Buffalo schools fail kids when teaching that all White people play part in systemic racism: Rufo - Fox News

Buffalo schools have adopted a curriculum that pushes the controversial idea that all White people perpetuate systemic racism, while 80% of its students fail to reach proficiency in reading and writing, an editor said Wednesday.  City Journal editor Chris Rufo, during an appearance on "The Ingraham Angle," said the "diversity czar" of Buffalo public schools was caught on tape saying she believes that America's sickness leads some White people to believe Black people are less than human.  One of the district's instructional materials also includes the assertion that "all White people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism." He said the narrative of system racism has also spread to schools across the country, which shifts attention away from "their own abysmal failure to educate kids." BUFFALO'S SCHOOL DISTRICT TELLS STUDENTS THAT 'ALL WHITE PEOPLE PLAY A PART IN PERPETUATING SYSTEMIC RACISM' "Woke academics and

U.S. News Releases Its Rankings Of The Best Online College Programs For 2020 - Forbes

U.S. News Releases Its Rankings Of The Best Online College Programs For 2020 - Forbes

U.S. News Releases Its Rankings Of The Best Online College Programs For 2020 - Forbes

Posted: 14 Jan 2020 12:00 AM PST

U.S. News & World Report announced its 2020 Best Online Programs rankings today, the ninth edition of these rankings. This year more than 1,600 programs were ranked — up from 1,545 last year and 677 in the first edition in 2012.


The list includes Bachelor's programs at the institutional level and graduate programs in seven fields (including specialties within these fields) — nursing, computer information technology, criminal justice, education, business (non-MBA), MBA, and engineering.

U.S. News also ranks the Best Online Programs for Veterans, and the top three schools, in order, for 2020 were Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide, the University of Florida, and Oregon State University.

Undergraduate Programs

The highest-ranked online Bachelor's program is The Ohio State University, replacing last year's leader, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide, which slipped to second place. Ohio State had been ranked #1 in 2018. The University of Illinois-Chicago placed third, up from the fifth spot last year. The University of Florida and Oregon State University were fourth and fifth, respectively. A total of 353 colleges were ranked.

The methodology used by U.S. News to rank online undergraduate offerings is based on four factors, composed of multiple measures that are self-reported by institutions or gathered through a peer survey. Only degree-granting programs at regionally accredited institutions are included, and the rankings are restricted to programs where all required coursework can be completed via distance learning courses incorporating internet-based technology (The programs may also include in-person orientations, clinical requirements, and testing.).


Engagement (35%) This factor taps best practices in online education, including whether students have opportunities to interact with instructors and classmates and whether exams are authenticated. Other components include retention rate, graduation rate, average class size and the use of multiple assessments of student outcomes.

Services and Technologies (25%) This factor includes measures of student indebtedness (making up 50% of this overall factor), technological infrastructure (e.g., do students have remote access to chatrooms), and availability of support services such as 24/7 tech support, advising and course registration, libraries, career guidance, and financial aid resources.

Faculty Credentials and Training (20%) This factor is based on percentages of online faculty who have a terminal degree, who have undergone training to teach distance learners, who have a Master's degree or higher, and who are tenured. 


Expert Opinion (20%) A survey of academic officials tries to account for factors affecting program quality not conveyed by quantitative statistics. This is a subjective measure of reputation, which is often based on general impressions of institutions.  

Graduate Programs

Although graduate programs are ranked using a similar methodology as for undergraduate programs, there are differences in the factors and their weightings between the various categories. For example, "student excellence" is a fifth category employed for ranking all graduate programs, with weightings that range from 10% (Nursing) to 15% (Business, non-MBA). As another example, the importance given to "faculty credentials and training" ranges from weightings of 15% (MBA, Business (non-MBA), and Education) to 25% (Engineering and Computer Information Technology). The rationale for these differences is less than obvious.

MBA (335 colleges)

1.Indiana University—Bloomington (Kelley) (tie)


1.University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler) (tie)

3. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

Business, non-MBA (188 colleges)

1. University of Southern California (Marshall)

2. Indiana University—Bloomington (Kelley)

3. Villanova University


Computer Information Technology (62 colleges)

1. University of Southern California

2. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)

3. University of Arizona

Criminal Justice (83 colleges)

1. University of California—Irvine


2. Sam Houston State University (TX)

3. Boston University (tie)

3. University of Massachusetts—Lowell (tie)

Education (309 colleges)

1. Clemson University (Moore)

2. University of Florida


3. University of Virginia (Curry)

Engineering (96 colleges)

1. Columbia University (Fu Foundation) (tie)

1. University of California—Los Angeles (Samueli) (tie)

3. Purdue University—West Lafayette

Nursing (183 colleges)


1. Rush University (Illinois)

2. University of South Carolina

3. Johns Hopkins University

Online programs continue to be a major source of higher education, particularly for adults returning to school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 2.2 million undergraduates enrolled exclusively in online programs in fall 2017; another 870,000 students were enrolled in online post-baccalaureate curricula.

The U.S. News rankings of online programs addresses this growing sector with an elaborate methodology, but it retains some components that remain problematic - relying on institutions' self-report of much of the underlying data, placing too much emphasis on institutional inputs rather than student outcomes, and continuing to use peer ratings, which are even more suspect for this domain than for traditional on-campus programs.


That said, most of the factors are reasonable, face-valid indicators of how high-quality distance learning programs should operate at least in principle. And to its credit, U.S News adjusted the weightings this year so that acceptance rates and standardized tests are given less emphasis for rating graduate programs. While several factors still favor established institutions that can spend more money on their online programs, the ratings provide useful data for consumers, particularly nontraditional students who might otherwise have few sources of information about their college options.

Affordable Online Degrees for Transfer Help Students Go to College - PRNewswire

Posted: 09 Dec 2020 11:12 AM PST

VENTURA, Calif., Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ventura College is on the forefront of providing students in California access to education with its fully online associate degree for transfer (ADT) program. Though California community colleges have transitioned to online learning due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, Ventura College offers approximately 35 programs fully online. The college also provides Promise program grants ($0 tuition) to qualified online students and over 30% of classes have zero textbook costs.

To facilitate student success with online learning, Ventura College has certified its faculty to teach effectively online so all students have access to engaging online classes. In addition, all student services are available online, including tutoring, financial aid and academic counseling.

Students can choose high-demand majors in Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Sociology and Psychology, among others. Students can also obtain degrees in specialized fields of study, including Chicano Studies, Social Media and Marketing and Agricultural Business.

Ventura College has developed exceptional science labs for the online environment in Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics and Astronomy to further enhance students' learning experiences. Students throughout the state and beyond seek out Ventura College's virtual labs, even as students are primarily online.

Students can begin their fully online programs this spring semester, which starts Jan. 11, 2021. Ventura College also offers classes starting in February and March to help accommodate students' schedules.

After completing an online ADT degree, students can continue their education through online, hybrid or traditional university degree programs at several California State Universities, as well as University of California and private university campuses.

Students in the online program pay in-state tuition rates as California residents – just $46 a unit! They are also eligible for financial aid and the Promise grant, which covers enrollment fees for first-time, full-time students.

For more information on Ventura College's online ADT program, contact the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Learning at [email protected] or 805-289-6000, or visit VenturaCollege.edu/onlinedegrees.

Ventura College is a Hispanic-Serving Institution and offers over 70 disciplines of study in STEM fields, business, the arts, education, social/behavioral sciences, liberal arts and the health sciences. The college was named one of the nation's top 150 community colleges by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program. Visit VenturaCollege.edu to learn more.

SOURCE Ventura College


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