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Occupational Therapy Assistant - Felician College Occupational Therapy Assistant - Felician College Posted: 01 Jul 2020 10:50 AM PDT Occupational Therapy Assistants are in high demand, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 31% growth from 2018-2028 (much higher than average). New Jersey is the second highest state for salaries, and the Newark area is the top in the state, with an average salary of $69,530. Complete your associate degree at Felician in this 18-month program to begin benefitting from all that this field has to offer! Preparing Tomorrow's Healthcare Leaders Occupational therapy is a client-centered health profession. Using a holistic approach, occupational therapists facilitate improved capability in their client and then adapt the task   and environment, empowering the person to resume their meaningful occupations. Occupational therapists work with clients of all ages from diverse cultures in a variety of tr

UGA student, recording artist releases new single produced remotely. Take a listen. - Online Athens

UGA student, recording artist releases new single produced remotely. Take a listen. - Online Athens

UGA student, recording artist releases new single produced remotely. Take a listen. - Online Athens

Posted: 18 Feb 2021 04:02 AM PST

Andrew Shearer   | Athens Banner-Herald

For decades, Athens has been a destination city for musicians looking to get inspired and get involved with the world-renowned creative scene. When Victoria Powell arrived to attend the University of Georgia in late 2019, she would find that scene at a historic standstill in a matter of months.

By day, Powell, attends remote classes and runs track for UGA. By night, specifically around 10:30 p.m., she's a recording artist by the name of ivy., who has so far released four singles through the Portland, Oregon-based indie label Never Home Music.

The latest, "SB," came out Feb. 19. If the "sad girl vibes" of the genre-defying track don't hit you immediately, the Nina Simone-like timbre of Powell's vocals will. The artist says the entire song was completed in about 45 minutes.

"My process is very fast," said Powell, who currently resides in Athens. Since the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from making the usual connections in places around town, she relied on online collaboration with out-of-state friends to turn "trying times" into impressively productive times.

"I usually let the beat play at least twice, then I take out my phone or microphone and just keep building on it until it's done. I don't want to lose the idea."

Powell's process is a great fit for Never Home, which focuses on individual songs and EPs rather than traditional albums. Along with agent and label founder Forest Pond, ivy. is part of a group called The Gard3n with members Chilifa Nem and Nude, whom she met through the track team as an undergrad at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Though Powell hails from Atlanta and graduated high school there, her appreciation for the harder, energetic feel of the hip hop the region is known for didn't translate to what rang true for her when it came time to make her own music.

"Athens is a really cool town," said Powell. "It's not like Atlanta. There's so much space to do what you want to do here, and you're free to set your own pace instead of trying to keep up."

Laid-back and introspective, "SB" has just as much in common with what one would expect from a singer-songwriter, which is just part of what Powell is. And on a college student's budget, she says that making music is a more realistic option than therapy, and it's a healthy practice that she can also share with others.

"She's a special talent. I was blown away by her range of sound and style straight away," said Pond. "When a newer artist can thrive and express herself so well, with such impact in multiple genres, you know something special is happening."

Spread across the country, The Gard3n's remote collaborations have worked well so far, but the members have yet to make music together in the same physical space. Powell said that the group has plans to get together in Portland by the end of the year.

"If Chilifa starts a song, he sends it to me, then I pass it to Nude, and by like 2:30 in the morning, we have a song," said Powell. "If we can work that fast hours apart, I'm excited to see what we can do when we're finally in the same space."

To hear ivy.'s music, visit lnk.bio/Mjzg or neverhomemusic.com.

11 best online SQL programming courses in 2021 - Business Insider

Posted: 18 Feb 2021 01:23 PM PST

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  • SQL (Structured Query Language) is a popular programming language, most commonly used in data analysis.
  • Careers that use SQL range from data science to full-stack engineering.
  • Below are 11 free or cheap online courses and programs you can take to learn SQL, from edX, Coursera, Codecademy, FutureLearn, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy.

If you've eyed Glassdoor's top careers and considered a job as a data scientist or software engineer, you've probably heard of Structured Query Language (SQL, often pronounced "sequel"). 

Along with Java and Python, SQL is one of the most widely used programming languages. It's most often employed in organizing and managing relational data, making it ideal for data analysis. It's also a little simpler to learn as a beginner than other coding languages, and can be a great skill to build on its own or in addition to another programming language like Python.

Like other coding classes, many great online SQL resources are either free, quick introductions (to see if you like it), or longer professional certificate programs that cost less than a master's degree. Below are online courses from e-learning platforms such as edX, Coursera, Codecademy, FutureLearn, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy, with some offered by schools like Harvard, Duke, the University of Michigan, and more.

11 free or cheap online courses and programs to learn SQL:

Lynn musicians pivot in the pandemic - Lynn University

Posted: 18 Feb 2021 09:00 PM PST

When the national shutdown for COVID-19 occurred in March 2020, violinist Wynton Grant '15 was two days away from an extraordinary opportunity. He would be performing live with Beyoncé.

"It all went up in smoke," he said. "Five months of scheduled work dates just disappeared, including Beyoncé."

Like many musicians, Grant had to make a significant pivot as venues shuttered. Unlike others, Grant already had a lucrative side gig in Los Angeles to keep him afloat.

"I've been working in real estate in addition to violin, so I doubled down on that," he said. "Overall, I've stayed pretty calm during a surreal year."

According to Americans for the Arts, artists and performers were hit hard financially by COVID-19. In 2020, 95% of artists and creative workers experienced a loss of income, with 60% unemployed.

Fortunate for Jonathon Winter, a conservatory post-graduate violinist, the pandemic pivot was more of a technicality than a complete upheaval. While he did have to pack up his belongings at Lynn and return to his parents' home in Iowa, he resumed teaching his strings students online, hardly missing a beat.

Rhythms of Brazil will be featured in annual world music showcase - Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Posted: 18 Feb 2021 12:00 AM PST

Brazilian musician Eduardo Mendonca will headline the University of Idaho's World Music Celebration 2021 Friday and Saturday online.

A vocalist, guitarist and percussionist, Mendonca has played, composed and directed various genres of Brazilian popular music in the U.S., Canada, Nepal and Brazil since 1974. He has performed for the 14th Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II and former South Africa President Nelson Mandela and was featured in the PBS American Masters documentary "Paul Simon: Born at the Right Time."

Mendoca's concert will be broadcast live at 7:30 p.m. Friday via Zoom from UI's Haddock Hall to audiences online. In live and prerecorded performances, he'll be joined by Navin Chettri on percussion and vocals, along with the World Beat Ensemble and the Lionel Hampton School of Music Jazz Band, string quartet and faculty members.

Chettri is a percussionist, vocalist, composer and founder and artistic director of the Kathmandu Jazz Festival (Jazzmandu) and Drum Jatra Percussion Festival in Nepal. He is considered a pioneer and a driving force behind the growth of jazz in Nepal, according to a news release from the university. He is the artistic director for the UI World Music Celebration.

The theme of this year's festival is "Exploring Cultures Through Music." In addition to the concert, Menonca and Chettri will lead a free master class workshop at 4 p.m. Saturday on the "Essence of Brazilian Rhythms" via Zoom.

Preregistration for the free online events is required and available via the shortened link: www.bit.ly/360WorldMusicFest.


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