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Even Before Pandemic - UNLV NewsCenter Even Before Pandemic - UNLV NewsCenter Posted: 05 Oct 2020 12:00 AM PDT Even before the coronavirus pandemic propelled UNLV into remote learning in the spring, online courses at UNLV were prevalent.  "There's been a steady decrease in the number of students that have never taken an online course," said Elizabeth Barrie, the director of the Office of Online Education . She recently presented during The State of Online Education webinar event. It highlighted some of the initiatives and cross-campus partnerships that contribute to student achievement and shared how faculty prepared for online learning through the summer. She noted that 95% of students who graduated in spring 2020 with an undergraduate degree had taken at least one online course. And, compared to past years, there has been an increase in the number of students who have taken more than 30 credits, or two semesters, online. 

La Roche University Offering New Online Health Care Certificate Programs - CBS Pittsburgh

La Roche University Offering New Online Health Care Certificate Programs - CBS Pittsburgh

La Roche University Offering New Online Health Care Certificate Programs - CBS Pittsburgh

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 12:00 AM PST

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — La Roche University is offering two new online certificate programs.

The health leadership program will begin this spring. The university says it is for those looking for active and effective roles in the healthcare system.

The second program, global health care, launches this summer. It is for those who want to contribute to improving health outcomes among varied cultures.

Anyone can apply for the programs, even without completing a major at La Roche.

CEPS Online Social Media Certificate Runs Second Spring 2021 Cohort - Seton Hall University News & Events

Posted: 15 Feb 2021 11:51 AM PST

Students looking at table in McNulty. If you've set your sights on strengthening your social media skillset this year, but you were unable to enroll in Seton Hall's online Certificate in Social Media courses in January, another opportunity is about to come your way.

The certificate program, offered by University's Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (CEPS), will run again March 22-May 14, 2021. Focused on skill building in social media, the program consists of two courses designed for different levels of familiarity.

The Foundation course in Social Media is for true beginners interested in navigating top-tier social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Advanced-Skills course is designed for managers and strategists who are already engaged with popular platforms and want to better use social media as part of their digital strategies. Students looking to place directly into the Advanced-Skills course must have already taken the Foundation course or must complete a short pre-assessment.

The program is designed for students to work at their own pace during the eight week schedule. Students who complete either course successfully will be eligible for a University Certificate in Social Media.

Both courses are led by Associate Professor Dan Ladik, who teaches social media marketing in the Stillman School of Business and was a member of the Social Media Team for the 2014 NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee. The Advanced-Skills course is also taught by industry professionals from LinkedIn, VaynerMedia and Today's Business.

"Social media continues to be the main news source for the majority of consumers, but it has evolved to be so much more. It is more like oxygen or blood for a business than a 'nice to have,'" says Ladik. "We were headed in this direction pre-pandemic, but now its unavoidable. Those businesses who have the social connections, regardless of whether or not a customer purchases in-person, will survive the COVID-19 era."

About CEPS
Whether you want to enhance your education, expand your skillset or pursue new interests, Continuing Education has opportunities for you to explore. We provide superior programs and training in cutting-edge subject areas and trending topics, either on campus, off-site or online. Continuing Education, with its diverse offerings of credit, non-credit, degree, professional certificate and training programs, helps job-seekers and truth-seekers alike learn what works to enhance their lives, improve our world and achieve success in their careers. Our programs are taught by distinguished University professors and leading practitioners in the field. Schedules are flexible and designed for the working professional or the adult student with a busy life. We offer corporate and small business training, small group and independent learning.

A Conversation with Noodle's CEO on B Corp Certification | Learning Innovation - Inside Higher Ed

Posted: 15 Feb 2021 01:41 PM PST

John Katzman is the founder and CEO of Noodle Partners.  He agreed to answer my questions about B Corp certification, Noodle's growth, and the need for independent research in the OPM space.

Question #1: Noodle is now a certified B Corp. What does this mean? Why should universities care?

We designed Noodle to help lower the cost of excellent higher ed without diluting the experience or impact through cut corners like reduced student:faculty engagement or substandard learning design. We've built a more equitable financial model and can spread the cost of great technology and systems over many programs to the increasing benefit of schools and students.

We applied for B-Corp certification because I want to lock in that mandate, and create the transparency that would make it harder for me and my successors to steer away from that goal. Further, this signals a definable commitment to our goals to prospective university partners, employees, and investors.

A lot of organizations talk about their transparency and their commitment to sharing data, but few come through, and fewer use third party agencies to key an eye on that commitment and hold them publicly accountable. We think B Corp's process and reporting adds accountability.

Question #2: In the press release on Noodle earning B Corp status  there is the claim that "Since January 2019, Noodle has launched as many online programs with elite US universities as have all of our competitors combined." Can you back that claim up with data?

Like most companies in this space, we use HolonIQ as our data source to understand the growth of online learning in the US market and the world. When their Q3 2020 OPX report was released, we looked at new degree program partners in the past two years with schools ranked in the top 200, and we were 46% of the total.

To answer your follow up questions, Josh, the numbers don't shift if you said top 100 or 300. And HolonIQ includes programs launched with such organizations as Coursera, 2U, EdX, Pearson, Wiley, etc.

I'm not saying we're perfect. We've learned myriad lessons along the way, and continue to evolve our technology and the model itself. But the days of schools paying 50 or 60% of tuition to an OPM are largely over, and the days of paying 40% for just marketing and recruiting, as the MOOCs and others now do, will end this year.

Question #3: What role might Noodle play in supporting independent research on institutional and learner outcomes related to non-profit/for-profit partnerships in the online learning space?

We have been working on our impact statement, and are determined to answer the key questions of online and agile higher education: given the same university, faculty, and admissions standards, can online education be less expensive for students, attract more diverse students, and give better overall experience and results? We are excited to participate, and to encourage our universities to participate, in any study designed to answer those same questions.

Internally, we constantly study our programs and ourselves. For example, we review our org chart and compensation to look for unconscious bias around gender, ethnicity, and sexual identity, and report the data to our employees annually.

A related set of questions pertains to the efficacy of in-house programs vs those created and administered in partnership with Noodle. We assert that a collaborative approach will generate better programs and lower costs than a do-it-yourself model, based on the growing market clout and data we can bring as the convenor of a network of universities. And we would be delighted to partner on a study aimed at proving or disproving that assertion.

FIU is No. 1 in the nation for Quality Matters certified online courses - FIU News

Posted: 03 Feb 2021 06:00 AM PST

FIU Online  is ranked No.1 in the nation for Quality Matters (QM) certified online courses, recognition of the high quality of the university's online offerings.
Quality Matters is a faculty-centered, peer-reviewed process that helps examine the design of an online course through a comprehensive evaluation process, helping to ensure that students can navigate the courses more easily and with more transparency. FIU has more than 500 QM-certified online courses and is on a path to ensure that most online courses achieve the distinguished certification by 2025.
FIU is one of more than 1,500 national and international institutions that partner with Quality Matters. Each institution subscribes to the non-profit's prestigious peer-review quality online course design certification process. Today, FIU leads the list, which includes some of the most reputable and well-known educational institutions around the globe from 26 countries and across six continents.
The Quality Matters designation joins recent U.S. News and World Report rankings that put FIU's online bachelor's programs in the top 50 among public universities in the nation. FIU also ranked in the top 10 among public universities for its online master's in business programs (non-MBA), and top 50 for its online master's criminal justice program, online master's engineering program, and online MBA program.
"Online is the campus of the future," said Kenneth G. Furton, FIU's Provost and Executive Vice President. "FIU has always been committed to quality online instruction and a Quality Matters certified course is the highest recognition of online course design. We made a commitment to support our faculty in designing and redesigning courses to meet Quality Matters standards. This ranking is the result of the hard work of our faculty and our strategic efforts to ensure that all of our students receive an exceptional education."

The key to success for FIU Online is the department's learning and design team, which is trained in best practices in building courses with interactive technology. The team works in close collaboration with university faculty to create dynamic virtual environments that combine innovative digital tools and high quality instruction. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when the university's courses had to suddenly go remote, the team shifted more than 4,600 courses—representing more than 2,400 faculty and 50,000 students—to the new modality.
"Our Learning Design and Innovation team has been an invaluable resource during this time, going above and beyond in partnership with our faculty," said Lia Prevolis, interim assistant vice president of FIU Online. "Beyond leading the charge to help maintain academic continuity during the university's emergency response to COVID, the team did not lose sight of quality and worked hard to take FIU to the No. 1 spot for QM-certified courses in the nation."
Courses undergo a review process with faculty from outside the institution who are trained and certified in the QM process and includes a content discipline expert. Reviewers perform a broad evaluation to gauge each course's features with 43 specific standards—from overview to usability. Courses that achieve an 85 percent level of compliance with the standards receive a "QM-Recognized" seal.
The university launched the FIU Online Panther Quality Course Design Initiative in support of the Florida Board of Governors' online course quality standards. This initiative advances the university vision of learning-centered, evidence-based, and culturally responsive teaching. At the same time, the QM process helps fulfill the FIU Online mission to connect FIU students and lifelong learners to the highest quality online educational experience—anytime, anywhere.


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