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Occupational Therapy Assistant - Felician College Occupational Therapy Assistant - Felician College Posted: 01 Jul 2020 10:50 AM PDT Occupational Therapy Assistants are in high demand, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 31% growth from 2018-2028 (much higher than average). New Jersey is the second highest state for salaries, and the Newark area is the top in the state, with an average salary of $69,530. Complete your associate degree at Felician in this 18-month program to begin benefitting from all that this field has to offer! Preparing Tomorrow's Healthcare Leaders Occupational therapy is a client-centered health profession. Using a holistic approach, occupational therapists facilitate improved capability in their client and then adapt the task   and environment, empowering the person to resume their meaningful occupations. Occupational therapists work with clients of all ages from diverse cultures in a variety of tr

3 Reasons to Earn a Master of Healthcare Administration - HealthLeaders Media

3 Reasons to Earn a Master of Healthcare Administration - HealthLeaders Media

3 Reasons to Earn a Master of Healthcare Administration - HealthLeaders Media

Posted: 16 Feb 2021 01:18 PM PST

Though on-the-job experience often offers the most valuable learning experience, earning an academic degree continues to be a useful, structured way to cultivate career-boosting knowledge and skills.

For those passionate about healthcare, a Master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) offers the chance to dig deep into finance, management, strategic planning, and other topics that affect just about every aspect of hospital and healthcare organization operations.

Here are three reasons why now is a uniquely ideal time to earn an MHA:

1. Burnout is its own epidemic within the healthcare community. Compassionate healthcare leaders can help the industry evolve.

This past year's events have laid bare multi-faceted issues in our healthcare infrastructure and processes. Healthcare leaders who understand the historical foundations of such challenges and who cultivate strategic acumen can lead their organizations towards reducing the systemic factors that lead to burnout.

Ideally, an MHA program includes courses that take systemic issues and injustices into account, producing graduates who understand that "the bottom line" is more complex than ever.

More specifically, MHA students are trained to be proficient in evaluating organizational and national policies that have shaped the healthcare system, and in critically analyzing, formulating, and advocating for policies that advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice.

In the realm of healthcare management, an MHA can further develop leadership skills and tactics needed to navigate the current healthcare environments—and construct better ones.

This includes the ability to evaluate operational and capital budgets for a health care facility, including sources of capital funding and costs, and to create budget action plans that are both profitable and protective of its workers.

All in all, after a year that has asked more of healthcare professionals than ever before, a graduate degree can help one feel more in control by assembling knowledge and tools to improve healthcare at individual, organizational, and industry-wide levels.

2. Metrics indicate an ongoing and rising need for more healthcare management professionals.

It is estimated that the projected demand for medical and health services managers will grow 32% between 2019 to 2029 (when the average growth rate is just 4% in the same time period), opening up around 133,200 positions in the next decade.

This growth will be needed to handle the increasing healthcare industry, offering both career and personal opportunities to mold the industry to be more efficient, more compassionate, and more equitable.

An MHA degree is designed to produce healthcare professionals who can do just that. As a few examples, in the course of their curriculum, MHA students learn to assess healthcare strategic planning problems, develop comprehensive and practical solutions, and evaluate strategies to increase the reliability of healthcare processes and technology.

3. Technology has advanced to the point that online learning can provide education that is just as rigorous as in-person learning—and without a timely commute.

As tired as everyone may be of Zoom calls right now, expert-designed remote education can offer flexibility and efficiency while retaining a sense of community.

Asynchronous learning, in which you are never required to be at your computer at any specific time, allows busy professionals to complete readings and assignments anywhere and anytime in their schedule (by specified due dates).

Instructor-curated online discussion boards allow for a wealth of perspectives from all around the globe that you may not otherwise encounter.

Plus, new technologies and modalities such as branching scenarios, video roleplaying, and virtual field simulations are constantly being implemented to further improve each learning experience.

Now is the Time

There may be uncertainties in our near future, but one thing you can control is your continuing education.

The University of New England offers a fully online Master of Healthcare Administration degree and a growing number of graduate certificate options, all designed by learning experts with the schedules of busy professionals in mind.

Program faculty actively work in the field while they teach online, ensuring that modern issues and actionable insights are covered in class discussions, and optional focus areas are available in health data quality or public health.

Our four-course graduate certificates can also be transferred into the master's program either immediately or within several years after completion. Tracks include emergency management, health data quality, healthcare management, or health policy, law, and compliance.

This flexibility means that you can advance your career or jump into a new career track more easily than ever before—all from an accredited university with more than a century of science and medical education expertise. Learn more at https://online.une.edu/healthcare-administration.

UNE offers high-quality online graduate programs created by distinguished faculty and learning experts, as well as personalized student support.

SUNY Oswego again recognized as top public online Master of Business Administration - NNY360

Posted: 16 Feb 2021 04:00 AM PST

OSWEGO — SUNY Oswego's online Master of Business Administration continued as the highest-ranked public school offering in New York state and among the nation's top online master of business administration programs in U.S. News & World Report's 2021 "Best Online Degree Programs: MBA" released Jan. 26.

Oswego was one of four schools in New York state in the top 100 (ranking #62 overall), and the only public college program in the state on that level.

"This ranking reflects many dimensions of our faculty excellence that include their student-centric approach, flexibility, globally recognized leadership and expertise in their area of teaching," School of Business Dean Prabakar Kothandaraman said. "Their continued pursuit of cutting-edge content and state-of-the-art pedagogy have always come in for praise by our MBA program alumni, and that is what is reflected in this ranking."

"Our MBA program success is grounded in the outstanding faculty in our program, the specialized student support we provide to MBA students and the collaborative effort between many departments on campus to serve our faculty and students," said Irene Scruton, director of MBA programs and assistant dean of the School of Business.

Understanding the specific needs of working professionals furthering their careers through the online MBA is a significant strength, Scruton said, as Oswego's program has higher retention rates than average for national online programs.

"The majority of our MBA online students are working professionals with significant career and personal responsibilities," Scruton noted. "Our MBA program is experienced with that perspective and our team and faculty are able to offer customized student support for their program success."

This has meant adapting to any number of factors, including the way the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the professional and personal lives of those students.

"Our student-centered approach was displayed this past year during the pandemic as our faculty and our team worked with students individually, especially those in the healthcare industry, to address their needs so that they could continue and complete the program," Scruton said.

The School of Business also boasts an AACSB accreditation that reflects a rigorous and industry-relevant curriculum with a strong alumni network for students, she added.

Team effort

Since most of Oswego's online MBA students will never visit campus, a team effort to deliver services is another key ingredient, Scurton explained.

"We collaborate with campus departments such as Extended Learning, Graduate Studies, EXCEL, Career Services, Student Accounts and the Registrar, who all are also committed to providing that personal connection to our campus for our online students so that they can succeed," Scruton said.

Ongoing recognition "is really a reflection of our institution's commitment to creating worthwhile learning experiences that prepare our graduates to be leaders in their industry," said Kristen Eichhorn, SUNY Oswego dean of graduate studies.

"The strong reputation of our online MBA continues to grow," Eichhorn noted. "Students in our MBA program feel the deep commitment from our faculty to personalize the graduate experience and appreciate the opportunities to connect with alumni and industry professionals. It is rewarding that our intentional efforts to keep the MBA experience relevant and current is being recognized."

An impressive ranking effectively answers questions applicants might have about whether schools understand needs of students from various backgrounds, including working full-time; the quality of teaching and advising; and how students, alumni and the industry feel about their programs, Kothandaraman said.

"Through its strong showing in the rankings, the School of Business has positioned itself exceptionally well for our potential students who are looking for a high-quality business school to pursue their MBA," Kothandaraman said.

"Our online MBA program ranking affirms our high degree of commitment to have the same faculty members who teach on-campus programs also teach online, the passion with which our Graduate Studies division and concierge advising professionals help to ensure the success of every student and the tremendous emphasis our alumni place on the low-cost, high-value proposition offered by SUNY Oswego's MBA programs," he added.

When U.S. News listed the top part-time MBA programs in spring 2020, Oswego was also among those listed.

Other recent honors include Oswego making the Princeton Review's Top 50 Online Programs for 2021 (-33, also the highest of any New York state public college) and making the ranking service's Best Business Schools for 2021: On-Campus MBA Programs. The Oswego MBA also ranked -30 overall and top in the state on business school website Poets and Quants' most recent top online MBA rankings.

About Oswego's MBA

Oswego — the first comprehensive college in the SUNY system to offer an MBA degree, starting in 1997 — has increased the options students have for specializing within their graduate business studies, offering MBA programs in health services administration, management and public accounting. The college also offers a variety of graduate programs and five-year options that combine an MBA with such bachelor's degrees as in broadcasting, public accounting or psychology.

MBA delivery options include classroom-based in Oswego and/or at SUNY Oswego's Syracuse campus or blended classroom-online programs, as well as the online MBA.

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