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Even Before Pandemic - UNLV NewsCenter Even Before Pandemic - UNLV NewsCenter Posted: 05 Oct 2020 12:00 AM PDT Even before the coronavirus pandemic propelled UNLV into remote learning in the spring, online courses at UNLV were prevalent.  "There's been a steady decrease in the number of students that have never taken an online course," said Elizabeth Barrie, the director of the Office of Online Education . She recently presented during The State of Online Education webinar event. It highlighted some of the initiatives and cross-campus partnerships that contribute to student achievement and shared how faculty prepared for online learning through the summer. She noted that 95% of students who graduated in spring 2020 with an undergraduate degree had taken at least one online course. And, compared to past years, there has been an increase in the number of students who have taken more than 30 credits, or two semesters, online. 

U.S. News Releases Its Rankings Of The Best Online College Programs For 2020 - Forbes

U.S. News Releases Its Rankings Of The Best Online College Programs For 2020 - Forbes

U.S. News Releases Its Rankings Of The Best Online College Programs For 2020 - Forbes

Posted: 14 Jan 2020 12:00 AM PST

U.S. News & World Report announced its 2020 Best Online Programs rankings today, the ninth edition of these rankings. This year more than 1,600 programs were ranked — up from 1,545 last year and 677 in the first edition in 2012.

The list includes Bachelor's programs at the institutional level and graduate programs in seven fields (including specialties within these fields) — nursing, computer information technology, criminal justice, education, business (non-MBA), MBA, and engineering.

U.S. News also ranks the Best Online Programs for Veterans, and the top three schools, in order, for 2020 were Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide, the University of Florida, and Oregon State University.

Undergraduate Programs

The highest-ranked online Bachelor's program is The Ohio State University, replacing last year's leader, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide, which slipped to second place. Ohio State had been ranked #1 in 2018. The University of Illinois-Chicago placed third, up from the fifth spot last year. The University of Florida and Oregon State University were fourth and fifth, respectively. A total of 353 colleges were ranked.

The methodology used by U.S. News to rank online undergraduate offerings is based on four factors, composed of multiple measures that are self-reported by institutions or gathered through a peer survey. Only degree-granting programs at regionally accredited institutions are included, and the rankings are restricted to programs where all required coursework can be completed via distance learning courses incorporating internet-based technology (The programs may also include in-person orientations, clinical requirements, and testing.).


Engagement (35%) This factor taps best practices in online education, including whether students have opportunities to interact with instructors and classmates and whether exams are authenticated. Other components include retention rate, graduation rate, average class size and the use of multiple assessments of student outcomes.

Services and Technologies (25%) This factor includes measures of student indebtedness (making up 50% of this overall factor), technological infrastructure (e.g., do students have remote access to chatrooms), and availability of support services such as 24/7 tech support, advising and course registration, libraries, career guidance, and financial aid resources.

Faculty Credentials and Training (20%) This factor is based on percentages of online faculty who have a terminal degree, who have undergone training to teach distance learners, who have a Master's degree or higher, and who are tenured. 

Expert Opinion (20%) A survey of academic officials tries to account for factors affecting program quality not conveyed by quantitative statistics. This is a subjective measure of reputation, which is often based on general impressions of institutions.  

Graduate Programs

Although graduate programs are ranked using a similar methodology as for undergraduate programs, there are differences in the factors and their weightings between the various categories. For example, "student excellence" is a fifth category employed for ranking all graduate programs, with weightings that range from 10% (Nursing) to 15% (Business, non-MBA). As another example, the importance given to "faculty credentials and training" ranges from weightings of 15% (MBA, Business (non-MBA), and Education) to 25% (Engineering and Computer Information Technology). The rationale for these differences is less than obvious.

MBA (335 colleges)

1.Indiana University—Bloomington (Kelley) (tie)

1.University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler) (tie)

3. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

Business, non-MBA (188 colleges)

1. University of Southern California (Marshall)

2. Indiana University—Bloomington (Kelley)

3. Villanova University

Computer Information Technology (62 colleges)

1. University of Southern California

2. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)

3. University of Arizona

Criminal Justice (83 colleges)

1. University of California—Irvine

2. Sam Houston State University (TX)

3. Boston University (tie)

3. University of Massachusetts—Lowell (tie)

Education (309 colleges)

1. Clemson University (Moore)

2. University of Florida

3. University of Virginia (Curry)

Engineering (96 colleges)

1. Columbia University (Fu Foundation) (tie)

1. University of California—Los Angeles (Samueli) (tie)

3. Purdue University—West Lafayette

Nursing (183 colleges)

1. Rush University (Illinois)

2. University of South Carolina

3. Johns Hopkins University

Online programs continue to be a major source of higher education, particularly for adults returning to school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 2.2 million undergraduates enrolled exclusively in online programs in fall 2017; another 870,000 students were enrolled in online post-baccalaureate curricula.

The U.S. News rankings of online programs addresses this growing sector with an elaborate methodology, but it retains some components that remain problematic - relying on institutions' self-report of much of the underlying data, placing too much emphasis on institutional inputs rather than student outcomes, and continuing to use peer ratings, which are even more suspect for this domain than for traditional on-campus programs.

That said, most of the factors are reasonable, face-valid indicators of how high-quality distance learning programs should operate at least in principle. And to its credit, U.S News adjusted the weightings this year so that acceptance rates and standardized tests are given less emphasis for rating graduate programs. While several factors still favor established institutions that can spend more money on their online programs, the ratings provide useful data for consumers, particularly nontraditional students who might otherwise have few sources of information about their college options.

The Best Online Colleges in Ohio - SurfKY News

Posted: 08 Dec 2020 02:19 PM PST

Attending college is no longer restricted to physical campuses as it was decades ago. Now, you can attend classes online at both traditional universities and new online colleges. Online learning is an excellent way to learn from home, while managing work, family, and business responsibilities. Additionally, online classes are a great way to keep physical distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attend classes and graduate with an Ohio online degree from a distinguished institution. The following are the best Ohio online universities and colleges for professional and academic programs.

Ohio State University

Ohio Online is a recognized and reputable online college for learners of all ages. There are more than 40 degree and certificate programs available for online learning. You can expand your knowledge in education, wellness, inclusion, environmental management, arts, research, and so much more.

Ohio State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which means that each online degree and certificate program is credible. In each class, you will find experienced and trained faculty members that guide you through online studies. Each program has assignments and moments for interaction with the instructors and peers to give you an authentic learning experience.

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton is a respectable Ohio online college that provides recognized programs. Whether you're looking for an undergraduate or graduate program, you can explore Dayton's list of resources. The online classes help distance learners in Ohio and out-of-state achieve their academic goals without visiting the campus. During the online classes, you can interact with the instructor and classmates. The school portal makes it easy to access classes, assignments and online learning resources.

Miami University

The key to your next Ohio online degree could be at Miami Online. This e-learning program created by Miami University is an excellent contender among other Ohio online colleges. There are undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs for different learners. Each of these programs is expanded from traditional on-campus curriculum to give you a quality learning experience.

When you enroll for Miami Online, you enjoy personalized services from the college and programs that fit into your schedule. No need to worry about juggling work and family around your class schedule. If you're a professional looking for a short and affordable course to advance your career, Miami Online has the right program for you.

University of Cincinnati

Have you always wanted to join the University of Cincinnati? Your dreams can come true through the university's online degree opportunities. You can enroll in various degree programs that are available online, and enjoy your studies from the comfort of your home or office.

The university also runs several professional programs that help you improve your business and career without enrolling in degree programs. If you're looking to grow your career prospects, acquire vital knowledge about modern technologies or become certified, the University of Cincinnati has a program for you.

University of Findlay

Since 1882, the University of Findlay has provided education and guidance to the Ohio community. Their online tutoring system helps you enjoy one of the finest learning experiences in Ohio. You can enroll in a program, attend classes and complete your degree online.

For any technical glitches or virtual assistance, the school has a dedicated online help team. You can also seek financial aid to help you complete your degree at a subsidized rate. The support staff and faculty are experienced and deliver a quality learning experience.

Southern New Hampshire University 

SNHU is a great place to earn an Ohio online degree as you continue to stay at home or work, and care for your family and business. SNHU is a NECHE accredited university that offers more than 200 online programs. With affordable tuition rates, you can expand your academic qualifications and improve your career prospects.

This Ohio online university also provides flexible learning schedules. As long as you cover the lessons and assignments and participate in discussion boards, you are good to go. The online platform helps you personalize your learning timetable according to your busy life. The online educational services also include tech support, access to an online library, and tutoring.

Ashford University

Though headquartered in California, Ashford University is a recognized and accredited online university. Higher learners looking for progressive Ohio online degrees can explore more than 60 programs offered at this purely online institution. There are bachelor's, associate, master's, and doctoral online degree programs.

Explore different areas of interest, such as arts, science, finance, economics, business management, education and child development. The university has also partnered with institutions such as the Forbes School of Business and Technology to help you venture into business education. At Ashford University, you can transfer credits from previous institutions to save your time and money. You can also find short one-month programs to expand your knowledge in a specific area.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is an accredited online university. Students worldwide, including Ohio, can access learning materials and earn globally recognized degrees from this learning institution. If you're looking for an associate or bachelor's degree in the business, finance or health fields, Purdue is the perfect location.

Purdue is also one of the best Ohio online universities because you can try out an undergraduate course for three weeks before enrolling. This experience helps you determine if you're interested in learning or prefer to try a different program.

The university also includes a mentoring program to help you plan your career and network before joining the job market. If you need tech support and library access, it's all available.

Strayer University

Strayer University has built its reputation for more than 100 years. It's an accredited institution offering both on-campus and online classes. There are more than 400 courses to select from, some of which are assured to earn you an Ohio online degree.

There are associate, bachelor's, master's, and certificate programs for you to take. If you're looking for an Ohio Online college that offers flexible schedules and great rates, Strayer is a great place to start. You can take courses in education, finance, administration, human resource management and information security.

Ohio Northern University

If you're looking for an ideal liberal arts college, Ohio Northern University is one of the best Ohio online colleges. This institution has existed since the 1880s and provides both graduates and faculty a wholesome learning environment. With the available online courses, you can plan your learning timetable around your busy schedule.

The instructor to student ratio gives you adequate time with the lecturers for excellent higher learning. You can also access the school's financial aid program to lower the tuition debt. With several degrees to choose from, including sciences, arts, pharmacy, engineering and business, you cannot run out of programs to select.

Mount Vernon Nazarene

Students looking for an Ohio online degree turn to Mount Vernon Nazarene University for its ideals and excellent learning environment. Since its creation, MVNU has strived to provide quality education for all students. You can join the university for undergraduate and master's degree programs at an affordable rate.

Some of the areas of interest available online include accounting, logistics, leadership, management, marketing and social work. The online user platforms are friendly and optimized for any learning style. You can also access substantial financial aid as you craft yourself for the job market and expand your career skills.

Ashland University

For 136 years, Ashland University has assisted thousands of graduates in their quest for knowledge. Today, this institution continues to distinguish itself as one of the best Ohio online universities. This private university provides exemplary lessons in communication, criminal justice, business, general studies, nursing and exercise, among others.

After an online bachelor's, associate or graduate program at Ashland University, you'll be confident in your skills and be ready to navigate the job world. No matter your age, career path or financial situation, Ashland online learning has something for you.

Kent State University

It's never too late to join Kent State University for a program to expand your knowledge and improve your career. The university is a pioneer in e-learning, having established its first online program 15 years ago. Students can now choose from more than 60 degree and certificate programs and earn recognized Ohio online degrees.

During the class, you interact with students across the country and the world, equally eager to grow their skills. As you go through the assignment and discussions, you feel involved and enjoy a quality campus experience.

Each program is exceptional because the university goes through a rigorous training and preparation program for all faculty and systems. Once online, you enjoy seamless classes, access to assignments and reading materials, as well as fruitful discussions with classmates. If you have a problem, the technical assistance team is always ready to help.

Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University is a well-known public research university in Ohio. You and other graduates can contribute to academic knowledge by attending an undergraduate or graduate program.

All classes are adequately developed for online learning, offering access to reading material and the library to give you a quality academic experience. You can always count on the trained and experienced faculty to guide and prepare you for your career.

Ohio Online Classes and Universities

No matter your needs, Ohio has an excellent college or university for you. Do your research and find the institution that meets your education needs and provides an ideal learning environment.

New online graduate certificate programs at URI can boost skills for natural resource, environment professionals - URI Today

Posted: 20 Nov 2020 12:00 AM PST

KINGSTON, R.I. – November 20, 2020 – The University of Rhode Island's College of the Environment and Life Sciences is launching three new online graduate certificate programs in 2021 to help professionals working in natural resource and environmental fields improve their skills and expertise.

Classes for the certificate programs in Fisheries Science and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Technology will begin Jan. 12, and the certificate program in Natural Resources and the Environment will start next fall. All of the courses are seven weeks long, and the requirements for the certificates can be completed in as little as two semesters. The application deadline is Dec. 15 for the programs beginning in January.

An artisanal fisherman in the Seychelles pulls in his catch
An artisanal fisherman in the Seychelles pulls in his catch from the Indian Ocean. Credit: Austin Humphries, Ph.D.)

"These programs are all geared to professionals who are already working in the field and who are looking for particular skills and knowledge to boost their careers," said Michelle Peach, the coordinator of the certificate program in Natural Resources and the Environment.

The four three-credit courses required to earn the graduate certificate in Natural Resources and the Environment include such topics as sustainable natural resource management, natural resource planning, GIS and data management.

The ability to apply data-driven approaches to manage complex environmental problems is a crucial skill for future environmental leaders and practitioners, said Peach. Students in the program develop expertise in managing, analyzing and effectively communicating spatial and non-spatial data to address real-world problems.

For more information, visit web.uri.edu/online/programs/certificate/natural-resources.

gnss surveyor being used for field research
gnss surveyor being used for field research

The graduate certificate in Fisheries Science will not only provide students with scientific and technical knowledge about fisheries science, it will also offer a foundation in statistical procedures and effective decision-making to address complex issues related to fisheries and fish habitats, according to Laura Skrobe, who coordinates the program. Students will work on problems related to fisheries and learn how to create effective, practical solutions to those problems.

The certificate requires three, three-credit courses and two one-credit seminars on such topics as fisheries ecology, stock assessments and ecosystem-based management, plus a summer internship or leadership class. The leadership class requires two weeks of in-person, hands-on learning, which includes time spent aboard URI's fisheries training vessel, the Cap'n Bert. All other elements of the program must be completed online.

For additional information, visit web.uri.edu/online/programs/certificate/fisheries-science. This program is distinct from URI's existing graduate certificate program in Aquaculture and Fisheries, which is taught entirely in person.

The graduate certificate in GIS and Geospatial Technology provides students with proficiency and expertise in highly sought-after geospatial technology skills, including GIS, interactive map and data production, and field data collection. It builds on URI's long-standing reputation as a national leader in the field of geospatial technology, particularly GIS.

According to Aimee Mandeville, who coordinates the program, course format and learning activities will emphasize critical spatial analysis techniques, data management and creative workflows for data analysis, capture and presentation, and critical skills for modern day geospatial analysts and managers at all levels.

"We've offered a three-day training in GIS for several years, and many people leave that program and want to take it to the next level," said Mandeville. "This graduate certificate program is what they're looking for. We've got entire courses in creating data, analyzing data and sharing and collecting data."

For more information, visit web.uri.edu/online/programs/certificate/gis-and-geospatial-technologies.

The credits earned from all three graduate certificate programs can be applied to URI's master's degree program in environmental science and management. To complete the degree would require an additional year of in-person study on campus.

The idea for the certificate programs came from students already enrolled in URI graduate programs who were looking for more flexible options to obtain the skills they needed. Completing one year of the degree program online and the second year on campus provides the flexibility they sought.

The certificate programs are also expected to be of great interest to international students enrolled at URI partner institutions in Indonesia and elsewhere around the world.


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