Remarks by President Biden in a Roundtable on the American Rescue Plan - The White House

State Dining Room 3:25 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  Thanks for being here, everybody.  This is important, and I appreciate you being willing to come and tell your stories. I wanted this to be a conversation about what the impact of the $1,400 that our plan has for every American out there, and to make sure that I understand what you think is important about it, if you think it’s important. And I also want to — you know, the people you’re about to meet, the millions of people who are going to help with this — I think — with this check, that’s going to make a big difference in terms of their lives.  And people in the country are hurting right now, with less than two weeks from enhanced unemployment checks being cut out.  And 7 million kids don’t have enough food; 13 million people are behind in their rent.  And the American Rescue Plan, I believe — and according to the polling data, the vast majority of Americans believe — is essential to giving them some help and to turn it around. A

College Ranking: Best Online Universities For Return On Investment - Forbes

College Ranking: Best Online Universities For Return On Investment - Forbes

College Ranking: Best Online Universities For Return On Investment - Forbes

Posted: 27 Dec 2020 10:48 AM PST

Online U has just released its rankings of the best online bachelor's degrees for return on investment (ROI). These rankings include 325 accredited colleges and universities which have salary data for at least three fully online bachelor's degrees that cover at least three subject areas. The ROI is developed based on the institution's tuition, the return on investment over ten years based on data from the College Scorecard and the average debt levels of the graduates. The data is compiled and compared by program.

The list is very diverse. Among the top four colleges are the #1 rated University of Virginia, a public flagship university which has many more in-person programs than on-line programs; Northeastern University, a private not-for-profit university which is well known for its co-op programs;  #3 rated Excelsior College, a private not-for-profit distance learning institution and #4 ranked Capella University, a for profit distance learning institution. Among the top 25 colleges and universities are three private for-profit institutions, eight public institutions and 14 private not-for-profit institutions. The tuition at the institutions ranges from a low at two of the entirely on-line universities: $6450 at the public Western Governor's University and $8,550 at the for-profit American Public University to two private universities which have both on-line and on-the-ground programs: St. Joseph's at $47,740 and Rider at $45,120.OnlineU also has other rankings and information about colleges besides return on investment. It has information on programs at all degree levels as well as rankings of affordable online colleges, those with the lowest tuition and fees, and military friendly colleges as well as other lists. As you look to either begin college in the spring or continue your schooling, many of you may find this information helpful.

Note: The author serves on the board of the American Public University System


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