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Will online degrees become more 'legitimate'? - BBC News

Will online degrees become more 'legitimate'? - BBC News

Will online degrees become more 'legitimate'? - BBC News

Posted: 25 Nov 2020 12:00 AM PST

Still, questions remain about of the impact of online degrees. Will they make the same impression as in-person degrees? Will the ubiquity of online learning devalue traditional degrees? Hollands at Teacher's College also wonders if in-person degrees will become exclusively for wealthy students, meaning campus-based programs may end up signalling a student's status instead of a 'better' degree.

But Hollands says that rather than being a threat to traditional universities, online studying could be an opportunity. "If these universities establish online offerings and attract a new set of students who would never have attended in-person anyway, then they can increase their income stream," she says. "I don't think traditional colleges are going away, but I do think that there'll be more growth in the online area than there will be in the on-campus area."

It's perhaps still too early to say just how much the pandemic will transform online learning. The answers may lie in how accommodating a country's educational culture is to the online-learning shift; as Hewitt of the Higher Education Policy Institute points out, some models of higher education, such as those in the UK, are more resistant to online degrees. But as evidenced this year, change can come quickly.

Coursera CEO Maggioncalda says once the pandemic ends, he expects even traditional universities to continue their new use of blended learning ­– a mixture of online learning and hand-on training. McMaster's Puri adds that there is still scope for further innovation, which could 'change the space very rapidly'.

As for Gomes Leitao's fears about her degree being taken seriously, experts say she may well have nothing to worry about. Hollands says, "I think what the pandemic will do is really going to blur the lines between online and brick-and-mortar degrees. People will be much less focused on 'was it online' or 'was it brick-and-mortar', and more focused on the brand."

Tim Harlow, chief commercial officer at Salt Recruitment in London, agrees it's the qualification that matters to employers, not the study location. "I feel an individual who has enhanced their knowledge in their own time, possibly over and above another employment, demonstrates great self-drive for improvement, which is positively viewed at all times."

edX MicroMasters vs Coursera MasterTracks review, FAQ, comparison - Business Insider - Business Insider

Posted: 16 Dec 2020 08:37 PM PST

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"Affordable" and "accessible" are not words typically associated with graduate school, even though having a degree or certification can be crucial for career advancement. To mitigate common economic and geographic barriers, established online platforms edX and Coursera have special programs like MicroMasters and MasterTracks, which offer graduate-level courses for a fraction of the average on-campus price tag.

Ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, they can cover up to 50% of a university master's program's curriculum. Upon completion, you can usually apply your MicroMasters or MasterTrack credits towards full master's programs to reduce costs and finish your degree faster.

You can take these as stand-alone programs to advance your career prospects or as a stepping stone towards a full master's program. And since both platforms count top universities among their partners, that could eventually mean lower overall tuition costs at schools like MIT, Duke, Indiana University, Georgia Tech, the University of Michigan, and more. 

Below, we compared the basic details for each bite-sized graduate program below. Ultimately, the best platform will be the one that offers the program closest to your particular interests and goals. But, in terms of services, edX may edge out Coursera — its offerings are cheaper, significantly more varied, and more lenient overall. 

You can find detailed FAQs on Coursera's MasterTracks and edX's MicroMasters here, and learn more about Coursera and edX here, including how they compare to each other as e-learning platforms.


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