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Hazmat University Announces Their Courses Have Been Updated for 2021 Regulations - Yahoo Finance

Hazmat University Announces Their Courses Have Been Updated for 2021 Regulations - Yahoo Finance

Hazmat University Announces Their Courses Have Been Updated for 2021 Regulations - Yahoo Finance

Posted: 21 Dec 2020 07:00 AM PST


Goldman Sachs Says These 3 Stocks Could Surge Over 30% From Current Levels

After a true annus horribilus, we're all ready for better times. The US equity strategy team at Goldman Sachs, led by David Kostin, sees those better time ahead, and in the near-term. The team is predicting a 25% gain for the S&P 500 within the next 24 months – or to put it in absolute numbers, they believe the index will hit 4,600 by December 2022. Kostin lays out four clear reasons for believing that we're at the start of another prolonged bull run. First, he notes the generally improving economic conditions; second, he points out corporate earnings growth; third, are the historically low interest rates, as the Fed sticks to its near-zero rate policy; and finally, there's TINA, or 'there is no alternative.' Stocks are entering a virtuous circle, Kostin believes, as they offer the highest returns available for now.In a recent interview, Goldman's chief equity strategist said of these points, "That's the story, it's about an economy that's getting better, coming off the pandemic, and generally getting better, and the Fed on hold. All of that is to the positive and I think the market is recognizing that and will continue to do that."Goldman Sachs analysts are following Kostin's lead, and pointing out three stocks that they think will gain from the general market rise. We ran the trio through TipRanks database to see what other Wall Street's analysts have to say about them.Lordstown Motors (RIDE)The first Goldman's choice is Lordstown Motors. This Ohio-based company, closely linked to Big 3 standard General Motors, is an electric vehicle maker. The company works out of the GM's old Lordstown, Ohio assembly plant, which it purchased last year. Lordstown boasts over 6.2 million square feet of production floor space, and a capacity of 600,000 vehicles per year. The company's flagship vehicle is the all-wheel drive Endurance pickup truck. The vehicle is based on a unique design, using individual electric motors at each wheel hub. The Endurance is scheduled for delivery in the fall of 2021.Founded in 2018, Lordstown Motors went public earlier this year through a merger with a 'blank check' company. These transactions are designed to provide capital for companies looking to enter the public market. As part of preparations for releasing its Endurance truck, Lordstown has entered into an agreement with Camping World Holdings (CWH), the RV maker. Camping World will train its mechanics on the new truck, and provide garage floor space for Lordstown's customers. The agreement includes potentials for expansion, such as sharing sales, space and providing electric drive systems for RVs.Covering this stock for Goldman Sachs, analyst Mark Delaney writes, "We believe this collaboration is a first step to address Lordstown's service footprint and charging infrastructure, and we view Lordstown's decision to leverage an existing service footprint as a cost effective strategy… we believe that the broader customer experience, including service and charging, plays a significant role in product differentiation and can help EV start-ups to be successful. In our view, the ease and reliability of maintenance and charging is particularly important to Lordstown's fleet/commercial customer base, which is focused on vehicle up-time."In line with these comments, Delaney rates RIDE shares a Buy along with a $31 price target for the next 12 months. At current levels, that implies a 67% upside potential. (To watch Delaney's track record, click here)Overall, RIDE shares get a Hold from the analyst consensus, reflecting Wall Street caution toward a new – and highly speculative – endeavor. The rating is derived from 4 recent reviews, evenly split between 2 Buys and 2 Sells. However, the $27.50 average price target suggests that RIDE has a 48% upside for the year ahead. (See RIDE stock analysis on TipRanks)Liberty Global (LBTYA)Next up is Liberty Global, a holding company in the telecom sector. Liberty has a global presence with operations in seven European countries: the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland. The company boasts annual revenues in excess of $11 billion.Through its subsidiaries, Liberty serves over 11 million customers with a combined 25 million subscriptions to broadband internet, TV, and telephone services. The company also claims 6 million mobile and wifi subscribers. Liberty is a leading investor in European digital and online infrastructure projects.Among the company's recent moves was the acquisition of Swiss telecom provider Sunrise Communications last month. With completion of the transactions, Liberty Global now owns over 98% of Sunrise's total share capital, making the Swiss company of a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Global Group.Goldman Sachs analyst Andrew Lee, in an extensive review of Liberty's current business and market position, points out the Swiss acquisition as a key factor for the company's future. He writes, "We view Sunrise as a quality asset, with sustained market share growth potential. We expect this to benefit LBTYA directly as Sunrise continues to win share from Swisscom but also to help stabilize the UPC asset."Lee gives LBTYA shares a Buy rating along with a $33 price target. This figure implies ~36% one-year upside from current levels. (To watch Lee's track record, click here)Like RIDE above, Liberty has an even split among its recent reviews – in this case, 3 Buys and 2 Holds, making the analyst consensus view a Moderate Buy. The shares are priced at $24.32, and the average price target of $30.12 indicates room for ~24% growth from that level. (See LBTYA stock analysis on TipRanks)Lufax Holding (LU)Fintech is a rapidly growing niche, and Lufax operates a personal financial services platform serving the Chinese market. The company provides wealth management for the fast-growing middle class in China, a population that is not only growing in size but also in affluence. Lufax offers financing solutions for personal and business loans to this population, which is not always well-served by China's established banking sector. The company's customer base includes small business owners and salaried workers.Revenue for the third quarter, reported earlier this month, came in at $2 billion in US currency. The EPS of 24 cents beat the estimates by 10 cents, or 71%. These numbers were down year-over-year, however.The key uncertainty facing Lufax at the present is state regulation. China's government, while permitting a market-based economy, keeps a tight grip on economic activity generally, and modern, cutting edge companies like Lufax can run afoul of regulators who are sometimes uncomfortable with the digital world. The prospect of tighter regulation, as government officials seek to impose controls on fintech, has some investors worried.After an extensive review of the Chinese tech regulatory environment, Goldman's Elsie Cheng, who covers Lufax, noted: "We remain constructive on Lufax's capability to navigate through the continually evolving regulatory environment and deliver consistent value-add to its consumers/financial partners."In light of that, Cheng rates LU a Buy alongside a $20 price target, which implies a 34% upside for the year ahead. (To watch Cheng's track record, click here)All in all, the Moderate Buy analyst consensus rating on Lufax is based on 7 reviews, including 4 Buys and 3 Holds. The average price target of $17.70 indicates a potential 15% upside next year. (See LU stock analysis on TipRanks)To find good ideas for stocks trading at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks' Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that unites all of TipRanks' equity insights.Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Extended reality: U-M online courses make XR accessible to everyone - University of Michigan News

Posted: 15 Dec 2020 09:28 AM PST

From Michael Nebeling's new specialization on Coursera. Image credit: Michael NebelingFor the past several years, Michael Nebeling has taught students at the University of Michigan the most advanced techniques in virtual and augmented reality while encouraging novice users to experiment with the technology by utilizing devices like cell phones and everyday materials found at home.

So, it's not surprising that a new three-course online specialization on extended reality that Nebeling developed with a team at the U-M Center for Academic Innovation would have something for everyone—from novices to the most advanced users, designers and developers.

Extended reality, or XR, is the term for technology that encompasses virtual, augmented and mixed reality—and it is the focus of a major initiative the university announced one year ago.

The specialization on Coursera called "Extended Reality for Everybody," has a broad target audience: students, instructors, designers and developers, researchers, librarians, managers and entrepreneurs. This reflects Nebeling's philosophy that this technology need not be overly complicated in the way it is created or out of reach in terms of budget for equipment. Yet, it can be as advanced as the creativity, technical savvy and imagination of users who wish to explore the greatest depths of the applications.

From Michael Nebeling's new specialization on Coursera. Image credit: Michael Nebeling

From Michael Nebeling's new specialization on Coursera. Image credit: Michael Nebeling

"I really enjoyed putting the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last five years doing research and teaching in this space into this MOOC specialization," said Nebeling assistant professor at the U-M School of Information. "It really brings together a lot of different perspectives, from critical design and design thinking, to hands-on working and developing with these technologies. I hope my courses will be a powerful resource for both novice XR creators and those who have worked in the space for years."

The specialization launched this week. It gives learners the chance to enroll in one course to learn the basics about the technology or take a deeper dive and earn certification for successful completion of all three. The courses are identified as an introduction to XR, XR design and XR development.

"This is one of the more unique features of this specialization," said Annie Sadler, design manager at the Center for Academic Innovation. "You can choose your depth."

For example, instructors might find the first course helpful to learn about how to use the technology to teach it to students. Nebeling often is asked to lecture on how to use these techniques in the classroom, and much of what he shares in those talks is incorporated in the course that goes over the definitions and uses of the technology.

The second course looks at XR from a designer's perspective, and includes work on physical and digital prototyping, including storyboarding and wireframing. This is a course that brings together years of Nebeling's research on rapid prototyping techniques with both physical and digital tools and provides a practitioner's guide to doing XR without being a programmer.

The third and more advanced course gets into the nuts and bolts of XR for those who want to know about developing new XR applications with state-of-the-art programmer tools. Participants will learn various development approaches, making the jump from 2D to 3D user interfaces, and using WebXR, Unity and Unreal for creating XR apps.

Even within the courses one can go further, taking additional honors tracks. In the first course, this involves extended discussion, and in the other two courses, participants can complete hands-on projects. Nebeling says they can use various XR devices to complete peer-reviewed projects that will provide significant portfolio pieces in the end.

Nebeling, who serves as the Center for Academic Innovation XR Faculty Innovator-in-Residence, previously offered a teach-out on "Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality: Opportunities and Issues," which provided an important starting point. Participants in the short-term learning event discussed the emerging technology's potential and pitfalls. Feedback was very positive but many asked for courses that went beyond theoretical to practical application of the technology.

"There are a lot of things that, in my view, make this specialization special," he said. "It provides a comprehensive overview of the XR space, whereas previous offerings mostly focused on virtual reality or tools like Unity.

"It is taught from a human-centered design perspective with a design thinking mindset, whereas most previous courses assumed a programming background. It embeds interviews and discussion rounds with my students, who also contributed their projects as case studies to help other students learn from their experience working in this space."

Learners can opt to take only one or two courses but certification for the specialization requires completing the entire series. Completing the honors track earns additional recognition.

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