Author discusses his book, 'The Chicago Guide to College Science Teaching' - Inside Higher Ed

Terry McGlynn is constantly promoting better teaching of science in American colleges and universities. A professor of biology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and author of the blog Small Pond Science , he believes that good teaching is essential at every kind of college. But to achieve that, he thinks some of the incentives of American higher education (think of what generates raises at research universities) need to change. He's put his ideas together in a book, The Chicago Guide to College Science Teaching (University of Chicago Press). McGlynn answered questions about his book via email. Q: What are the major flaws of science teaching at colleges in the U.S.? A: A lot of us have never been trained how to teach. Doesn’t it seem fundamentally absurd that graduate students and faculty all over the country are teaching science without even having taken a single course in science teaching? We jump through an absurd number of hoops to become college faculty, ye

The Most & Least Expensive Online MBA Programs In 2021 - Poets&Quants

The Most & Least Expensive Online MBA Programs In 2021 - Poets&Quants

The Most & Least Expensive Online MBA Programs In 2021 - Poets&Quants

Posted: 09 Nov 2020 04:56 PM PST

It's a program that offers eight-week courses and multiple start dates throughout the year. It's open to individuals who have graduated with a bachelor's degree in any field from any accredited college or university. And for non-business majors, it includes an eight-week foundation course that provides the working knowledge needed for a graduate business curriculum.

And all that for a lower price — by far — than you'll find anywhere else.

Rogers State University of Oklahoma's customizable, accredited online MBA, an 18-month program, costs just $10,880, less than any of the other 46 schools in Poets&Quants' fourth annual Online MBA Ranking. "Our motto at RSU is Students First," Dean Susan Willis says. One way we put students first is by offering an MBA program designed to fit your schedule. RSU is an accredited public university with an affordable, flexible, and achievable MBA degree program. I invite you to expand your knowledge and enrich your career with an online MBA from RSU."

If you're looking for an online MBA from a school in this ranking, you'll find more variety than you can dream of — including price, from Rogers State's $10K degree to $141K at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. At the lower end, including four schools where the cost is less than $20K, the average cost is $20,535; while at the upper end, including four of the top five ranked schools — but, importantly, not top-ranked Indiana Kelley School of Business — the average cost among the seven most expensive online MBAs is more than $106K.


How can smaller schools afford to offer degrees that in many cases take two or more years to complete, while charging one-seventh the total fees? Last year we asked that question of Sandra Richtermeyer, dean of the Manning School at UMass Lowell, whose school slipped to third-lowest on the cost chart despite not charging more for the second year in a row.

"We are very committed to our values as a public university and offering a great value," Richtermeyer said. "We have a very high-quality program at a great value. It's our roots, being the second-largest public university in Massachusetts and one of the fastest-growing in the country. We want this to be a fantastic option for people to pursue a great program at a great value." Leticia Porter, assistant dean at the Manning School, says there is still no plan to increase the school's per-credit charge of $655.

We asked the same question — How can you afford to offer the variety and depth of curricula? — of programs whose costs are in the middle range, starting with the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Saunders hasn't changed its total cost — $78,000 — in two cycles.

"We're about the middle of the road compared to other ranked schools," the program's director, Marty Lawlor, told P&Q. "Moreover, our tuition includes all textbooks, cases and course materials in addition to all travel and lodging expenses for residencies and international trips. One other difference is that most of our courses have two instructors. When you consider total cost of program, we think we provide value for money. Our students' average payback is just under three years." RIT Saunders' online MBA program is ranked 46th by P&Q this year.

And what about at the top — the No. 1-ranked program at Indiana Kelley, which costs $74,520 — identical to its price in 2019?

"We focus on and invest in key primary areas — teaching and technology-enabled delivery and the online MBA student experience," Ramesh Venkataraman, associate dean for information and instructional technologies and chair of Kelley Direct MBA & MS programs, told P&Q. "We invite the very best of Kelley's faculty to teach in our online program, and we invest in the best instructional technology professionals and learning technology equipment to ensure that our top faculty can deliver their content in the best way possible for students. We also ceaselessly focus on the quality of the student experience outside of class, which includes everything from global and domestic immersions, to having dedicated academic advisors and career coaches who are trained — and excited about — working with our high-performing students."


Four of top five schools in Poets&Quants' 2021 Online MBA Ranking are also the four most expensive — and the only four that cost six figures:

1. Indiana ($74,520)
2. Carnegie Mellon (141,320)
3. USC Marshall ($111,663)
4. GWU ($100,883)
5. UNC ($125,589)

The average cost to attend a top-five OMBA program is $110,795. That's a number that has not increased dramatically since last year, with only two of the five schools (CMU and USC) actually charging more in 2020. But going back two cycles, the average increase has been $7,306, or 7.5%, at the four schools that have seen their prices climb.

Altogether, Poets&Quants has enough data from 31 schools to make year-over-year cost comparisons. Of the 31, 11 schools didn't raise costs; four — UMass Lowell, UMass Amherst, Florida International, Rochester Saunders — haven't raised costs since before 2018. The biggest one-year increase came at the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business, where the total cost increased 35.8% from $32,883 to $44,640, a more than $11K difference. Other notables: Wisconsin Consortium (up 23.9%) and the University of South Florida (23.8%). The biggest increase over two cycles was also at  Cincinnati Lindner, $10,820 (32%), followed by Wisconsin Consortium ($5,550, 23.9%) and Washington State's Carson Carson College of Business ($8,368, 23.9%).

Not every school increased cost. Three schools dropped their prices from 2019: North Dakota, the Jack Welch Management Institute, and Hofstra University's Zarb School of Business, which dropped $10,818, or 16.6%, to arrive at a 2020 cost of $54,502. Five schools were down in cost over two cycles, led by Creighton University's Heider College of Business, which declined $6,406 (17.2%) to $30,821.

See the next page for a table of costs over three years at all the online MBA programs in our 2021 ranking.

The 2021 Poets&Quants Online MBA Rankings Package










New Rankings: The Best Online University Programs Based On Their ROI - Forbes

Posted: 17 Oct 2020 12:00 AM PDT

As more students turn to online education during the pandemic, they're becoming increasingly interested in learning about the costs and payoffs of online degree programs. Now, Optimal (formerly the SR Education Group and the host for has rebranded its Guide to Online Schools as a new source of such information.

The new product is called OnlineU, and this month it released 2021 Best Colleges for Return on Investment Rankings. The rankings are based on major-specific median salary and mean debt numbers gathered from the U. S. Department of Education's College Scorecard.

"The pandemic has significantly accelerated the growth of online learning and delivered us into a territory where there is not a lot of qualitative or quantitative information yet," said Optimal founder and CEO Sung Rhee. "OnlineU is looking to fill this space with our data-driven articles and outcomes-based rankings focused specifically on return on investment, so students are able to vet the value and outcome of their choices rather than playing the guessing game."

To determine mid-career return on investment (ROI), schools were ranked by graduates' salaries and debt payments 10 years after graduation, accounting for standard salary growth and interest on debt payments. Each school was given a percentile "ROI score" that shows how the salary and debt of alumni from that school's online programs compared to similar ones.


A statistical score was calculated that compared each degree program's 10-year ROI with the average 10-year ROI for all other programs in the same field. The scores for the programs offered online at each school were averaged and schools were ranked from highest to lowest on this average score. To be considered, schools needed to have the necessary data available for a minimum number of online programs at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's level.

The Top 20 Online Universities based on bachelor's degrees include public, private non-profit, and for-profit institutions. They include traditional campus-based institutions as well as those that are exclusively online:

  • University of Virginia
  • Northeastern University
  • Excelsior College
  • Capella University
  • SUNY Empire State College
  • University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • Roger Williams University
  • Thomas Edison State University
  • Rider University
  • Colorado State University Global
  • Drexel University
  • University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Concordia University, St. Paul
  • St Joseph's University
  • Brandman University
  • Bellevue University
  • Miami University
  • Western Governors University
  • American Public University System
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide

The Top Ten Online Universities based on master's degrees are all well-established public or private, nonprofit schools.

  • Fordham University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Northwestern University NWE
  • Columbia University, New York
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • California State University, Northridge
  • George Mason University
  • University of Minnesota
  • St. John's University
  • University of Maryland

In addition to these rankings, the site also ranks individual degree programs in a number of fields.

  • So for example, if you're considering earning a bachelor's degree in Arts and Design, the University of Montana ranks #1 in ROI, with annual tuition of $21,600 and a median mid-career salary of $80,300. It's followed by the University of Iowa (annual tuition: $8,073; mid-career salary: $61,914) and the University of Denver (annual tuition: $30,060; mid-career salary: $69,729).
  • For a student wanting a Master's in counseling, West Virginia University ranked #1 in ROI with annual tuition of $16,960 and median mid-year salary of $109,600. It was followed by Rutgers University (tuition: $11,040 and mid-career median salary: $72,600) and Pepperdine University (tuition: $49,135 and mid-career salary of $85,000).

Every college ranking system is limited by its methodology, and consumers need to understand that interpreting the results must be tempered by what data are collected and how. In the case of these online degree rankings, the reported salaries are specific to a limited time frame, and they're extrapolated from earlier figures. The debt figures cover only federal loans, not other sources. Additionally, universities with a small number of online programs, and programs with a small number of graduates are not included.

Finally, the value of college should not be measured only in terms of dollars and cents. Many students don't go to college merely as a financial investment—a plan to make a profit. They want to learn how to lead informed, engaged lives combined with the opportunity to be paid well as they do so. They want to encounter new ideas from people who are different from them. And they want to develop relationships that give lasting meaning to their lives. No ranking system fully captures all those motivations.

Nonetheless, understanding future financial outcomes is of interest to prospective students and their families as they grapple with the question of whether a college education is worth it. The 2021 Best Colleges for Return on Investment Rankings offers some useful information on that score.

Value Colleges Releases Rankings of Digital Marketing Degree Programs - Watauga Democrat

Posted: 08 Nov 2020 10:17 PM PST

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Value Colleges (, an independent online guide to the best values in undergraduate and graduate education, is pleased to share three new rankings:

25 Best Value Online Digital Marketing Master's for 2021

Top 25 Best Value Online Digital Marketing Bachelor's for 2021

Top 25 Best Value Online Digital Marketing Certificates for 2021

For all rankings, Value Colleges focused specifically on fully accredited colleges and universities with an established reputation for quality.

The top 3 online Digital Marketing Master's programs are: 1) University of Florida, 2) Johns Hopkins University, and 3) Santa Clara University. The top 3 online Digital Marketing Bachelor's programs are: 1) Arizona State University; 2) Oregon State University; 3) Indiana Wesleyan University. The top 3 online Digital Marketing Certificate programs are: 1) Duke University; 2) Harvard University; 3) University of Virginia.

Value Colleges congratulates the top 3 in each category, as well as all of the top digital marketing degree schools!

The full lists, in alphabetical order, can be found below.

Digital marketing has become central to marketing in every industry, from retail to education to even government. As the editors state, "The tech industry has played a major role in democratizing the job market – rather than valuing degrees, many tech employers only care whether you can do the job or not," but a certificate or degree in digital marketing can be a valuable way to break into a growing field.  A certificate is a quick start, but getting ahead may take a bachelor's or master's. Managerial positions, and even high-level executive careers, can be had in digital marketing today. According to the editors, "Even in a mid-management position, the earning potential with a certificate, Associate's or Bachelor's degree in digital marketing is exceptionally high." Even better, "The convenience and flexibility of online learning allow you to pursue your education as well as fulfill your financial obligations."

Value Colleges has a mission to help future students - whether they are working professionals, new graduates, minority and first-generation students, or others - to find residential and online degree programs that will help them make their goals a reality. Value Colleges is independent and unbiased, ranking degree programs, providing guides for the complex financial and professional questions of college students, and offering honest facts about the potential and pitfalls of a college education.

Top 25 Best Digital Marketing Master's Programs for 2021

Benedictine University

Brandeis university

Concordia University of Chicago

East Tennessee State University

Emerson College

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fort Hays State University

Johns Hopkins University

Liberty University

Messiah College

Montclair State University

National University

New England College

Northern Illinois University

Ohio Christian University

Rutgers University

Saint Leo University

Santa Clara University

Southern New Hampshire University

Temple University

University of Alabama

University of Denver - University College

University of Florida

Walden University

Yeshiva University

Top 25 Online Digital Marketing Bachelor's for 2021

Arizona State University

Bellevue College

Cambridge College

Colorado Technical University

Franklin University

Full Sail University

Granite State College

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Independence University

Indiana Wesleyan University

Johnson & Wales University

Liberty University

Lindenwood University

New England College of Business

Old Dominion University

Oregon State University

Park University

Point University

Regent University

Savannah College of Art and Design

Southeastern University

Southern New Hampshire University

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Wisconsin Stout

Western Governor's University

Top 25 Online Digital Marketing Certificates for 2021

Brandman University

Case Western Reserve University

Community College of Philadelphia

Cornell University

Drexel University

Duke University

Harvard University

Oregon State University

Southern Methodist University

UMass Lowell

UNC Chapel Hill

University of California Irvine

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Chicago

University of Georgia

University of Illinois

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Pennsylvania

University of San Diego

University of South Florida

University of Toronto

University of Vermont

University of Virginia

University of Washington

University of WisconsinMilwaukee

Media Contact:
Rhonda Corey
Media Manager, Value Colleges
(919) 864-2220

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