online with music, education and guest speakers - Worcester Telegram

Posted: 17 Sep 2020 12:11 AM PDT

WORCESTER — The Salisbury Singers will be welcoming all who are interested in singing to their Monday night meetings this fall.

Usually the acclaimed choral group rehearses Monday nights at a local church in preparation for an upcoming concert. But with the coronavirus pandemic and no live in-person performances likely until next year, the fall meetings are going to be online with a different format, said Bradford T. Dumont, music director of the Salisbury Singers.

The choral group has a long-term goal of bringing in new members, and the fall program beginning Sept. 21 will be a good time to explore that, he said. "We want to welcome anyone who wants to take part."

The fall Mondays will be a "Season of Singing," with each week featuring a variety of content, including guest speakers, conversations, musical events, sight-reading and more alongside regular warm-ups and open sings. Each session will run for 75 minutes every Monday night, from 7:30 to 8:45 p.m.

Guest speakers will include Anthony Trecek-King, director of Choral Activities and associate professor at The Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut, and Jace Saplan, director of Choral Activities and assistant professor of music at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and director of the Nā Wai Chamber Choir. Alternating weeks will be focused on progressive sight singing and vocal technique. 

Dumont was named the new music director of the Salisbury Singers this past spring, succeeding Michelle Graveline, who stepped down as artistic director after 22 successful seasons at the conclusion of 2019-20 and is now artistic director emerita. 

What was supposed to have been Gravline's farewell concert, a performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah" in Mechanics Hall on May 3, had to be canceled, but there are hopes of honoring Graveline with a performance in the spring.

Dumont, who was associate conductor of the Salisbury Singers last season, leads the Salisbury Singers into their 47th season this fall in unprecedented fashion.

"It's an interesting way to start off as music director of the Salisbury Singers," he said. "I'm glad we get to do this and I'm looking forward to music making when we can." 

There about 80 members of the Salisbury Singers at present. A survey indicated that while some members are ready and willing to rehearse/perform in-person this fall, a large number are not and so the decision was made to put together the online program.

"Whatever we do we want to involve all the Salisbury Singers," Dumont said.

Meanwhile, "Our goal this fall is to support anyone who feels they want to sing. We want everyone to feel that they can join." Furthermore, people don't need to feel that they have to be at every Monday session, Dumont said. Singers can attend throughout the season based on availability and personal interest. Newcomers can attend the online sessions for free, although a drop-in fee of $10 is suggested.

Looking ahead, Dumont said he would like to resume in-person rehearsals in February, and return to performing in March or April. Besides a concert honoring Graveline, Dumont is looking at a concert "that kind of reflects what quarantine and isolation feels like."

The "Season of Singing" schedule is as follows. For more information, visit

Sept. 21. Welcome, Discussion, Group Sing: Group-led singing via Zoom as well as some social time to connect with singers across the organization. "This will be a great time to ask questions about the semester and get back in the swing of Salisbury Singers. New members are encouraged and we hope that returning singers will invite a friend!"

Sept. 28. Healthy Singing Techniques with Margaret M. Tartaglia: A refresher course to promote healthy vocal technique led by Tartaglia, an acclaimed singer as well as a Certified Singing Voice Specialist and McClosky Institute of Voice Master Teacher.

Oct. 5. Empowering Songs — Trish Jonason and Bradford T. Dumont: Salisbury Singers member Jonason and Dumont will talk about their work with music in spaces of healing and empowerment including Jonason's work as a hospital music therapist and Dumont's work leading song communities in psychiatric rehabilitation and incarceration. This session will show by example the unique power that music has to offer comfort and change in life.

Oct. 19. Progressive Sight Singing and Vocal Technique #1

Oct. 26. The Choral Music of Hawaii. Jace Saplan joins the Salisbury Singers for an evening discussing the intersection of Hawaiian musical culture and choral music. The Nā Wai Chamber Choir is a professional vocal ensemble based in Hawaii dedicated to the preservation and propagation of Hawaiian choral music.

Nov. 2. Progressive Sight Singing and Vocal Technique #2

Nov. 9. Exploring Elijah — Michelle Graveline and Jim Demler: Graveline and guest artist Jim Demler discuss and explore Mendelssohn's Elijah, which was to be Graveline's final performance as artistic director of the Salisbury Singers. Demler was to have taken on the role of Elijah in the performance.

Nov. 16. Progressive Sight Singing and Vocal Technique #3

Nov. 23. Equity and the Choral Art — Dr. Anthony Trecek-King: Trecek-King leads a session on choral equity and inclusion for a combined group of ensembles from across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Nov. 30. Progressive Sight Singing and Vocal Technique #4

Dec. 7. Holiday Sing and Salisbury Singers Talent Show

Updated online performing arts offerings - DC Metro Theater Arts

Posted: 17 Sep 2020 12:00 PM PDT

Since March, an overwhelming number of arts institutions are regrouping and finding ways to keep going virtually. The following list reflects current online events and activities announced by DMV arts organizations. This list was first published March 17, 2020, and has been continuously updated as information comes in. The most recent update was made at 9 PM on September 17.

1st Stage has announced a new series of virtual Community Conversations, introducing you to the creative minds behind the theatre. All conversations will take place at 2:00 PM EST through Zoom. Conversations will be recorded and posted to social media for anyone who can't make it to the conversation live. You can register online for each Community Conversation.

They are also offering twelve new theater education courses for children, young adults, and adults, taught by experts in the field. The new courses will run September 28-November 8, 2020, and the registration deadline is September 21. Register on their website.

Adventure Theatre MTC, ArtsCentric, 4615 Theatre Company, and Convergence Theatre are running the ongoing Quarantine Festival. During this live-streamed play festival, each theater hosts a 90 minute livestream on their Facebook pages, and all donated proceeds during the livestream will go directly to the playwrights. Q-Fest has already had three parts as of September 2020, and the next part will be held on a date TBA.

4615 Theatre company members are also offering a series of live online readings of short-form passion projects. They will hold live readings of plays on 4615's Facebook page throughout the duration of this quarantine. Their first reading is available on their facebook video page. Check out the 4615 Facebook page for future readings, and please donate on their site.

Adventure Theatre MTC, ArtsCentric, 4615 Theatre Company, and Convergence Theatre are running the ongoing Quarantine Festival. During this live-streamed play festival, each theater hosts a 90 minute livestream on their Facebook pages, and all donated proceeds during the livestream will go directly to the playwrights. Q-Fest has already had three parts as of September 2020, and the next part will be held on a date TBA.

Adventure Theatre MTC is also streaming an online digital presentation of the script Luchadora by Alvaro Saar Rios. Recipient of the AATE Distinguished Play Award and directed by Adventure Theatre's Artistic Director, Chil Kong, this presentation is free. For additional information or questions, please e-mail

ATMTC is also offering online classes. You can find more information on their website. Please consider making a donation.

African-American Collective Theater (ACT) celebrated its 28th Anniversary with the launch of a new website, plus "OUT & ABOUT," a two-week-long, online festival of LGBTQ+ themed, play readings. Check their website for details.

The American Pops Orchestra will broadcast three new Main Stage shows and host a virtual outreach tour. They will also host the annual NextGen Competition and Bi-Weekly online programs. Main Stage shows We Are Family, Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas, and Drag Out the Holly: A Holiday Drag Extravaganza will each be broadcast live for audiences to safely enjoy. Find out more on their website.

APO also connects through APO UNITED, a series of intimate cyber concerts from past artists, highlights from APO instrumentalists, instructional yoga videos with Dan Carter, and playlists of positivity by Maestro Luke Frazier. Follow @theamericanpops. And please donate to APO here.

ASC is currently presenting socially-distanced outside productions. They will also be available for online viewing in partnership with Marquee TV.

You can find more information about all events on their website.
Overture: Class of 2024 – September 25 & 26 | online – AU's newest theatrical talent steps out.
The Women – October 16 & 17 | online – High-class women engage in intrigues and affairs. Based on the classic stage play.
Films Across Borders: Stories of Hope and Resilience – October 6 – December 2020 | online – Film series showing the challenges humans and wildlife face to survive and triumph in all corners of the world.
Miss You Like Hell – October 29 & 30 | online – A troubled teen travels cross-country with her mother, an undocumented immigrant, in this play by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Quiara Alegria Hudes.
CHOREOLAB – November 13 & 14 | online – A dance concert of fresh new works by emerging choreographers.

AU has also made exhibition catalogs available for two exhibitions, Gods & Monsters and Behind the Scenes: Preparators and their Art online. They have also made over sixty films available to stream from the DC Environmental Film Festival. Questions? Call (202) 885-ARTS or email auarts at To stay up to date on performances and events, join the AU Arts mailing list and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Arena Stage's masterclasses will focus on playwriting, acting, stage management and design. Geared for adults, each class is two to three hours long twice per week on Wednesdays and Fridays.  In an intimate setting of no more than 10 – 16 people per class, it is an exciting opportunity for community members to connect with experts in the field to hone their craft or be inspired to learn a new skill. See all the class offerings on the Arena website.

Offerings also include weekly discussions entitled Molly's Salon (with Arena's Artistic Director Molly Smith), dance workshops with choreographer Parker Esse, and a live stream of the Arena Stage Civil Dialogues. Molly's Salon will take place each Thursday, and will feature artists and leaders of Arena Stage. These half-hour long weekly conversations will include some of our best thinkers and creative firebrands. Molly will sit down with a variety of artists and leaders to discuss new ideas they are excited about and glimmers of hope for the future. Additional information regarding the Arena Civil Dialogues will be announced at a later date. More information on these programs and how to watch Molly's Salon can be found on the Arena website. Please also feel free to donate to the Roaring Back Fund to help Arena recover.

Photo courtesy of Arena Stage.

AAC is offering multiple workshops, classes, and activities for kids on their website.

Adventure Theatre MTC, ArtsCentric, 4615 Theatre Company, and Convergence Theatre are running the ongoing Quarantine Festival. During this live-streamed play festival, each theater hosts a 90 minute livestream on their Facebook pages, and all donated proceeds during the livestream will go directly to the playwrights. Q-Fest has already had three parts as of September 2020, and the next part will be held on a date TBA.

In an effort to continue to offer programming to children and families while schools and daycares are closed, Arts on the Horizon is launching a new series of videos on its YouTube channel. Arts on the Horizon will offer FREE 20-minute, interactive storytime sessions three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Each session will be led by one of our teaching artists and the content will be geared for children ages 2-6. The sessions will include stories, songs, warm-ups, movement, and more. The first session, led by director of education, Laura Loy can be viewed here.

Avant Bard's Work From Home events will be streamed live on YouTube, and are entirely free–no login required. On 8/28, Miss Kitty, featured in Illyria and Suddenly Last Summer, is making (virtual) house calls. Starved for entertainment? Let's whet your appetite. Stage, film, opera, jazz, blues, pop… what will she perform?? She's selecting the picks of the litter from her repertoire and the 'classic' songbook to present a socially-distanced evening of song and story via the internet to soothe your hunger pangs… for music, at least. Let her sing for you.

Center Stage is allowing online access to a streaming video of Where We Stand for a pay-what-you-can donation.

During this time, the BSO has launched BSO OffStage, an online platform to stay connected with audiences through digital content. Most recently, the BSO released a video of the Orchestra virtually performing the final few minutes of Mahler's Third Symphony. Visit and the social media platforms of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for more information.

Best Medicine Rep has announced their upcoming, partially virtual season starting on September 10. Streaming shows include Stories I May Not Tell, Roaring, and An Independent Claus. You can find all fall season show information on their website.

BMR has also released episodes of I Know Jack, a Zoomedy web series starring Rebecca A. Herron and John Morogiello. They have also brought their 4th Annual New Plays/New Voices Festival to an online platform. This celebration of plays written by Montgomery County Public School students is made possible by a grant from The Nora Roberts Foundation. Performances of all four plays are available on YouTube. Please consider making a donation to Best Medicine Rep online.

Brave Soul Collective makes its 2020 return with the premiere of an all new virtual production, Question Marks – which specifically tackles the current state of affairs in the US, with the murders of black people at the hands of police and the overall need to address anti-blackness, systemic racism and police brutality. Join BSC as they unveil this collection of timely, raw, thought-provoking performance pieces which all beg for answers to one piercing, imperative question – HOW DID WE GET HERE? This show is available to stream on their website.

Christian Denice. Photo courtesy of Chamber Dance Project.

Chamber Dance Project is debuting its newest film on September 24. Keep an eye on their website for details, or call 202-499-2297 for more information. Please consider an online donation to Chamber Dance Project.

CityDance has transferred its intensives online. To learn more about CityDance's online programming, contact Megan Piluk, CityDance Senior Manager of External Relations, at

GMU's Center for the Arts has announced plans for its 2020-2021 virtual season. Programming will be added on an ongoing basis and features digital concerts from guest artists, releases of previously recorded content, behind-the-scenes conversations with artists, and more. You can find the full details on their website.

The Clarice will be producing online performances. You can watch online when they are available via their Vimeo site.

Adventure Theatre MTC, ArtsCentric, 4615 Theatre Company, and Convergence Theatre are running the ongoing Quarantine Festival. During this live-streamed play festival, each theater hosts a 90 minute livestream on their Facebook pages, and all donated proceeds during the livestream will go directly to the playwrights. Q-Fest has already had three parts as of September 2020, and the next part will be held on a date TBA.

Creative Cauldron continues the 2020 Summer Cabaret and Concert Series, with the addition of a Virtual Series, in an all outdoor format, that mandates the
wearing of masks, and adherence to social distancing protocols. 22 performances are
scheduled, featuring a diverse and talented array of performers and bands. Can't attend a concert in person? Join them for a virtual viewing party. Virtual Thursdays will continue every Thursday.

Performers on the schedule include: Jade Jones (September 11), Tia Rountree (September 12), Abby Middleton (September 18), Griefcat (September 19, and Alan Naylor in Night at Newcastle (September 25).

For Tickets and further details about the Summer Cabarets and Concerts Series go to or by call the box office at 703-436-9948.

CC also has classes for adults and children available online. They are holding virtual camps. You can find more details on their website, and please consider making a donation to Creative Cauldron.

Dance Place is offering new programming including a Virtual Presentation Series, Virtual Adult Dance Classes, and Virtual Youth Programming. The Virtual Presentation Series consists of performance events and conversations with artists in Dance Place's 2019-2020 AMPLIFY Presentation Series whose work has been postponed or cancelled. Each event will be streamed live on the website, where anyone is welcome to join. Virtual Adult Dance Classes bring the dance studio to people's living rooms. For the duration of Dance Place's closure, on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings, their incredible roster of dance teachers will lead a live streamed dance class on Facebook live. Virtual Youth Programming presents several opportunities for kids and their families to dance together. Each week, two new video classes will be added to the website. These short dance videos will feature teaching artists from Dance Place's Education team, each teaching different styles of dance for all ages. Along with these kid-specific classes, Dance Place will also be sharing Family Fun classes. Each class will be streamed live on Facebook on Fridays at 11am.

Please consider supporting Dance Place with a donation at their website. Your support will ensure we can continue to offer Dance Place's delivery of prolific artistic and educational programming that serves 35,000 people each year.

A group of DC Actors has begun a series of online performances. The group, headed up by Jacqueline Youm of American University, is performing every Saturday.

ETC has started Collaborative Classroom, an online learning program for children. 'Silly Storytellers' and 'Around the World' classes are open for registration now on the ETC site. They are also offering a virtual camp meet n' greet.

Encore is offering theatre classes for ages 3 through 18 using a combination of live classroom interactions via the Zoom platform and prerecorded instructional videos. Enrollment is available online on the Encore site. Encore's staff is teleworking diligently to create a welcoming and nurturing virtual space for their students and families. Encore premiered a "Live with Encore" series on Instagram Live to preview their upcoming virtual programs and connect families with teaching artists. Encore is also offering free Parent & Me classes for students ages 6 months – 5 years through its social media platforms.

Encore Creativity for Older Adults, the nation's largest choral organization for adults over 55, began a fall semester of its virtual Encore University on September 8, 2020. The program, conducted over Zoom, will include 15 weeks of enriching classes, choral and rock & roll singing, and the opportunity to participate in a virtual holiday concert. Courses, held Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm, will include Music Theory and Vocal Technique, ear training with solfege, musicianship, shaped note and more. Music history classes will feature Great Divas, Musical Theater, Romanticism to Modernism, Legendary Songwriting Teams of Broadway, the British Invasion and more. An inspiring repertoire for the virtual holiday concert is planned for all three of Encore's choral groups: Encore Chorale, which features traditional choral singing, Encore ROCKS, a rock & roll chorus, and Sentimental Journey Singers, Encore's choir for those with early to moderate Alzheimer's and memory issues and their care partners. An all-inclusive tuition for the fall semester is $170 per person plus a $10 shipping fee for music and a rehearsal CD. View the detailed course catalog or register here.

Shortly before all this craziness began, Embracing Arlington Arts founder Janet Kopenhaver conducted interviews with five of the region's top artistic directors: Chil Kong (Adventure Theatre), Molly Smith (Arena Stage), Ryan Rilette (Round House Theatre), Eric Schaeffer (Signature Theatre), and Maria Goyanes (Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company). The interviews offer insightful glimpses into the work of these artists and their leadership strategies. Available here and on most podcasting services. Please consider making a donation to EAA online.

Photo courtesy of Faction of Fools.

Faction of Fools will host A Toast to Foolish Fridays via Facebook Live to kick off a summer chock full of dynamic, short, fun videos released every Friday! Join Faction and Greg Benson, host of Bar None Podcast, as he guides us through how to make the perfect Italian Negroni cocktail, chats about the post World War II resurgence of the Negroni and Commedia dell'Arte, and reveals if you could possibly make a Negroni better than Stanley Tucci. Foolish Fridays are intended to bring a bright spot to the week. Yet we cannot ignore the seriousness of those suffering from racial injustice. In lieu of considering giving to Faction of Fools, we ask that you give to an organization active in the fight for social justice.

The Folger Shakespeare Library will hold their annual Gala on Monday, September 14 at 7 PM. They will welcome guests from across the country and around the world for an evening of wit, entertainment, and celebration online. Please consider purchasing a "ticket" for the evening through a fully tax-deductible donation. A gift of $100 supports the Folger's ongoing work at a time when it is most needed. You can find all info on their website.

Folger has compiled this helpful list of all the classic films now available for free on streaming services. They have made a free streaming video of their 2008 production of Macbeth available at the Folger website – please donate if you can. Here's their newest list of items to stream in June.

Macbeth's weird sisters. Photo courtesy of Folger Theatre.
Macbeth's weird sisters. Photo courtesy of Folger Theatre.

Folger is also hosting 'Critical Race Conversations: Reading, Writing, and Teaching Black Life and Anti-Black Violence in the Early Modern World' at 3 PM on Thursday, September 24 on YouTube. The conversation includes Scholars Jessica Marie Johnson, Cécile Fromont, and Robin Mitchell. You can find more info here.

The Paso Nuevo Youth Program has gone digital. Classes meet online Monday through Thursdays until further notice.

GMU's new online platform Mason Arts at Home offers a diverse array of curated virtual programming. You can find more details on the GMU website.

Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell of Happenstance Theatre are posting a series of comedic videos featuring the characters Diz and Izzy on their website and their Facebook page. Jaster and Mandell's sense of humor and whimsy is the perfect balm for shaken nerves. Check them out and have a laugh!

Imagination Stage is offering their Fall 2020 semester online with a full selection of creative and interactive experiences. With six and ten-week classes in acting, creative drama, musical theatre, dance, filmmaking, and early childhood, this online fall semester features new classes specifically designed for the online format, as well as reimagined family favorites. Classes begin September 21 for ages 1-18. In addition to adapting popular in-person classes to the online format, the fall semester brings several exciting class titles brand new to Imagination Stage programming, including two new virtual ensembles for teens – International Theatre Exchange and LGBTQIA+ Stories: Devising with Queer Youth, both for students in grades 7-12. Families interested in registering can learn more and sign up online at or by contacting the Registrar at

They are also streaming their production of Blue (ages 1-5) for any sized donation. You also can find Imagination Stage Brain Breaks on their Facebook live, a Build Your Own Castle Model video on their site, and Imagination Challenges on their Facebook Watch page. Please consider making a donation to help keep these programs going.

IN Series hosts the INvision 2020-2021 Season Liftoff Concert on Thursday, September 17 at 7:30 PM. This gala concert features Maribeth Diggle, Elizabeth Mondragon-Groff, Brian Arreola, Adonis Abuyen, Bryan Jackson, Melissa Wimbish, Nigel Rowe, Elise Christina Jenkins, Teresa Ferrara Blessing, Jarrod Lee, David Sanchez, Joe Haughton, John TK Scherch, Alex Alburqueque, Candace Potts, Carl DuPont, Emily Baltzer, and more! You can find more info on the facebook event.

INSeries is also doing what they can to bring lively entertainment and activities from their stable of incredible artists. Offerings feature digital opera, including their season opener Butterfly, now available. You can request access via a form online. They also recently released Here Be Sirens – request access via a form here. They have also launched Cocktail Concerts. Hosted and curated by the performers themselves, they celebrate the power of music and the arts to transcend circumstances and unite creators and audiences in spite of distance. Be delighted and comforted by favorite tunes old and new right from the home of your favorite artists. In addition, The INSeries blog has new podcasts coming out all the time. Access the newest episode on their website. As Rigoletto was unable to move forward, the cast has made videos available in order to raise funds. You can view "Quarantetto" or "Send In the Clowns" online now. If you can, please consider making a donation to the Rigoletto Artist Compensation Fund online.

JFD hosts Forty+ Projects, a dance project that celebrates the collective creativity of people past the age of 40 resulting in unique collaboration. Projects explore movement and performance technique within a creative premise. Materials are discovered, repeated and rehearsed, and performed. Forty+ Fall Project 1 features choreographer Brynna Wilder in weekly sessions on Zoom with one or two meetings outdoors and in-person as conditions allow. This project culminates with a virtual broadcast in October and will be performed live in January 2021. The project is open to people of all physical facilities. No previous performance experience is necessary. Dates: Wednesday, weekly, Sept 16 – Oct 21, 2020; 1 – 2 pm, Tuition: $100 or call 703.933.1111

Kid's classes have just been announced:
Dancing Under Things– Ages 6 -11 (instructor Carly Johnson)
Mondays, Sept 14 – Oct 5 – 3 pm – 3:55 pm $60
Fantastic Animals– Ages 7 -12 (instructor Zoe Wampler)
Fridays, Sept 18 – Oct 9 – 4 pm – 4:55 pm $60
Splatter-Emotions & Color – Ages 6 – 11 (instructor Carly Johnson)
Mondays, Oct 19 – Nov 16 – 3 pm – 3:55 pm $60
Here Comes the Parade – Ages 7 – 12 (instructor Kelsey Rohr)
Fridays, Oct 23 – Nov 20 – 4 pm – 4:55 pm $60
Tuition: $60 per class series. For Scholarship information or to enroll or call 703.933.1111

An Adult Online Class also takes place Sept 8 – Oct 31, 2020.
Ballet with Brynna: Ballet Barre Monday at 10 am – 7 weeks $100
Modern: movement and dance with Jane Tuesday at 3 pm – 8 weeks $110
Abs with Amy: fitness exercise Saturday at 10 am – 8 weeks $110
Class Bundle: $230 (23 classes)
Single Class: $20 to enroll or call 703.933.1111

Jane Franklin Dance also has performances available on Demand. Stop by the website for shows from Capital Fringe, Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival, spoken word, and visual art collaborations, as well as lively family-friendly performances.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on the arts industry, JFD launched the "Keep Artists Employed" Artist Support Fund to help offset the loss of income due to cancelled rehearsals, residencies, after school programs, projects and performances. 100% of the proceeds goes directly to artists.

The two have virtually recorded a 20-minute musical audio drama, "Emma and the West." Perfect for a short ride or a bedtime story, this adventure follows Emma and her sister as they travel into their favorite book to finish the story. They discover that they have the power to create their own ending through the power of family. Currently available on all streaming sites, the play is also available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon. Click for info!


Keegan hosts a virtual performance series, BRS LIVE. Their brand for young people and families, Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA (PRK), also has online opportunities for young people of all ages to be creative and have fun with theatre and storytelling from home! VIEW ALL OFFERINGS

PRK has always been rooted in helping young people discover their authentic voices and express themselves creatively. During this period of quarantine and isolation from friends and arts influences, PRK seeks to provide opportunities for young people to use their imagination, practice creative play, and create a world with friends across the digital sphere. LEARN MORE ABOUT PRK

If you have questions about Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA or any of these online opportunities, please email

Audiences can discover a wide range of at-home programming through the Kennedy Center at Home website. Arts Across America, a collaboration with arts organizations from coast to coast, the series will present 20 weeks of free, online programming available on Facebook Live, YouTube, and on their website, five days a week at 4 p.m. ET.

New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Mo Willems has filmed 15 episodes of LUNCH DOODLES, available on the Mo Willems page of the Kennedy Center website.

Digital Stage brings you extraordinary performances from the Kennedy Center's stages and beyond, with new releases daily. Millennium Stage lives on with online encore performances – an archive of hundreds of past performances can be accessed through the Kennedy Center website. And for the millions of students, parents, and teachers looking for ways to learn and grow at home, Kennedy Center Education offers informative and engaging Digital Learning resources.

Couch Concerts help inspire, uplift, heal, and bring the performing arts from the homes of artists into homes across the country and around the world during these difficult times. For 23 years, Millennium Stage has brought free performances to audiences in person at the Center and virtually through a livestream. The Kennedy Center will now stream concerts direct from artists' homes on the Kennedy Center website at 4 p.m. ET every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the Center remains closed, due to COVID-19.

To access the livestream or for more information and the latest Couch Concerts schedule, visit the Couch Concerts page of the Kennedy Center website.

Kentlands Community Foundation hosts the Musica Viva @Home concert Sunday, Sept 20.

Kentlands Community Foundation presents a FREE virtual concert on September 20 at 6:30 pm. Sign up to receive your link via email at Donations are gratefully accepted for the Musica Viva Kentlands concert.

The 2020 autumn concert program includes: The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key and John Stafford Smith; American Dance, op. 182 by Teresa Procaccini; Spanish Dance No. 1 by Manuel de Falla with Alessandra Cuffaro; and Soloist Serenade for Strings in E major, op. 22 by Antonin Dvořák There is a rain date of September 21.

MET is offering access to a database of scripts from past productions, along with an opportunity to rent videos from their vault.

Monumental will share 'Monumental Memories' on their YouTube page – including various content from previous productions.

Mosaic has launched Mosaic Alive, a virtual public programming platform where homebound community members can engage with Mosaic artists, scholars, and local thinkers on Mondays and Fridays. Together, you'll explore themes, topics, and literature related to Mosaic's upcoming Season 6 – via engaging conversations and in-depth discussions. You can find more details on the Mosaic Alive website.

NCE is offering a preview of their postponed concert Vivaldi: The Remarkable Four Seasons online on YouTube.

In the weeks to come, National Philharmonic will post short pieces recorded by its musicians on social media. The program "Musical Notes" taps into cellist Yo-Yo Ma's call that musicians – of all levels – around the world join him in offering "Songs of Comfort". National Philharmonic's first 'Musical Note' is from Laura Colgate, Acting Co-Concertmaster, performing Smile by Charlie Chaplin. Says Colgate, "We all need to find something that makes us smile right now, and wigs always seem to bring a smile to my face, hence my backup singers' colorful new hairdos. Keep smiling y'all". View Musical Notes here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

NOW will produce a new array of content, designed to foster empathy, explore intellect, build friendships, and create the version of society that we want to live in, even when we are apart. Offerings include artist music recommendations, artist spotlights, guided meditations, and living room concerts as well as streamed archived shows. Check it out on their website, and please consider making a donation.

NextStop will produce Digital Matinees every Saturday at 2 PM, where they will share fun and exciting updates, interview artists, and answer questions on all things NextStop. Each episode will be approximately 15-20 minutes long. Look for the link in a future post on our Facebook page, join their email list, or watch their site for details.

The Humans by Olney Theatre Center runs through October 4th.

Olney Theatre Center has released a specially filmed version of The Humans by Stephen Karam and directed by Aaron Posner. This unique version of the family dramedy from quarantine was filmed with the actors in six different locations, and it is is available for streaming via the Olney Theatre Center website for $35 through October 4. Review codes are available upon request. Visit:

Opera Nova is now streaming the concert Celebrating African-American Opera Singers: Past and Present online on YouTube.

On September 13, PMCT's Educational Outreach Program presented Spices, a series of monologues and poems from black artists. PMTC states, "This was an opportunity to use the words of Black playwrights, Black poets, and Black actors to tell their stories, to highlight their experiences, and to do this in their own voices." ​For those who could not attend to watch live, the full edited version will be on YouTube a few short days following the premiere. To stay up-to-date on this and the latest PMTC activities, check out Peace Mountain Theatre Company's website, Facebook and YouTube.

In Pipeline Playwrights are holding virtual readings that actors will read, then they will be recorded for viewing on YouTube. You can find more info on their website.

Along with spreading positivity and quarantine tips through their email list and Instagram, Pointless is releasing a new free show from the archives every other Thursday on their Vimeo page.

You can find all Prologue's offerings on their website.

The cast of Round House Theatre's 'Homebound.' Photo courtesy of Round House Theatre.
The cast of Round House Theatre's 'Homebound.' Photo courtesy of Round House Theatre.

RHT has launched Round House at Your House, a new slate of free digital programming  that includes weekly livestreamed interviews with celebrated playwrights, Theatre Education Challenges for three different age groups, and cocktail-making classes from Round House's Fourth Wall Bar & Café.

They have also brought together DC-area playwrights, actors, and designers for Homebound, an original webseries that explores life under Stay-at-Home orders in the Nation's Capital. The ten-episode series is available to stream on their YouTube channel. Please consider making a donation to Round House Theatre online.

Shakespeare Theatre Company hosts the annual Will on The Hill on Monday, September 14. This joyous and bipartisan evening of the Bard's best take on power and politics raises money to support the theatre's arts education and engagement programs, which reach students and community members at home, at school, online, and in theatres. The performance will be available for viewing on a Pay-What-You-Will basis, allowing—for the first time ever—audiences nationwide to take part in the fun! Get tickets and more info here. SPONSORSHIPS start at $2,500 and also include access to a VIP virtual pre-show reception with cast members. To confirm sponsorship, email Members of Congress or staff interested in participating, please email

Romantics Anonymous photo courtesy of Shakespeare Theatre Company.

STC has also announced Emma Rice's musical treat Romantics Anonymous will be available to STC subscribers, donors, and paying audience members for five delectable days of live streaming from Tuesday, September 22 through Saturday, September 26. More details are available on the STC site.

STC Teaching Artists have adapted their fall curriculum to reach students in an online format with 12-16 students. In the belief that theatre provides an essential place for creativity, learning, and human connection, STC is offering Spring Classes online at a reduced rate of $149. Further tuition assistance is available.

Shakespeare Hour LIVE is an online tour through every corner of the Shakespeare universe. Each week, Artistic Director Simon Godwin and Resident Dramaturg Drew Lichtenberg will examine the world of Shakespeare by discussing two plays from the Shakespearean canon which speak to each other thematically, dramaturgically, and historically. Special guests and friends of the STC extended family will also drop by.

STC has also launched #ShakespeareChallenge, asking people to record themselves doing a Shakespearean monologue and post it to social media. STC's artistic director Simon Godwin launched the challenge with the Prologue from Romeo and Juliet.

Signature presents SigWorks: Monday Night Play Readings, an initiative that highlights and supports the work of DMV and regional playwrights. The first reading, At the Full Yum by Rahima Rice, will take place on September 21 at 7 PM. Complete opposites Darecia and Jacob struggle to civilly co-parent their teenage son, Ohaji. When a riot that breaks out after a Black teenager is killed by police causes a lockdown, the two are trapped together in their Michigan Park neighborhood – with Ohaji nowhere to be found. The same night is then relived through an alternate reality in a thrilling and captivating reflection of DC – and those who call it home – outside the political bubble. Other performances include SigWorks: The Story of Walter on December 7, SigWorks: One-Shot on February 8, 2021, and SigWorks: Light on April 5, 2021. This series is an opportunity for playwrights, actors, directors, and patrons to explore new plays in a fun and informal environment. To learn about other SigWorks programs, visit their website.

You can also catch up with talented artists in The Signature Show, a new half-hour digital experience hosted by Associate Artistic Director Matthew Gardiner. The first episode features special guest artist performances and interviews, favorite memories from Signature's past, an original music and tap performance, and a tribute to composer Darius Smith with a song from U.G.L.Y., his musical developed in the SigWorks: Musical Theater Lab. Watch for a new show every other Thursday on their YouTube channel. 

Live chats called Signature Strong Live! will be streamed live on facebook Tuesdays at 8 PM. Signature is also offering virtual private coaching for teens and adults. Registration is now open for adults and teens aged 14 and up, and coaching is meant to be tailored to anyone – from those who want to land a part in their local school or community theatre production, to pre-professional and professional actors. Please consider making an online donation to Signature.

Solas Nua will present Being Here at a time in the future TBA. Audiences can tune into the production to enjoy a live performance of a play specifically written for the online platform. The performance will feature optional, mild audience interaction. Solas Nua artistic director Rex Daugherty shares that, "I've been thinking about what makes digital theatre actually theatre, and I keep returning to the idea that theatre needs to be experienced live. But how do can audiences share a live, intimate experience without proximity? I've seen a lot of archival productions being streamed, which has been a wonderful way the arts industry has quickly responded to the global pandemic. What excites me about BEING HERE is that this is an experience that is created with the digital medium in mind from the ground up. The production will be a live-digital performance, with mild audience interaction involved. This show doesn't work without an audience. That's what makes theatre special, and that togetherness is what we're all longing for during this time of isolation." More details and tickets can be found here. Please consider making a donation to Solas Nua on their website.

Spooky Action's offerings are available on their website.

Step Afrika! will be offering online shows and panels. You can find more info on their website.

From weekly live streamed music concerts and family jam sessions to virtual book clubs and art gallery tours, Strathmore has transitioned to find ways to connect audiences with the arts and with each other online. Live from the Mansion is a virtual concert series that brings inspiring music and insightful conversation together in the Mansion at Strathmore. Each week, host Christylez Bacon joins us for performances in a variety of genres and helps us get to know some of the best artists from the DC area—all from Strathmore's renowned Artist in Residence program. Tune into Strathmore's Facebook page Wednesdays at 7:30pm to catch the premiere of each episode.

About Host Christylez Bacon
Grammy-nominated progressive hip-hop artist Christylez Bacon—with his inimitable style and magnetic personality—is a dynamic member of the Washington, DC music community. With a mission towards cultural acceptance and unification through music, Bacon is constantly pushing the envelope: whether it be with Beatbox Remix, the cross-cultural collaborative music video series he founded featuring guest artists from diverse musical genres, or his education performances for young people. For more info on all programs, please visit the Strathmore website or their facebook page.

Studio Acting Conservatory offers online classes. This semester features classes on Irish playwrights and new workshops on the art of drag, executive public speaking, foundations of musical theater, self-taping for auditions, and devising theater today. Classes begin on September 8.

Studio Theatre's series of digital dance parties with conversation will feature its first out-of-town guests when host Psalmayene 24 is joined by theatre artists Will Power, Danny Hoch, and Jonzi D for the next edition of Psalm's Salons, streaming live on September 18 at 5 p.m. The trio are lauded as innovators and progenitors of hip-hop theatre. Jonzi D has been instrumental in shaping the UK hip-hop dance and theatre scene for more than three decades and Power has been called "the best verse playwright in America" (New York Magazine), while celebrated Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has praised Hoch as "The Osiris of Hip-Hop Theater." As with all Psalm's Salons, the virtual event will pair the personal with the topical, as Psalmayene 24 guides conversation to help contextualizes events in the news cycle through a creative lens. The panel will also discuss the evolution and public embrace of their artform, its power in this moment, and their experience innovating within theatre, as well as their careers and projects. All streaming offerings are available on Studio Theatre'Facebook and YouTube pages.

Studio is also partnering with The Breath Project, a nationwide initiative encouraging artists to create 8 minute, 46 second-long works of live theatre in the memory of George Floyd and in response to this moment in history—marked with calls for racial justice and political reform. Studio is the first DC theatre to join the consortium of more than 20 theatres in 14 states to amplify the call for multidisciplinary theatre artists of color to submit their original works for the project, which will be preserved as an archive and curated into a virtual festival in Fall 2020.

To be entered into The Breath Project archive, and be eligible for inclusion in the companion festival, submissions must be a recording of a live performance of an original work, 8:46 in length. The deadline to submit work for consideration in the festival is September 14, 2020; The Breath Project will accept contributions to the archive on an ongoing basisMore information is available at

All Synetic productions can be found on the Synetic site.

Theater J is offering a variety of online classes taught by awesome Theater J artists. Classes start on staggered dates. Check out all the offerings on their website.

Yiddish Theater Lab is Theater J's on-going initiative dedicated to preserving and reviving the forgotten literature of the Yiddish Theater. Join them as directors and playwrights uncover and re-interpret nearly-forgotten Yiddish classics in new English language readings, workshops, commissions, and eventually productions. See their website for details.

All online offerings are available on their facebook page.

Transformation Theatre presents Disruptions of the Body Saros on September 12 at 2 PM. A high school senior, Jade, experiences a "crisis of science" when an eclipse doesn't occur as scheduled. Her persuasive science teacher tells her not to read into it, but as signs of death and ruin begin to appear around her, Jade fears for the safety of her twin brother, Kai, who almost lost his life during an eclipse eighteen years earlier. In a story told out of sequence, Kai tries to make sense of his place within a love triangle while Jade tries to make sense of her place within a collapsing universe. Register to join the Zoom here.

UrbanArias is offering free livestreams of their operas. You can view more details on the UrbanArias site.

WIT is providing live streamed videos of their improv shows on their site. You can also check their Classes page for updated online offerings.

The Broken Bones is Washington Improv Theater's featured ensemble. Based on your gnarly injury story, watch a new online improv show every Thursday at 6pm. We've all been hurt, perhaps by a hidden patch of ice, a sick collision while scoring the winning goal, or a very public breakup at your 28th birthday party. The Broken Bones will perform an improvised comedy show based on your gnarliest injury —and we will all heal together through comedy. Share your gnarly injury story via message on Facebook or Instagram @brokenbonesdc – To support Washington Improv Theater please donate at

Washington Performing Arts has announced Home Delivery Plus, a new online series of performances and companion experiences beginning in early 2021. Home Delivery Plus offers a variety of paid/ticketed digital packages that feature international, national, and local artists streamed in live or newly recorded performances; companion educational resources and activities; and "backstage" experiences offering a window into the artistic process. Prompted by this time of coronavirus, the series is nevertheless designed with the digital future of the performing arts in mind—as a complement to (not a replacement for) traditional live, in-person performance. At such point in the series as local health authorities and venue hosts judge it is safe for live audiences to gather for physically distanced performances, patrons may be welcomed to purchase separate tickets to attend in person, even as the digital programming continues. Find out more on the WPA website.

Washington Revels' programming is available on their website. Events also include the monthly Community Sing on the 21st of every month. These online programs will continue until it is safe to gather in person again. Participation is free, and more details are at

We Happy Few is releasing several recordings of their shows, including 2019's Treasure Island, now available on their website for a small donation.

The Welders presents The Weld 2020 – An Introduction to The B Word, Saturday, September 12 at 7:30 PM on Zoom. Jared Shamberger's 2021 documentary theatre project, The B Word, is devised from a series of interviews featuring Black gay men in the DC-area. The B Word investigates Black, gay men's relationship to the concept of beauty, self-worth, and their own queer identities. Join The Welders to address questions that the documentary project poses, and share a few, insightful, honest, reflections from B Word interviewees. *The Weld 2020 is free with a reserved online ticket, and donations of any size are welcome! If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so when you reserve your ticket. Zoom details will be sent to all ticket holders prior to the event.

Registration is also live for The Playwrights' Lab: playwriting workshops for adult writers, through a partnership with Young Playwrights' Theater.

The Playwrights' Lab: Introduction to Playwriting is a great start for writers who want to practice dramatic writing or learn the basics of playwriting with a group of supportive, fellow writers. Classes take place over six weeks from September 29 to November 17, 2020, on Tuesdays, at 6:30pm to 7:15pm on Zoom.

The Playwrights' Lab: Exploring Style and Form is the perfect level up from Introduction to Playwriting. Through writing original pieces, practicing exercises, and reviewing the work of their peers, playwrights will address dramatic writing style, form, genres, and best practices in the craft. Classes take place over six weeks from October 1 to November 19, 2020, on Thursdays, at 6 PM to 7:15 PM on Zoom.

Tuition is $300 and tuition assistance is available. Contact Jared Shamberger at

Keep in touch with The Welders on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The cast of Rossini's 'The Touchstone.' Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

Wolf Trap is offering local students a chance to have their turn in the spotlight with Wolf Trap Virtual Stage. In addition, Wolf Trap Opera has launched a new streaming platform that includes a video of their 2017 production of Rossini's The Touchstone, a 2019 version of Ariadne auf Naxos, and an audio recording of the 2018 performance of Bernstein's Songfest in collaboration with the National Orchestral Institute + Festival, and their friends at Naxos. Please consider making a donation to Wolf Trap.

Woolly Mammoth is participating in Play At Home, a play writing initiative providing free scripts for at-home reading. You can find more details on their website.

WMTC has also created a unique offering of online classes that foster learning, enhance existing abilities, and most importantly, activate joy. Register here.

Young Playwrights' Theater hosts online events and classes – all details are available online.

Registration is also live for The Playwrights' Lab: playwriting workshops for adult writers, through a partnership with The Welders.

The Playwrights' Lab: Introduction to Playwriting is a great start for writers who want to practice dramatic writing or learn the basics of playwriting with a group of supportive, fellow writers. Classes take place over six weeks from September 29 to November 17, 2020, on Tuesdays, at 6:30pm to 7:15pm on Zoom.

The Playwrights' Lab: Exploring Style and Form is the perfect level up from Introduction to Playwriting. Through writing original pieces, practicing exercises, and reviewing the work of their peers, playwrights will address dramatic writing style, form, genres, and best practices in the craft. Classes take place over six weeks from October 1 to November 19, 2020, on Thursdays, at 6 PM to 7:15 PM on Zoom. Tuition is $300 and tuition assistance is available. Contact Jared Shamberger at


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