UNLV Boyd School of Law to launch gaming and regulatory online courses - Yogonet International

UNLV Boyd School of Law to launch gaming and regulatory online courses - Yogonet International UNLV Boyd School of Law to launch gaming and regulatory online courses - Yogonet International Posted: 10 Nov 2020 12:00 AM PST T he UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law announced today that it will develop an online training program for operators, regulators, lawyers and others who work in and around the worldwide gaming industry. The mostly asynchronous classes, which will launch during the first and second quarters of 2021, will be created and taught by instructors with decades of professional gaming and teaching experience. The online courses, funded by a gift from the GVC Foundation U.S. , will ultimately consist of eight classes designed to prepare professionals to meet the sophisticated regulatory and operating challenges facing the gaming industry. Students are not required to hold a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree or first degree of law requi

Brookline Town Meeting Approves $33M For Brookline High School - Patch.com

Brookline Town Meeting Approves $33M For Brookline High School - Patch.com

Brookline Town Meeting Approves $33M For Brookline High School - Patch.com

Posted: 17 Nov 2020 06:51 AM PST

BROOKLINE, MA —Some 240 elected legislators logged online Tuesday night for the beginning of what promises to be several nights of fall Town Meeting. The town's legislative body approved an additional $33 million to finish the renovation of the High School and $14.9 million to fund the purchase of part of the old Newbury College property.

The first night elected precinct representatives discussed and voted on only a handful of proposals. Three hours into the meeting Town Meeting had only voted on three topics, and one of the votes was to defer a vote until Wednesday.

But there are more than 40 issues on the table. Last fall there were more than 30 proposals for the legislators to tackle meant the meeting lasted five nights for the first time in recent memory. Generally the meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will last for three or four hours and have spanned two or possibly three days.

According to Town Meeting Moderator Sandy Gadsby, the elected officials will begin to work their way through the warrant, or the docket, stopping at 7:30 p.m. to address three budget questions, including one on Brookline High School and another on the acquisition of part of the old Newbury College property.

Articles that Brookline Town Meeting will likely tackle on Night 1:

Article 1, for Special Town Meeting 1: Proposal to appoint two measurers of bark and wood. (Sponsored by the Select Board)

  • Vote: Passes. 209 in favor, 5 opposed 13 abstaining.

Article 1, for Special Town Meeting 2:

Resolution to appropriate additional funds to the various accounts in the fiscal year 2021 budget or
transfer funds between said accounts, including $246,000 for Commissioner of Public Works.

  • Vote: The vote was deferred to Wednesday.
  • Amendment vote: Vote was deferred.

Main Motion on Article 1, Special Town Meeting 2: A five part motion on budget adjustments, golf enterprise fund, parks and rec commission, funding for the Davis Path Footbridge and appropriation for transportation network assistance.

  • Vote: Passes, 205 in favor, 8 opposed and 9 abstentions.

Article 2, for Special Town Meeting 2: Related appropriating $32.7 million to complete the renovation and expansion of the high school. Requires 2/3 vote.

  • Vote: Passes 207 in favor, 8 opposed and 6 abstentions.

Article 3, for Special Town Meeting 2: Related to authorizing the Select Board to use $14.9 million funds for the purchase of the Newbury College property (the town voted on this in November).

  • Vote: 212 in favor, 6 opposed and 5 abstentions.

Article 2, from Special Town Meeting 1: Regarding approval of a 2.5 percent increase in salary for collective bargaining agreements with the Brookline Police Department. The MOU includes the first step in having the regarding body cameras (Human Resources) Read more: Brookline Edges Forward On Implementing Police Body Cam Policy

  • Vote: Passes, 161 in favor, 52 opposed and 10 abstentions.

Set for a vote Wednesday:

The Brown Amendment

Article 3: Special appropriations. (Select Board)

Article 4: Approval of unpaid bills. (Select Board)

  1. Host community payments, what to do with excess money from Marijuana Dispensaries (Select Board)
    1. Vote:
  2. In-Car Video and Body-Worn Camera policy for the police department(TMM Donelle O'Neal)
    1. Vote:
  3. Amending Brookline's Affordable Housing Requirements and Affordable Housing Trust. (Roger Blood)
    1. Vote:
  4. Amending Brookline Affordable Housing (Deborah Brown, David Lescohier, Arthur W. Conquest, III, C. Scott Ananian, Robert Lepson, Luciana Schachnik and Bob Schram)
    1. Vote:
  5. Defining Short-Term Rentals (Select Board)
    1. Vote:
  6. Proposal to create regulations allowing for short-term rentals (Select Board)
    1. Vote:
  7. Who enforces short-term rental regulations (Select Board)
    1. Vote:

Follow #BrooklineTownMeeting on Twitter for live updates and reactions there.

Eat At These Newton, Brookline Or Waltham Restaurants Get Money - Patch.com

Posted: 17 Nov 2020 10:16 AM PST

NEWTON, MA — If you eat out at one of several Newton, Waltham and Brookline restaurants between now and the end of the month you could get a 50 percent rebate.

Eat Out to Help Out MA, a collaboration between the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and the app Seated, is offering diners the rebate on their check if they go to a participating restaurant between Monday and Wednesday.

Eat Out to Help Out MA is an effort to encourage Massachusetts residents to dine out during off peak hours to support the recovery of the Bay State restaurant industry.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, some 20 percent of restaurants in Massachusetts have closed permanently, the highest concentration in the New England region, according to Massachusetts Restaurant Association president Bob Luz.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that the industry is estimated to lose $240B by the end of the year, with $2.3B lost in the state of Massachusetts alone, according to the Pioneer Institute, a conservative think tank.

So it's even more important to give such an incentive, say industry advocates.

The program is free for both restaurants and diners. To take advantage of the rebates, you download the Seated app, find participating restaurants, make a reservation or signal a walk-in visit. After you get your meal, you submit a photo of your receipt within the app to claim a rebate after the meal.

Arthur Andronic, owner of Moldova Restaurant said he got an email about the program earlier this month from the association.

"We thought of this as a no-brainer for a lot of people because it's no cost," he said.

Business has been steady, but not sustainable for the long run, he said, and any time someone comes in for take out or to have a meal, it helps.

Since the pandemic he's had to adjust like other restaurants with health and safety precautions. One perk, he said, has been that the state has allowed them to up their wine offerings.

"We've increased our portfolio of wines," he said. "So now you can come in and we can offer you a new kind of wine to try with dinner from Moldova, offering liquor store prices for take-out."

Andronic said he hopes people are coming in and taking advantage of the 50 percent rebate perk, but, so far, no one has mentioned Seated, the app where you secure the 50 percent off perk, despite them advertising it online.

"It is really a good program," Andronic said. "it's a nice idea, but I feel like it hasn't been used to its full potential."

Moldova Restaurant has been open for a little more than four years. This year it won't be open for Thanksgiving, but they are taking orders for Thanksgiving dinner ahead of time for pick up.

"We just want to support local and shop local, and for people to come in and dine, or for whoever doesn't feel comfortable to come to us for take out," he said. "Literally the only thing that can support us is by shopping with us."

A list of participating restaurants in Newton:

Moldova Restaurant
Rice Valley
Cook Newton
Fiorella's Cucina - Newton
Little Big Diner
Farmstead Table Restaurant

In Brookline:

Pon Thai Bistro

Burro Bar
La Voile - Brookline
Omori Izakaya
La Morra

Cleveland Circle:

Cafe Landwer

In Waltham:

Osteria Posto
Copper House Tavern
Joe Sent Me - Waltham

Google Maps

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Brookline Election Results: Newbury Override Passes | Brookline, MA Patch - Brookline, MA Patch

Posted: 04 Nov 2020 12:00 AM PST

BROOKLINE, MA — Brookline didn't break any record turnouts, but it did approve raising taxes to pay for a $14.8 million piece of property on Fisher Hill during a historic election Tuesday.

There were 40,345 registered voters this year, of those 30,076 cast ballots, meaning nearly 75 percent of registered Brookline voters cast ballots in the 2020 election, down from 76 percent in the 2016 election. Turnout was still greater than it was in 2012, when it was at 71 percent.

The biggest local issue on the ballot was a question of whether Brookline would accept increased taxes to fund the purchase a $14.8 million portion of the old Newbury College campus from Welltower, a senior housing developer.

Nearly 61 percent of voters approved the tax override, with 26 percent opposed.

It's not clear just yet what the town will use the campus for, community members have suggested everything from an elementary school to municipal land for DPW, a community center or outdoor pool.

Brookline voted in favor of the right to repair ballot question, following much of the state. Question number 2 on the ballot, regarding ranked choice ballots won overwhelmingly in Brookline, but not so in the rest of the state where 54 percent of voters voted against the move and only 43 percent voted in favor.

If it were up to Brookline voters, they would —overwhelmingly — put Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House come Jan. 1. The rest of Massachusetts voters appear to be less enthusiastic of that outcome, though still in favor of a Biden presidency over a Trump. With 87 percent of districts tallied, the state tally puts 66 percent in favor of a Biden, Harris ticket versus 33 percent for a Trump, Pence ticket Wednesday.

Brookline voted overwhelmingly in favor of Newton City Councilor Jake Auchincloss for the 4th Congressional District seat. Auchincloss called the race he was projected to win last night a little before all the votes were tallied across the district. At 7 a.m. he was projected to win with 92 percent of districts reporting across the 4th Congressional District.

"I'm so grateful that the voters of #MA04 have chosen me as their next Congressman," Auchincloss tweeted. "I promise that I will be a representative for the entire district, that I will always listen, and that together, we will work to rebuild this nation."

President and Vice President

  1. Biden and Harris: 26,046 (87 percent of voters)
  2. Trump and Pence: 3,322 (11 percent)
  3. Jorgensen and Cohen: 236
  4. Hawkins and Walker: 143

Senator in Congress

  1. *Edward J. Markey: 25,505
  2. Kevin J. O'Connor: 3,998

Representative in Congress (4th Congressional District)

  • * Jake Auchincloss: 24,623
  • Julie A. Hall: 3,866

Question 1: Amend Right to Repair Law

  • Yes: 21,862
  • No: 6,196

Question 2: Ranked-Choice Voting

Norfolk County Sheriff

  • Democrat Patrick McDermott: 21,617
  • Republican Jerry McDermott: 5,240

Norfolk County Commissioner (2 seats)

  • Joseph Shea: 15,672
  • Heather Hamilton: 11,749
  • Richard Staiti: 8,888

See the precinct breakdown of results here:

Town of Brookline Clerk's Office

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